Translation of there in Spanish:


ahí, adv.

Pronunciation /ðɛr/ /ðɛː/ /ðə/

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  • 1

    • 1.1

      (close to person being addressed) ahí
      (further away) allí
      (further away) ahí mainly Latin America
      (less precise, further) allá
      what have you got there? ¿qué tienes ahí?
      • where is my umbrella? — there, by the door ¿dónde está mi paraguas? — allí, al lado de la puerta
      • over there, across the river allá, al otro lado del río
      • do you mean here? — no, further over there ¿dices aquí? — no, más allá
      • $80 or somewhere around there 80 dólares o por ahí
      • what are you doing down/up there? ¿qué haces ahí abajo/arriba?
      • they've been in there for hours hace horas que están metidos ahí / allí (dentro)
      • you there! ¡oye, tú!
      • On Tuesday the post office said that our application would be there by ten at the latest the next morning.
      • He'd already gone over the hill and Dave told me that he had decided to stay over there.
      • What still confuses me though is why the people who protest about it every year insist on staying there.
      • They stayed there for 24 hours with no food and only trees as shelter from the heat.
      • Firefighters were told by neighbours that the house was empty but two men had been staying there.
      • He flew out two days after the race and will stay out there for eight weeks.
      • This is Toronto's oldest hotel and its main claim to fame is that the Beatles once stayed there.
      • When the mine closed he moved to the Nottingham coalfield and stayed down there.
      • She went out to Africa to help out a friend for two weeks and then just stayed there for 21 years.
      • The lives of several animals, which were staying there overnight, were put at risk.
      • He spent ten weeks there and emerged with a vicious loathing of the legal system that he nurses still.
      • We then flew down to San Francisco, staying there for a week or so, with a night away at Yosemite.
      • The first time I saw the episode I just sat there for about ten minutes in complete shock.
      • If they had not seen him, he would probably have stayed there all night and died of hypothermia.
      • There are heaps of cottages, and in the two years we were there, we stayed in at least four of them.
      • After the evening meal he would go to the local pub and stay there until it closed.
      • We had no idea what they were going to do or how long they intended to keep us there.
      • Once there, my niece presented Lisa with a picture of the two of us, and tried to pin us down to another visit.
      • Outside, two men asked me what I was doing, and told me not to come near there again.
      • They found a little straw but the cold chilled their bones and they lay there sleepless and afraid.
      • ‘It's over there,’ she told him, pointing to it.
      • Our archives are up there in the attic, but they haven't been sorted into any kind of order.
      • She's down there at her desk.
      • The valet parking and car wash service is just there on the left-hand side.
      • Is that woman over there royalty or something?
      • And there it is, just across the main street that intersects this one at the center of town.
      • I was here the other day for rehearsal and I swear to you there was a camera - there it is.
      • Yep, there it is, underneath the chair on the other side of the room, frozen in the sudden light; a mouse.
      • Go through the narrow gap between the two big trees and there it is before you.
      • You could quite easily miss the pub but a quick detour down Main Street and there it is.

  • 2

    (calling attention to sth, pointing sth out etc)
    there's the bell, it must be her! ¡el timbre! debe de ser ella
    • now there's a coincidence! ¡eso sí que es casualidad!
    • there's £20 ahí tienes £20
    • there he goes: politics again! ¡ya está otra vez con la política!
    • there goes the bus ahí va el autobús
    • there go my chances of promotion! ¡adiós ascenso!
    • fetch my newspaper, there's a dear! anda, sé bueno y tráeme el periódico
  • 3

    • 3.1(present)

      lots of his friends were there estaban muchos de sus amigos
      • who's there? ¿quién es?
      • is Tony there? ¿está Tony?

    • 3.2(at destination)

      when we finally got there cuando por fin llegamos
      • we're there ya hemos llegado
      • she'll be there by now ya debe de haber llegado

    • 3.3(available)

      I'm always there if you need help si necesitas ayuda, cuenta conmigo
      • the resources are there: they're just not being used hay recursos, lo que pasa es que no se utilizan
      • the evidence is there for everyone to see la prueba está a la vista

  • 4

    • 4.1(at that point)

      there he paused and heaved a heavy sigh entonces hizo una pausa y suspiró profundamente
      • he went on from there to become a director de ahí pasó a ser director
      • from there the situation deteriorated rapidly a partir de ese momento la situación empeoró rápidamente

    • 4.2(on that point)

      you're right there ahí / en eso tienes razón
      • you've nothing to worry about there en ese sentido no tienes por qué preocuparte
      • the funny thing there was … lo gracioso del caso fue que …

  • 5

    • 5.1(when action is complete)

      there! that's the last of the boxes ¡listo! esa es la última caja
      • there! now look what you've done! ¿no te digo? ¡mira lo que has hecho!

    • 5.2(coaxing, soothing)

      there, there, don't cry! vamos, no llores
      • there now! see how easy it is? ahí está ¿ves qué fácil es?


  • 1

    there's an egg/there are two eggs in the nest hay un huevo/dos huevos en el nido
    • there was nobody there no había nadie
    • once upon a time there was a princess/there were two brothers who … había una vez una princesa/dos hermanos que …
    • there was a demonstration/there were two demonstrations last week hubo una manifestación/dos manifestaciones la semana pasada
    • what is there to stop you? ¿qué te lo impide?
    • had there been an accident, we would have heard by now si hubiera habido un accidente, ya nos habríamos enterado
    • there can't be many people with that name no puede haber mucha gente que se llame así
    • I want there to be no mistakes no quiero que haya ningún error
    • there's no sugar left no queda azúcar
    • I think there's a paragraph/there are two paragraphs missing creo que falta un párrafo/que faltan dos párrafos
    • then there are the children to think about luego están los niños, hay que pensar en ellos
    • there's no denying it: he's a genius hay que reconocerlo, es un genio
    • there was no mistaking that face! la cara era inconfundible
    • all there is is a piece of stale bread todo lo que hay es un pedazo de pan duro
    • what food there was was inedible la poca comida que había era incomible
    • there comes a time when … llega un momento en el que …