Translation of they'll in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ðeɪl/ /ðɛl/

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    • Dancers, the globe over, need dancing partners and so if you can dance, they'll find you.
    • Naturally, they reserve the right to be smug and unimpressed, but still they'll come.
    • If people want a job with you, then they'll approach you, and that's what has happened here.
    • The only problem is that right at this moment I can't guarantee they'll live that long.
    • Do you ignore symptoms like persistent coughs or indigestion in the hope that they'll go away?
    • I dread to think what stories they'll be telling their friends in the playground.
    • If he or she has had a great time and enjoyed the hospitality, they'll be back for more with their friends.
    • They all read this blog and I'm sure they'll have something to say on the subject.
    • Soon they'll all be building casinos, and turning to alcohol to relieve their misery.
    • Then are you dead nervous they'll drive past you again ages later and get you.
    • I hate hurting people and worry that if I do they'll turn nasty and start threatening me.
    • Apparently this is even better, as it means they'll easily find somewhere to park.
    • Luckily, the insurance people seem to have come up trumps and have said they'll pay for it.
    • I suspect that when the kids are older and have moved out then they'll both be splitting up.
    • So they'll promote your film in a way that would never have happened in the past.
    • The potential car buyer was there at the time but I don't think they'll be buying it now.
    • People here don't want others to look down on them, so they'll go anywhere to earn more.
    • Worse still is when they say they'll have to see what their husband or boyfriend thinks.
    • Over the next four weeks they'll be visiting the pond at night to find out if the newts are there.
    • If she goes ahead and marries him, we all know they'll be divorced by this time next year.