Translation of thenceforth in Spanish:


desde entonces, adv.

Pronunciation /ðɛnsˈfɔrθ/ /ðɛnsˈfɔːθ/ /ˈðɛnsfɔːθ/


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    desde entonces
    a partir de entonces
    • The 1996 Telecommunications Act deregulated radio broadcasting so that any single firm could thenceforth own as many stations as it wished.
    • That ended with the rise of air power: Planes in the sky, not trucks on a road, would thenceforth largely determine the course of warfare.
    • So from 6.45 pm on Monday, and every Monday thenceforth, the balls will be bouncing at Traeger's Tennis Courts.
    • Undeterred, he had himself crowned as Robert I in 1306 and, thenceforth, fought a relentless war against England.
    • After they all escaped from Soviet rule there is no doubt that America was thenceforth the model that they have all tried in various ways to follow.
    • If you ever fail me through my fault or your own, I will forswear thenceforth all human friendship.
    • I feel so ashamed of myself that all power of conversation thenceforth leaves me for the rest of the evening.
    • In 1868 he dissolved partnership with King, leaving him to carry on the India agency branch of the old firm's business, and himself taking over the publishing branch, which he thenceforth conducted at 15 Waterloo Place, London.
    • As First Consul, he introduced the 20-franc gold piece and insisted that from thenceforth soldiers, contractors, and merchants would be paid only in gold, or its equivalent.
    • In July 1610 Galileo gained the title of chief mathematician and philosopher to the Grand Duke of Tuscany, which meant that copies of his telescope and the accompanying treatise were thenceforth distributed by the Medici.
    • It was thenceforth no longer a question of whether this or that theorem was true, but whether it was useful to capital or harmful, expedient or inexpedient, in accordance with police regulations or contrary to them.
    • He then went on to found George Watson's Hospital, a famous Edinburgh school, where he ensured that double-entry accounting was thenceforth taught.
    • I do not know why, but there is a custom here that if something inauspicious happens to a family on a particular festival day, thenceforth the family does not observe that day.
    • I turned over these circumstances in my mind, and determined thenceforth to apply myself more particularly to those branches of natural philosophy which relate to physiology.
    • At that point the new regiment would be mustered into federal service and thenceforth paid, fed, and equipped at national expense.
    • Wesley knew thenceforth that his faith was in Jesus Christ.
    • Each battle thenceforth sought to break gaps in the German defences; the campaign was transformed into a remorseless, attritional grind.
    • The mountain was thenceforth known as Gibel-Tarik, the mountain of Tarik, or Gibraltar.
    • From thenceforth, the Paris mob would be the power behind the Revolution.
    • Medicine would thenceforth be about looking inside bodies for the truth of disease.