Translation of thereupon in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌðɛrəˈpɑn/ /ðɛːrəˈpɒn/


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    I put it on the shelf, which thereupon collapsed lo puse sobre el estante, que acto seguido / inmediatamente se vino abajo
    • the words written thereupon las palabras allí escritas
    • Property lodged with the creditor has, thereupon, to be returned by him forthwith.
    • And the translator, who had a highly distinguished track record, thereupon declined to have her name on the British edition, and the translator was therefore shown as a non-existent F. David.
    • Payment was resisted in Yorkshire and Durham, and the Earl of Northumberland thereupon summoned the nobility and gentry of the North to meet him at York, and told them they must obey the King's demands.
    • Korea was finally liberated in 1945, and thereupon the Republic of Korea was established, based upon democratic principles, in 1948.
    • I come from a family where alternative therapies have long been used, and have even subjected myself to someone fiddling with my toes and thereupon telling me what was wrong with my head.
    • He was condemned by a local priest for staying overnight with an unmarried woman, flaunting his association with her at a bullfight, and was thereupon murdered by an angry mob.
    • Only the reports of the officers, however, were forwarded to Lowy, who thereupon expelled the students.
    • Charlemagne thereupon fell in love with the lake and could not leave its shores.
    • The Polish ruling party and the powerful Solidarity dissident movement thereupon reached a compromise which led eventually to a democratic government.
    • Socialist delegates thereupon demanded an apology from Sarkozy, who was subsequently roundly criticized in the press.
    • The Indian thereupon asked him (not at all unkindly) whether he would like to be sent back to London, and left where they had found him, sleeping in an empty basket in a market - a hungry, ragged, and forsaken little boy.
    • The furious school commissioners thereupon dismissed Miss Mason from her post for ‘uttering abolition sentiments openly.’
    • She, with her brother, thereupon went to Los Angeles, where, still concealing the fact that the donor was her brother, she asked for and obtained IVF treatment and gave birth successfully to a healthy son.
    • Neil would thereupon have taken his place beside Ron as a right-hand man in the family business and done his duty as the begetter of grandchildren to the great joy of all Klugmans and Patimkins.
    • He thereupon took off with his children to Antigua (his mother's homeland).
    • The official receiver thereupon became receiver and manager of his estate under Section 287 of the Insolvency Act 1986 pending the appointment of a trustee.
    • At this point one of the judges, who appears to have had a certain sympathy for the accused, suggested that she should be allowed to explain herself in her own way; and she thereupon made the following statement.
    • Counsel thereupon announced the Smiths' intention to withdraw the appeal (which was later formally confirmed and approved by the Secretary of State).
    • The dean thereupon charged the professor with insubordination and persuaded the central administration to initiate dismissal proceedings.
    • They realize that they will look like robbers when they arrive in town with their newfound wealth and thereupon draw straws to see who will go into town to procure food and drink for the three.