Translation of thermometer in Spanish:


termómetro, n.

Pronunciation /θərˈmɑmədər/ /θəˈmɒmɪtə/

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    termómetro masculine
    • Narrow-range mercury thermometers were used to measure sand surface temperature.
    • Glass thermometers are suitable for measuring temperature at the Earth's surface but would be impractical at higher levels.
    • Digital thermometers and alcohol-filled glass models are just as accurate as mercury ones, and many hospitals are already making the switch.
    • It can take anywhere from four to eight hours to smoke meat or poultry, so it's imperative to use thermometers to monitor temperatures.
    • Ideally you should use a meat thermometer to monitor the temperature as you cook.
    • Joule also invented extremely precise thermometers, which could measure temperature changes to within fractions of a degree Fahrenheit.
    • While walking, each participant also had a rectal thermometer in place to measure core temperature.
    • Air temperature was recorded every hour using a mercury thermometer.
    • But, I do not know how high the thermometers and other sensors should be placed off the ground.
    • Take the person's temperature with a thermometer that has been shaken to its lowest point.
    • After checking the time, he took out the thermometer and studied the temperature.
    • She checked the temperature on the thermometer and wrote something down on the clip board.
    • Show your child how to use a simple thermometer to take the temperature of the water.
    • Some states have banned the use of mercury thermometers as a first step toward phasing out the use of this toxic metal altogether.
    • Another option is a digital aural thermometer that measures the temperature in the ear.
    • Formerly a medicine-cabinet staple, these mercury thermometers have lately been ruled a public health hazard.
    • There are generally three different types of thermometers; glass, digital, and tympanic.
    • In some locations, the sale of mercury thermometers is banned completely.
    • When a mercury thermometer breaks, it is difficult and very expensive to clean up properly.
    • All you need is a mercury thermometer, which you keep by your bed.