Translation of theocracy in Spanish:


teocracia, n.

Pronunciation /θiˈɑkrəsi/ /θɪˈɒkrəsi/

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nounplural theocracies

  • 1

    teocracia feminine
    • Iran has made the transition in the last twenty years from a nominal constitutional monarchy to a democratic theocracy.
    • Tibet was a theocracy, ruled by incarnate Buddhas, and, in imitation of China, it had adopted a policy of almost complete exclusion.
    • When Aikenhead climbed the scaffold Scotland was not far off being a theocracy in everything but name.
    • The earth will have a theocracy; being ruled by God will bring perfection into the earth.
    • There is one group that wants to use democracy as an excuse for political payback and create a theocracy not a democracy.
    • This is the fundamental difference between kingdoms, theocracies, feudal states, and a democratic republic.
    • First he debunks the criticism that the constitution establishes an Islamic theocracy.
    • It would have been entirely possible for them to annul the constitution and implement a theocracy.
    • The implication is that the party supports replacing democracy with an Islamic theocracy.
    • As long as an unelected theocracy doesn't emerge, the US will be relatively happy to declare victory and leave.
    • Putting God in the public square runs the risk of turning our democracy into a theocracy.
    • This sort of behaviour is why many of us who have supported the fight against fascist theocracies abroad are worried about its strident counterpart at home in the democratic West.
    • Democracies run by corrupt individuals will be corrupt; just as dictatorships or theocracies will be corrupt if their leaders are corrupt.
    • Unquestionably those good English zealots founded unforgiving theocracies on the soil of New England.
    • But the speech was most notable for the force with which Yeats pleaded that the Free State should not become a theocracy.
    • A closing chapter attempts to interpret a Christian theocracy in the context of a pluralistic culture.
    • The Christian Right and their political minions advocate a total theocracy, plain and simple.
    • All the signs lead one to believe that elections will lead to a theocracy (which I dread).