Translation of thicko in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈθɪkəʊ/


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    • Apparently the weather forecast will no longer show wind unless it's significant, and they've ditched isobars and fronts as they disenfranchise the thickos.
    • The others seem to think he's hugely intelligent, which says more about the bunch of thickos who have been thrown together this year than it does about Science himself.
    • The presenter assumes that the viewers are all thickos.
    • So let me sugar the pill for the thickos still reeling after their exam results.
    • How grateful and enlightened he must be to have that cleared up: one wouldn't want a thicko to write one's autobiography.
    • Can't you train a thicko to put his rubbish in a bin without using a cattle prod as a punishment and some dog biscuits as a reward.
    • Watch as, in a glib aside, he patronises a culturally-hungry bevy of 50,000 people and, in the aftermath, ponder the unspoken insinuation that popular music is just a cacophony that only appeals to thickos.
    • I never thought I was a thicko, but this blogger and HTML stuff is really starting to undo me.
    • I don't want to have to spend my time tutoring an ugly thicko.
    • However, if there is a criticism, it is only that the blatantly Irish character, Seamus, is a stereotypical thicko.
    • Put on your silly voice and pretend to be an upper class thicko.
    • There was no minimum wage until the socialist takeover, thicko.
    • That's probably because no major party in England wants to lose the election, thicko.
    • Her slightly older brother is a bit of thicko, one is an infant sprawled on a chair and another is so small she holds him in her arms.