Translation of thereof in Spanish:


del mismo, adv.

Pronunciation /ðɛrˈəv/ /ðɛrˈɑv/ /ðɛːrˈɒv/


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    del mismo
    the content of the site, and the design thereof el contenido del sitio y el diseño del mismo
    • It is these which are sold packed in the familiar long boxes with a stem, or plastic imitation thereof, between the rows.
    • Civil marriage shall be defined in each state by the legislature or the citizens thereof.
    • A popular topic that recurs in the Monologues is that of sexual pleasure - or lack thereof.
    • Called ‘Bowling for Columbine’ the film details the American love affair with guns, and the consequences thereof.
    • We can also try to be more honest about our contribution, or lack thereof.
    • Even here there may be a sticking point over asset value, or lack thereof.
    • In terms of sleep and the lack thereof, I'm a bit concerned about this weekend.
    • I read once that there are only seven real plots in the world, and all stories are permutations thereof.
    • Similarly overdue is a more general debate on the limits, or lack thereof, of political debate.
    • Prostitution does not in any way violate any law code or any part thereof.
    • We are told that could be extended depending on the amount of progress or the lack thereof.
    • It was getting more difficult to judge each film on its own merits or lack thereof.
    • Their wool is soft and warm, coming in white, black, brown, or a combination thereof.
    • I am neither a scholar nor a critic of literature - nor am I a student thereof, save by aspiration.
    • The forensic evidence - or lack thereof - also proved to be a major stumbling block.
    • So until the law prohibits the sale of tobacco and the smoking thereof non-smokers can go and take a running jump.
    • Due to the vagaries of pets, animals, and care arrangements thereof, that's now changed.
    • Everyone's influenced by their parents' prejudices, or in my case, the lack thereof.
    • My mother has never asked me about my love life or lack thereof, which I find kind of funny.
    • I have nothing, not even memories of a home or a semblance thereof.