Translation of theorize in Spanish:


especular, v.

Pronunciation /ˈθiəˌraɪz/ /ˈθɪərʌɪz/

Definition of especular in Spanish

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • Political scientists have theorized that a better-educated citizenry would be a more involved one.
    • The philosopher Heidegger theorized that the primary way that we experience the world isn't through our vision, or our hearing, or any other sense perception.
    • Marx theorized that in the very act of selling one's labor, one is estranging oneself from oneself, as work ‘for another’ is not a natural or desired activity.
    • A few have theorized that Mallove, a scientist, was killed because he was a tireless champion of cold fusion, a controversial cheap and clean alternative energy source.
    • Reynolds theorized that all birds follow a few specific rules, such as trying to fly as close together as possible without colliding and trying to maintain the same speed and direction.
    • Before now, scientists merely theorized that dichlorine monoxide in the stratosphere played a key role in destroying ozone.
    • Some theorized that differences in development in the womb was a factor.
    • Albert Einstein theorized that the speed of gravity was around the speed of light, but no one proved it until now.
    • Since the days of Rutherford, physicists and chemists have theorized that atoms of matter contain even smaller particles than electrons, protons, and neutrons.
    • The scientists had long theorized that dolphins possess the intelligence of an average human teenager and their suspicions were confirmed in this study.
    • Scientists have long theorized that retroviruses, which were used in the suspended experiments, could trigger cancer.
    • Einstein theorized that electrons are ejected by photons.
    • Scientists theorize that methane rains from Titan's sky, creating surface methane or ethane lakes, which may give rise to clouds, similar to the water cycle on Earth.
    • I would rather hear someone's account of their experience rather than a load of theorising any day of the week.
    • A bunch of scientists are now theorizing that SARS might have arrived on Earth from another planet.
    • Walker theorizes that society's traditional sex roles may further contribute to a victim's belief that she cannot leave the violent relationship.
    • He theorizes that human babies weren't meant to be born at forty weeks, but much later.
    • As other women began to disappear around Washington and Oregon, Keppel theorized one man was responsible.
    • He theorized the locals were too scared to stop the insurgents or to turn them in to the Americans.
    • It was also theorised that the remains of the seaport must have been washed away in floods during the 14th century.