Translation of thing in Spanish:


cosa, n.

Pronunciation /θɪŋ/

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  • 1

    (physical object)
    cosa feminine
    what's that thing? ¿qué es eso?
    • a thing of great beauty un objeto de gran belleza
    • I can't open the window, the thing's jammed! no puedo abrir la ventana, está atrancada
    • the damn thing refuses to start el maldito no quiere arrancar
    • I love your dress — what, this old thing? me encanta tu vestido — ¿este trapo viejo?
    • she's got one of those bottle-warmer things tiene uno de esos cacharros para calentar biberones
    • there was salad and paté and things había ensalada, paté y ese tipo de cosa
    • Lia wished the thing he had given her would just vibrate; a feeling of unease rested in the pit of her stomach.
    • My suitcase contains many things but one thing you can be sure of is that I've probably not got enough pants.
    • The pink thing beside her is her G-string which she took out and decided not to wear back.
    • I did that thing that lots of blokes do when presented with a thing that has instructions.
    • If you had all the money you could wish for, name three things you would purchase.
    • Margalo looked them up and down for the thing she had required both of them to bring.
    • Everyone is opting for the thing that sells the easiest and requires the least amount of work.
    • Get an idea of prices by going to lots of shops that carry the kind of thing that interests you.
    • All in the name of testing new materials for things like planes and spacecraft.
    • Helen has the material things many would envy, but she is desperately trying to break free.
    • Quite simply, the thing won't work without the base scanning the skies for missiles.
    • If you look at photos from way back, when you were a kid, the fashions date the thing.
    • We went out to find some dinner and of course the only thing open was the chippie.
    • I put this thing on and looked in the mirror and it was like I had turned into a cartoon.
    • If this thing goes out again, it'll cost as much to repair it as it will to replace it.
    • He just wasn't into material things, but he did like to drink and get laid.
    • Didn't I say last night I would go to Croydon to spend a small fortune on things for my living room.
    • Yefu took only a few necessary things with him, including a cup, a mobile phone, and bedding.
  • 2

    (situation, act)
    cosa feminine
    a very funny thing happened pasó algo muy cómico / una cosa muy cómica
    • one thing that bothers me is … algo que me molesta es …
    • it's not a thing to be proud of no es como para estar orgulloso
    • there is one thing you could do hay algo / una cosa que podrías hacer
    • how could you say/do such a thing? ¿cómo pudiste decir/hacer una cosa así?
    • the things you say! ¡qué cosas dices!
    • the obvious thing to do would be to … lo lógico sería …
    • the only thing to do is … lo único que se puede hacer es …
    • we do things differently here aquí hacemos las cosas de otra manera
    • some things are best forgotten hay cosas que es mejor olvidar
    • there's no such thing no hay tal cosa
    • or some such thing o algo parecido
    • you know the sort of thing tú sabes a qué me refiero
    • I'm too old for this kind of thing yo soy muy viejo para estos trotes
    • the same thing happened to me a mí me pasó lo mismo
    • all good things (must) come to an end lo bueno se acaba pronto / dura poco
    • he said the first thing that came into his head dijo lo primero que se le ocurrió
    • the very last thing I expected lo que menos me imaginaba
    • the last thing we want is for him to interfere lo último que nos faltaría sería que se metiera él
    • one thing at a time una cosa a la vez
    • it is one thing to identify the problem, quite another to solve it una cosa es identificar el problema y otra muy distinta resolverlo
    • if it's not one thing, it's the other si no es una cosa, es otra
    • that's the last thing we want eso sería lo peor que podría pasar
    • every single thing I do absolutamente todo lo que hago
    • he runs to the doctor with every little thing corre al médico por cualquier cosa
    • he hadn't done a thing no había hecho absolutamente nada
    • to expect great things of sb/sth esperar mucho de algn/algo
    • She was afraid because this modeling thing was a new situation so removed from her reality.
    • I'm doing the premiere party thing tonight, so will have something to say about it tomorrow.
    • The older son thing requires its own space, so the telling will be separate, if it happens.
    • But there was almost a reluctance to do sculpture, because it was such a family thing.
    • It has always been a family thing—we used to drive out in a bike and side-car when our two sons were small.
    • You can see the genuine affection there and it's not a showbiz couple thing.
    • Subman, who has a few years on me, went on and did the family thing, put on a few kilos, and gave up surfing.
    • In the early days, punk was a Northern thing, and more specifically, a Manchester thing.
    • There is one girl in my class who constantly says funny things which I wish I could remember later.
    • Get out of the armchair, do things you enjoy and things you think will make a difference.
    • You should thus try to convince your husband that such a thing is not socially acceptable.
    • This sort of thing happened quite often when Nathaniel was given a shock.
    • The British Championships are now half way through and so far have been quite a close run thing.
    • The use of any part of any creature for this type of thing is quite unacceptable.
    • I don't enjoy shopping but wandering a mall with Wendy and Mark can be a fun thing.
    • They are convinced they did the right thing in reporting the activities of the two youths.
    • The only thing enterprises could do was mass produce, regardless of market feedback.
    • On the way back the worst thing possible that could happen in a car happened.
    • Blowing the whistle on any illegal or unethical activities is the right thing to do.
    • At the awards ceremony, the pair said they would do the same thing again if the situation arose.
    • Born of all the distress of that situation came the one thing that I was truly unprepared for.
    • Say what you will, but I believe the majority of people would do the same thing in our situation.
    • One minute a team is going great, then a couple of putts go in or stay out and the whole thing switches round the other way.
    • He said it was very difficult not being able to work and doing the same thing day after day.
    • The frigid old crone who taught us made copulation seem like the most boring thing possible.
    • If there is one thing referee Michael Jones doesn't do, it's play to the crowd.
    • Yes, he had to go and in going he did the last honourable thing open to him.
    • The most important thing management can do is to stay in touch with the people who do the real work in the company.
  • 3

    (affair, matter)
    asunto masculine
    we must sort this thing out tenemos que arreglar esto / este asunto
    • I'm fed up with the whole thing estoy harto del asunto
    • getting married is a big thing casarse es cosa seria / un asunto serio
    • it's a stress-related thing es un problema relacionado con el estrés
    • it was a purely physical thing fue pura atracción física
    • The kiss of love is the kiss of life and no matter how badly things have been going, it's the kiss that heals.
    • It seems like the lesson here is to let things slide, no matter how painful things get.
    • I now realise that all is not lost, no matter how bad things get, all is never lost.
    • Challenge your beliefs about the bad things that might happen if you show your emotions.
    • The good thing about gallows humour is no matter how bad things get you can always find some wag ready to crack a joke.
    • We can try and come up with ways of making things better, no matter how tough that may be.
    • No matter how bad things get, you must never think that God does not exist.
    • Not for one instant, no matter how tough things got, would I have quit a fight.
    • I told Jacques to press this with all his might and not back down, no matter how dire things looked.
    • Even now, two years on, Smith struggles to describe exactly why things went so wrong.
    • The other alternative is to sit on the sidelines and wish that things were different.
    • It was doubtful, she knew, but nevertheless, she wished things had not ended the way they did.
    • There are times when I wish things were different, if only because the people deserve better.
    • The child also perceives that things are going well living with his grandmother.
    • That is to say, he used it as an example of how bad things can get if we don't act soon enough.
    • But it's hard to tell this close to the event exactly how things are going to change.
    • Many people no longer believe in our capacity to control events and change things for the better.
    • You hear a lot of longtime residents lament that they wish things were the way they used to be.
    • I remember we complained to one another at the time and thought how we wish things could change.
    • We worked hard and we fought hard, and I wish that things had turned out a little differently.
  • 4the thing

    • 4.1(that which, what)

      lo que
      the thing that worries/bothers me is … lo que me preocupa/fastidia es …
      • the thing I liked best lo que más me gustó

    • 4.2(what is needed)

      this necklace is just the thing for Helen este collar es ideal para Helen
      • will this screwdriver do? — the very thing! ¿servirá este destornillador? — ¡justo lo que hace falta!
      • I've got just the thing for you tengo exactamente lo que necesitas / lo que te hace falta

    • 4.3(crucial point, factor)

      enjoying yourself is the thing lo importante es divertirse
      • the thing is to be there early lo importante es llegar temprano
      • the thing is, I've forgotten where I put it resulta que / el caso es que / lo que pasa es que me he olvidado de dónde lo puse

    • 4.4(the fashion)

      big hats are the thing nowadays los sombreros grandes son el último grito

  • 5things plural

    • 5.1(belongings, equipment)

      cosas feminine
      he washed the breakfast things lavó las cosas del desayuno
      • we packed our things and left hicimos las maletas y nos fuimos
      • you'd better take those wet things off es mejor que te quites esa ropa mojada
      • bring your swimming things traigan traje de baño y toalla, etcétera

    • 5.2(the situation, matters)

      cosas feminine
      if things don't improve si las cosas no mejoran
      • I need time to think things over necesito tiempo para pensarlo
      • the way things are going tal (y) como van las cosas
      • by the look of things según parece
      • how are things at home? ¿qué tal andan las cosas en casa?
      • how's things? ¿qué tal?
      • how are things with you? ¿y tú qué tal andas?

    • 5.3(matters)

      a taste for all things Greek un gusto por todo lo griego

  • 6

    (person, creature)
    he didn't know what to do, poor thing! el pobre no sabía qué hacer
    • you poor thing! ¡pobrecito!
    • not like that, you silly thing! ¡así no, tonto!
    • you lucky thing! ¡qué suerte tienes!
    • what a lovely little thing she is! ¡qué cosita más preciosa!
    • why, you cheeky thing! ¡mira que eres descarado!
    • bright young things chicos y chicas de sociedad
  • 7 informal

    (preference, ideal)
    opera isn't really my thing en realidad la ópera no es lo mío
    • the latest thing in hats el último grito en sombreros
  • 8

    (in expressions of time)
    next thing, you'll be telling me that … luego me dirás que …
    • the next thing I knew, it was midnight cuando me di cuenta, era medianoche