Traducción de therefore en Español:


por lo tanto, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈðɛrˌfɔr/ /ˈðɛːfɔː/


  • 1

    por lo tanto
    por consiguiente
    luego literario
    he had spent three years in Peru and therefore spoke Spanish quite well había estado tres años en Perú y por lo tanto / por consiguiente hablaba español bastante bien
    • I think, therefore I am pienso, luego existo
    • There are therefore reasons for the historical work now being done in these fields.
    • There is always some bad news somewhere and therefore always a reason not to invest.
    • It therefore contains, trapped in its ice, almost as much water as there is in that sea.
    • Each owner had a say in the design and therefore no house is quite the same as the next.
    • It is therefore a surprise to read some of the comments made at last Monday's meeting.
    • Her daughter Alice is still missing and an inquest on her cannot therefore be held.
    • The watchdog is therefore urging borrowers to act now if they think they may have a problem.
    • I tried to tell her that the words made little sense and therefore lacked any depth.
    • It was therefore the first part of that country to have contacts with the outside world.
    • Anyone who tries to hold them to account, therefore, is held to be a bigot or racist.
    • The Scot has therefore taken a decision which he thinks will make or break his career.
    • We should therefore discuss how much I am willing to pay for what you are prepared to do.
    • The use of a celebrity to give a brand name to a book, or series of books, is therefore a smart move.
    • The choice was therefore to leave a murderous dictator in power or to remove him by force.
    • My greatest criticism of this film is that it has no context and therefore no meaning.
    • It is therefore our moral duty to get rid of him before he murders more of his own people.
    • It was therefore no wonder that bribery was reported to be common among the judiciary.
    • Our task as Christians is therefore to show love to other people in every single action.
    • In this case the judge says we should not enforce the parish law and therefore we won't.
    • It therefore seems that cannabis is not a major contributor to accidents on the roads.