Translation of theoretical in Spanish:


teórico, adj.

Pronunciation /θiəˈrɛdək(ə)l/ /θɪəˈrɛtɪk(ə)l/


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    (mechanics/knowledge/course) teórico
    • This point is most clear in the area of theoretical science, though it has much broader application.
    • HNDs are much more vocational than degrees and can often be more practical rather than theoretical.
    • However he was also very active in applications of mathematics to theoretical physics.
    • His careful study of military affairs had been as much theoretical as practical.
    • The two-hour sessions are split in half; the first theoretical, the second practical.
    • Excuse me for for butting in… But does it matter if a theoretical framework is unfalsifiable?
    • I guess I'm interested in this question more from a theoretical than practical standpoint.
    • To do this it is helpful to detail briefly the theoretical framework within which these questions were grounded.
    • Oskar Klein died in Stockholm, one of the finest theoretical physicists of the twentieth century.
    • The PR guy said she was tipped as one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists of her generation.
    • Will there be no work left for theoretical physicists to do in the twenty-first century?
    • The preceding chapters have been concerned with the theoretical sciences.
    • These majors were too theoretical and impractical, so that it would have been hard to find a job.
    • Then he could acquire the practical skills to go with his theoretical knowledge.
    • Zhukovskii was concerned both with theoretical and with experimental aspects of the subject.
    • Another area of mathematics that is full of rough estimates is theoretical computer science.
    • In addition to the theoretical course, he had four years' experience working with horses.
    • In theoretical science, we have no reason to suppose that we are ever talking about anything.
    • Studies up to that point were entirely theoretical and lacked any real practical application.
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    • The session included experience-based, theoretical, and practical aspects.
    • Now the lost work is regarded as a masterpiece with a theoretical value of £300,000.
    • This is, of course, a theoretical calculation, but one which graphically illustrates the point.
    • Experimental tests with aquatic species have backed up the theoretical predictions.
    • The concerns of the literati were practical was well as theoretical.
    • These books will be exemplars of empirical study and theoretical understanding.
    • His basic research laid the foundation for many later theoretical and practical developments.
    • Moreover the concern is an intensely practical one, rather than theoretical.
    • Yet this trend raises a number of important issues, both theoretical and practical.
    • It is clear that Laurent was a good engineer, putting his deep theoretical knowledge to good practical use.
    • It takes real guts to stop being just a critic of the system and come up with solutions, both practical and theoretical.
    • It also considers the theoretical and practical powers and constraints on a Prime Minister.
    • Galen believed that medicine required both practical and theoretical elements.
    • There is a strong theoretical and practical case for free trade and the economic benefits it brings.
    • This is not to suggest that research is entirely dictated by theoretical concerns.
    • For Marx the unity of theory and practice meant the resolution of theoretical problems by practical activity.
    • Freud constantly revised his theories in view of theoretical concerns and new data.
    • Wilson's essay is desperately keen to convey her theoretical vision of the world.
    • And he also identified a desire to work on real rather than theoretical problems.
    • How wonderful it would be if all theoretical conclusion equated with the practical reality.