Translation of thingamajig in Spanish:


cosa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈθɪŋəməˌdʒɪɡ/ /ˈθɪŋəmədʒɪɡ/

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    cosa feminine
    chisme masculine Spain, Mexico informal
    vaina feminine Colombia, Peru, Venezuela informal
    chunche masculine Central America, Mexico informal
    coso masculine South America informal
    huarifaifa feminine Chile informal
    • I'm not altogether sure what happened to these pellets - I assume they got shipped out elsewhere and turned in to all manner of plastic thingamabobs, doobries and wotsits - but that didn't really matter.
    • A bit of a favourite of mine from the 1910s is ‘oojiboo’, which meant a thingumajig, a whatsits name, something you can't remember the name of.
    • How do these self-heating stick-on thingumajigs compare to the good old hot water bottle?
    • I considered setting up one of those nifty 24-hour timer thingamabobs that make the lights go on and off when they should.
    • I prefer to stroll and just watch the people on the streets and the thingamabobs along the way.
    • Today started off with me losing my balance while heading for a seat on the train and smacking my head hard on the thingamabob that juts out above the window.
    • I lingered around watching a thingamabob about JFK's administration on TV, then crashed.
    • The step up from these are the headphones that are a plastic thingamabob that wrap across the top of your head, not unlike the sort you get free when you buy a cd player.
    • My head hurts a little from hitting the wooden thingamabob.
    • Then I pushed on the thingamabob to flush the toilet, but there was no pressure.
    • We believe a sight or a fancy thingamabob added to the weapons systems will be a cure-all.
    • Give people a reason to respond - 10% off in the next 24 hours for example, or a free doodad or thingamabob.
    • I found this really cute kinda 70's-looking shirt online a couple of weeks ago - it's sort of pale green with white stripes and this nifty ring thingamabob in front.
    • He related how he'd recently experienced a spot of technical bother when using his electronic key-fob thingamabob to open the car door of his nippy runabout.
    • Let's get one of these desks, and put it over there in front of the big bench thingamabob, then we can put a filing cabinet in front of that.
    • Wallace pointed to the spiral shaped thingamabob in her left pocket.
    • I have the comments thingamajig up and running but few people use it.
    • You'll find no winged doohickeys or portable thingamajigs here.
    • Don't even get me started on all of the cool little doo-dads and thingamajigs.
    • It's a massive thing, taking up two galleries with 36 works ranging from videos and photography to some paintings, some sculptural object thingamajigs and a couple of lovely cyanotypes.
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    thingamajig, what's her name? fulana / aquella ¿cómo se llama?