Translation of theologize in Spanish:


teologizar, v.

Pronunciation /θiˈɑləˌdʒaɪz/ /θɪˈɒlədʒʌɪz/

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intransitive verb

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    • Following an earlier argument for an apophatic approach to theologizing about judgment, this essay investigates some theological resources for imagining judgment.
    • So, just as theology leads to worship, so worship leads to further theologizing as we seek to correspond to God's Word and Spirit rather than the words and spirit of the age.
    • If nothing else, he calls on the church to theologize in its contemporary global context in dialogue with the theologies of the Old Testament.
    • The vignette above is an example of the necessity for a new approach in Christian ministries where cultural values and variables must be involved in theologizing and acting as we seek to care, teach and proclaim the Good News.
    • Some people, who misinterpret Barr's own observations, declare that our inability to understand the biblical worldview by the analysis of its language should prevent us from theologizing.
    • When theologizing, the biblical scholar must respond to the demands of critical methodology, the doctrinal teachings of the Christian church, and the inherent Jewish identity of the text.
    • In drawing out the ethical dimensions of theology and the theological aspects of our moral lives this book will also count as a contribution to a newer cross-disciplinary approach to theologizing.
    • That perspective unites this work of Roman Catholic theologizing with important parts of the Orthodox tradition, both ancient and modern.
    • With his own classic style he theologizes excellently on the text in a manner designed to address the needs of theologians, teachers, and preachers more than critical scholars.
    • The key is to theologize first and moralize later, that is, to celebrate God's love and grace first, and then thereafter to ask what we should do about it in the light of that celebration.
    • This experience cuts through a lot of the abstract theologising I do on interfaith relations and seems to communicate to me at a deeper level; it's an experience I have yet to fully reconcile with my thinking about my faith.
    • Injustice, justice, injustice... This is what's ridiculous, all this thinking and theologizing, when there is no way on earth to know anything about God's intentions.
    • It gave the Jews, and especially their intellectuals, scope to theologize anew, and to think about old issues anew (as Abraham Lincoln, America's greatest theologian of the nineteenth century, demanded).
    • In most instances, however, she is aware of the ways in which all constructive theologizing, by its linguistic nature, orders, manages, and dominates whatever it is speaking of, no matter how fluid or poetic the prose.
    • It is grounded in the tangible, in the real; it comes out of human experience. all of our theologizing must reconcile the fact that God chose to enter the human story, our story.
    • But in recent years, there has been some serious theologizing among a small sub-group of American law professors.
    • It is not erroneous, as he claims, to believe that the Gospels reflect a Pauline theologizing of the original Jesus message.
    • To be sure, because God's essence is unknowable, all theologizing ultimately must end in silence.
    • They are undoubtedly right, but the well-known genre of Passion plays of which Gibson's film is one, made no pretensions to intellectual argument or subtle theologising, but was a mediaeval invention for the masses.
    • Following the example of Anselm, who crafted his arguments for divine existence in the context of prayer, our theologizing was always conducted in a mood of worshipful reverence.
    • Do we have to theologize every time we come over here?