Translation of thermograph in Spanish:


termógrafo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈθərməˌɡræf/ /ˈθəːməɡrɑːf/

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    termógrafo masculine
    • For 20 minutes at 8pm, Mr Price described the scene and his preparations including microphones, electric contacts to show when doors opened, a camera and a thermograph to record temperature changes.
    • Temperature in the non-temperature-controlled greenhouse was recorded continuously with a thermograph.
    • In the non-heated greenhouse, windows were open all year, and temperatures were recorded continuously with an electric thermograph.
    • An electric thermograph was used to keep a record of the temperatures in the greenhouse.
    • When abdominal temperature was measured with a thermograph before and after acupoint stimulation, skin surface temperature was found to be increased by stimulation, indicating vascular dilatation and increased blood flow.