Translation of thingy in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈθɪŋi/

nounplural thingies

  • 1

    • I gave the plastic thingy a good firm tug, just to show it who was boss.
    • Now at the end of six minutes, put the dried mint leaves into the boiling thingy, close it with a lid and leave it to cool for an hour.
    • Anyway, P had soup and I had a baguette thingy and we were chatting away.
    • I had erected a suspension thingy from the ceiling, from which I can hang a bicycle.
    • A lever thingy is pulled and the tables fall beneath the floor, thus creating dance space.
    • I'm trying to write a leaflet thingy to send out with any prints that I sell.
    • My illness thingy has only got worse, I have started to cough like some mis-firing machine gun.
    • The power keeps cutting out and coming back on, so I am about to pack up the internet thingy.
    • Haven't watched it all, but it seems like a manga thingy and has an amazingly weird look to it.
    • Stick your name in the search thingy at the bottom and all will be revealed to you as if by magic.
    • The day was hot and sunny as well, so I went for a stroll along the shore before the interview and looked at the many ducklings and some strange footed black duck thingies.
    • Deep-fry in one of those deep-fryer thingies or just use a heavy skillet with about a half-cup of really, really hot oil.
    • It has three different sized grating thingies and the picture on the box very clearly shows it grating cheese, which puts a stop to the ne'er-do-wells warning me that cheese would bung it up.
    • My company has just offered a choice of sticking with the final salary scheme or one of those money purchase thingies.
    • I went to the loo on the fourth floor of her office building, and I found a whole pile of these cool white paper bag thingies, each with a picture of a shepherdess in a big frock on them.
    • Various people are taking it upon themselves to subscribe me to various newsletters, email thingies and so forth.
    • I listened patiently to one of those annoying automated response thingies giving me 3 options.
    • Their van is one of those static thingies, with a bathroom, two bedrooms, lots of space inside and a small garden area in which I spent most of the time with a book in my hand.
    • So, I am going to have to buy one of those memory card thingies.
    • Now that the cup hooks are in place, we should be able to string the lights up with one of those grabby extension pole thingies.