Translation of thereafter in Spanish:


a partir de entonces, adv.

Pronunciation /ðɛrˈæftər/ /ðɛːrˈɑːftə/


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    a partir de entonces
    • His performance thereafter, though, suggested that his composure had been affected.
    • Castro was most amused and thereafter the pair met on several occasions.
    • The sight was captured by a photographer and thereafter used to scare children into not picking their noses.
    • I hope to see you all down there on the first Wednesday in June and every first Wednesday of the month thereafter.
    • Logan refers to a prediction that when the fish are gone, man will go shortly thereafter.
    • Angered at this, he walked out vowing not to have anything to do with her thereafter.
    • I was thereafter keen to attend the classes with my brother, if only as a mute spectator.
    • If going to the US is an obsession for many, getting a green card thereafter is a dream.
    • This rubbish may be left in black sacks for this one clean-up day only, thereafter blue sacks must be used.
    • If successful, it is likely to be commissioned for a year initially, and on an annual basis thereafter.
    • Edinburgh scored three tries in the opening section and never lost control of the match thereafter.
    • The idea was mentioned a couple of times thereafter before being forgotten.
    • He won the audition, and was determined thereafter to pursue a show-business career.
    • He seemed a little taken aback by that, and thereafter completely ignored her instructions.
    • My first day, and every day for several months thereafter, was spent working as a mail-room assistant.
    • That hearing is now due to take place on December 8, or as soon as possible thereafter.
    • Drivers must thereafter fill out a medical form every three years in order to retain their licences.
    • Poor pupils who once had access to excellent private schools were thereafter denied hope.
    • He divorced his wife when he was thirty-four and thereafter consorted with a series of mistresses.