Translation of therapeutic in Spanish:


terapéutico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌθɛrəˈpjudɪk/ /ˌθɛrəˈpjuːtɪk/

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    • He drafted a Bill to do just that, but to allow therapeutic cloning for disease research.
    • It is an energy-based therapeutic approach to healing, which uses a variety of techniques to treat the human energy system.
    • It banned a drug which had considerable therapeutic value and was far less harmful than many other medicines.
    • A special care order will be issued to allow the child to receive special protection in a secure therapeutic facility.
    • Botox was meant as a therapeutic drug, dealing with a number of unusual disorders and aiding stroke victims.
    • Some people might be fine after a certain dose of a therapeutic drug, while others might experience severe side-effects.
    • These drugs could be promising therapeutic options in an era of rapidly growing antibiotic resistance in all parts of world.
    • Many new drugs are not therapeutic innovations, point out the authors, but extensions to the range of drugs already available.
    • Two weeks at maximal dose is needed before one decides that a particular drug is a therapeutic failure.
    • The drug and its intended therapeutic use never get mentioned in the same ad.
    • Nevertheless, a number of drugs of major therapeutic potential have resulted from these investigations.
    • Many patients associate a single drug with a single therapeutic action.
    • There is no justification for banning a drug which has a beneficial therapeutic use.
    • Combination products will bring new and exciting benefits to both diagnostic and therapeutic medicine.
    • There are 60 or more therapeutic compounds in cannabis that are healing agents in medical and herbal treatments.
    • More is known about the adverse effects and therapeutic uses of marihuana than about most prescription drugs.
    • For instance, he remains ethically opposed to therapeutic cloning.
    • An important aspect of every healthcare system is its therapeutic strategy.
    • The Senate must keep its moral priorities firmly in mind as the vote on banning therapeutic cloning draws close.
    • Certainly, the therapeutic benefits of the drugs we are talking about are quite minimal.