Translation of theological in Spanish:


teológico, adj.

Pronunciation /θiəˈlɑdʒək(ə)l/ /θɪəˈlɒdʒɪk(ə)l/

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    (controversy/point/orthodoxy) teológico
    (student/journal) de teología
    theological college facultad de teología
    • Most of them had no interest whatever in religious doctrine or theological beliefs, she writes.
    • The reason for this is that the Bible tells us that theological belief is specifically not enough for salvation on its own.
    • So if you like, a theological religious foundation was being laid for social action.
    • Make sure you can trust their theological beliefs as well as their confidentiality.
    • There are virtually no theological or doctrinal books in the various indigenous languages.
    • This is where philosophical and theological arguments about the existence and nature of God come in.
    • What I would call a theological position is a position about the nature of God and so on.
    • But we need biblical and theological answers for biblical and theological issues.
    • Western theologians have yet to offer a sustained theological analysis of the impact of colonialism.
    • He reworks ancient rituals and theological beliefs - in this instance, the meaning of Advent.
    • What kind of philosophical and theological account does the concept of divine reality call for?
    • While pursuing his theological studies he prepared a doctoral thesis on geometry.
    • In many cases it is possible to see that theological concerns have won out over careful attention to the evidence in all its variety.
    • Its slowly growing student body comes from a variety of ethnic, theological and educational backgrounds.
    • However, the author could have sketched in more of the theological and historical background to his narrative.
    • Now this is a theological issue of course, and it's not restricted to Judaism.
    • Do we need to expand our theological awareness to incorporate palaeontology a little bit more?
    • It provided a clear theological position with which to resist secular interference in matters of faith.
    • Your first book was actually a theological exploration of the meaning of motherhood.
    • It is lamentable, therefore, that there is so much ignorance of this massive theological truth.