Translation of thickness in Spanish:


grosor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈθɪknəs/

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    • 1.1

      (of fabric, wire, lips) grosor masculine
      (of paper, wood, wall) espesor masculine
      (of paper, wood, wall) grosor masculine
      it comes in two thicknesses viene en dos grosores
      • The scanner takes more than 90 measurements of the hand in terms of length, width, thickness and surface area in the span of one second.
      • Measuring instructions: Measure the length, width, and thickness of your chair seat.
      • To determine the exact width and thickness of the pieces you'll need, measure the exposed ends of the floorboards.
      • First things first, the holster should fit and be worn with a belt of proper width and thickness.
      • Ice doesn't freeze evenly, so a sheet of ice can vary in thickness from solid and safe, to dangerously thin in just a few steps.
      • Time will vary depending on thickness, but you're aiming here for rare-to-medium-rare.
      • The earth's crust varies greatly in thickness, the least beneath the oceans, the most under the continental land masses.
      • A conventional barcode comprises light and dark elements - the bars - whose thickness varies.
      • Beneath the oceans, the crust varies little in thickness, generally extending only to about 5 km.
      • The eggshell thickness varies among different species of dinosaurs.
      • The epidermis is the thinnest component of the skin, varying in thickness from 0.04 mm on the eyelids to 1.6 mm on the palms of the hand.
      • The thickness of the stones varies according to personal taste but they are usually between 9mm and 10 mm.
      • These dressings are semipermeable, vary in size and thickness, and have an adhesive that holds the dressing on the skin.
      • The timing will vary according to thickness, so check that the meat is cooked before removing the chops.
      • Minimum thicknesses of noncombustible insulating materials are indicated as required for the fire-resistance ratings shown.
      • As we all know, a certain minimum wall thickness must be maintained for safety reasons.
      • The selection depends on the design and thickness of the wall.
      • In fact, from the Republic onwards the Romans found it necessary to make regulations to control the thickness of walls, the quality of building materials, and the roofs and height of buildings.
      • Such opportunities are highly-valued by the scientific community, as the thickness and quality of the polar ice can be measured with a great deal of accuracy from underwater.
      • The author says that no pipeline, regardless of wall thickness, is impervious to failure.
      • There is no maximum thickness for the deeper layer.
      • As the lens ages, it increases in weight and thickness, and its proteins undergo a chemical change.
      • Even the tunic which he was wearing had, despite the thickness of the smoke, remained unsullied.
      • The quiet was intense because of the thickness of the fog.
      • The salon was very impressed with the quality of the hair and the thickness, as it is hard to get enough human hair to make a full length wig.
      • Depending on your hair length, texture and thickness you could make more braids, fewer braids or even different types of braids.
      • Finally after about half a mile the thickness of the trees parted to reveal a small meadow.

    • 1.2(layer)

      capa feminine
      wrapped in several thicknesses of newspaper envuelto en varias capas de periódico
      • The interlining is formed of a number of thicknesses of suitable material.
      • Lay down two or more thicknesses of heavy cardboard or 10 to 20 thicknesses of newspaper.
      • The board should be made of three or more thicknesses of cardboard.
      • How many thicknesses of paper did the oil penetrate?

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    • 2.1(of sauce)

      lo espeso

    • 2.2

      (of hair) lo abundante
      (of beard) lo poblado
      (of fur) lo tupido
      (of a wood) lo denso

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    (of accent)
    lo marcado