Translation of therapy in Spanish:


terapia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈθɛrəpi/

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nounplural therapies

  • 1

    terapia feminine
    • These medical therapies are aimed at reducing the viral load and hence induce early remission.
    • Genomics is promoting a tremendous interest in novel therapies of which gene therapies will be only a minority.
    • Many health and fitness salons provide hair salons, beauty treatments and massage therapies.
    • The subject of alternative therapies for cancer stirs quite a debate within the field of oncology.
    • He adds that in the future this gene may also be used as a specific target for cancer therapies.
    • Combination therapies usually contain drugs from two of these classes.
    • Whether in the guise of new drugs or new therapies, technology is costly.
    • The holistic therapies might lead medicine back towards the holism of the ancient systems.
    • Biological therapies help the body's immune system to attack cancer cells.
    • Many patients receiving these new therapies respond rapidly to them and get a lot of clinical benefit.
    • Many of the standard radiation and drug therapies now used to treat cancers can have serious side effects.
    • Prices have gone up a bit, but, as with all holistic therapies, the more you pay the more it's worth.
    • They may have tried over-the-counter preparations, dietary exclusions, or alternative therapies.
    • The preferable option would be for these therapies to be administered in the patient's home or workplace.
    • Complementary therapies such as osteopathy and acupuncture are popular.
    • Combining two or more of these therapies has a cumulative effect on pain reduction.
    • New targeted therapies are largely responsible for the increased survival rates.
    • However, drug therapies that target the dopamine system may be on the horizon.
    • He believes more and more people are turning to homeopathy, herbal medicine, and other therapies.
    • Gene therapies could allow new approaches, or help existing treatments work better.
    • Hormone therapy will bring about physical and perhaps psychogenic changes.