Translation of thereabouts in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌðɛrəˈbaʊts/ /ˈðɛːrəbaʊts/ /ðɛːrəˈbaʊts/


  • 1

    (near that figure, time)
    she was 25 or thereabouts tenía unos 25 años
    • she'll get here on Sunday/at 12 o'clock or thereabouts llegará el domingo o por ahí/alrededor de las 12
  • 2

    (in that vicinity)
    por allí
    en los alrededores
    • The water is extra salty in the ocean thereabouts, and the midday sun is fierce so near the equator.
    • He is actually of an alternate dimension where everyone has pure, icy blue hypnotic eyes, and the beings that exist thereabouts communicate through a sort of musical telepathy.
    • For the older people, like myself, they will know him because he ran a plumbing business at the bottom of Amberley Street or thereabouts.
    • Can we rendezvous at the station or thereabouts?