Traducción de they en Español:


ellos, pron.

Pronunciación /ðeɪ/

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  • 1

    (pl of he, she, it)
    who are they? ¿quiénes son?
    • they didn't come no vinieron
    • they're the ones who should apologize son ellos los que / quienes deberían disculparse
    • Both events might be thought of as forms of eclipse, which is why they merit mention.
    • Your joints will then be examined to see if they are swollen and to find out how easily they move.
    • The festival will be the first and only time they will have played together since they split up.
    • He would love it if they could get back together as a couple over the festive season.
    • When an artist and a scientist got together they came up with a unique take on fashion.
    • The hairs on the back of your neck prick up at the mere mention of the word, don't they?
    • None of the staff had previously met me in person so I knew they would not recognise me.
    • They want to stay together and it seems such a shame that they may have to split up.
    • One reason why the new rules are so radical is that they sweep away all the previous ones.
    • I mentioned one time that my washer was broken and they sent me the money to get a new one.
    • If they stay together for the next few years they are going to be worth gold dust.
    • The pieces are tied together less by logic or plot than they are by emotional links.
    • It was the second time they had seen a man convicted of killing one of their relatives.
    • After their return they groomed their horses and were due to turn them out into a paddock.
    • Two teams battle for laughs and points as they make up scenes, games and songs on the spot.
    • It's made them so much more confident and they are much more sociable than they were.
    • The officers were said to be embarrassed when they realised a mistake had been made.
    • Once they have been emptied, the sacks are not sent to landfill sites or thrown away.
    • At one point they spent three hours crammed into a train of one carriage without water.
    • Shoppers can now get help if they have a problem with goods or services bought on holiday.
    • Fans say they are still waiting to hear from the club, which is in talks with promoters.
    • I've never had a friend get so mad with me that they turn off their phone and don't turn it back on for two days.
    • I mentioned this to someone at work today and they looked at me as if I were a space alien.
  • 2

    (indefinite person or persons)
    someone called, but they didn't leave a message llamó una persona, pero no dejó recado
    • they've dug up the road han levantado la calle
  • 3

    they say he's a millionaire dicen / se dice que es millonario
    • …, as they say …, como dicen