Traducción de think en Español:


pensar, v.

Pronunciación /θɪŋk/

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verbo intransitivo thought, thought

  • 1

    to think about sth pensar en algo
    pensar algo
    to think of sth/sb pensar en algo/algn
    to think on sth
    why don't you think before you speak? ¿por qué no piensas antes de hablar?
    • think hard/carefully piénsalo mucho/bien
    • I did it without thinking lo hice sin pensar
    • just think! ¡imagínate!
    • it makes you think, doesn't it? da que pensar / te hace pensar ¿no?
    • you have to think big tienes que proyectar las cosas a gran escala
    • We need to think of possible legal complications in all sorts of routine situations.
    • Make sure you have thought of the possible gains and losses if you took the leap.
    • The tendency is to take what he wants, and act as he wants without thinking of the possible effect on others.
    • Critics would also hope she seriously thinks about the wounds she will be reopening - and calls the play off.
    • I know most of you are great people but please think of others when you light up your next cigarette.
    • Nature, of course, thinks of everything and it seems that a nudibranch getting its own sperm or eggs is impossible.
  • 2

    (intend, plan)
    to think of -ing pensar + inf
    • Recently, I've been thinking of doing a course with the Open University - which is probably a good thing to do.
    • Now I am about to start a clinical doctorate I am thinking of doing an art course.
    • If you are thinking about setting up a course then you should think through these issues.
    • I asked if she ever considered the danger or thought of fleeing the aftershocks and the tumbling buildings.
    • If you are thinking of gifting them, consider shelling out around a lakh of rupees or more.
    • This is an expense you might not have considered when thinking about moving to the seaside.
    • Any television producer thinking of developing the idea should first of all contact the author of the above, who will not be hard to deal with.
    • I'm thinking of creating a place here with links and reviews of site for kids.
    • He said it will be of benefit to all clients thinking of developing R&D projects.
    • Mr Lee said that reports suggested the Chancellor was thinking of a 6p rise on beer in the Budget.
    • She thinks of running away but realizes that it would be useless to try.
    • I was thinking of going light with some goodies, music and some games and paper to write and draw with.
    • The interior minister certainly wasn't thinking of creating a data graveyard.
    • Opinion: anyone who thinks of trying to track down these boys and commit some sort of revenge act against them is as low as any other perpetrator of violence.
    • Sadly for me, nobody ever thought to test the damn thing on the Firth of Clyde on a Tuesday.
    • There was a timber yard next door and someone thought to test the process on pine.
  • 3

    • 3.1(find, come up with)

      to think of
      • can you think of anything better?
      • I couldn't think of anything to say
      • he tried to think of an alternative
      • what will they think of next!
      • I thought of it first
      • But for me, these remembrances are the best way I can think of to give you a sense of an age long gone.
      • If you can think of an animal, the likelihood is it would be made into a rug somewhere in the house, with its head mounted on the walls.
      • I can think of some cases where a marina actually adds to the beauty and charm of a place.
      • These types of Virus writers will use just about any occasion they can think of to act on computer users.
      • The only thing we can think of is that they want to break the pattern [of agreements] in the industry.
      • Two years later she can think of no reason why anyone would do it - and neither can experienced detectives.
      • I can think of quite a lot of those in high places who, if they were to receive a good dose of Britishness, it would do them a power of good.
      • I can think of two federal ministers whose basic approach to women journalists is to flirt.
      • But today Matthew is the only person I can think of like that in that age range.
      • I can think of about half a dozen malcontents who would love a contest.
      • High school is closer to the core of the American experience than anything else I can think of.
      • Whatever you can think of in the world of news and specialist information, they're in it in a big way.
      • Maybe I am of gifted intelligence and can think of more than one number at once.
      • The only acceptable reason I can think of is to bring attention to the fact that it was a life-long condition.
      • I can think of worse things to be called than a journalist, but not many.
      • I can think of no better example of perfect symbiosis of image and music.
      • My first sales call was to the biggest possible customer I could think of.
      • He had done it since he was a kid, and had done it every way possible a human could think of.
      • It is possible to think of a number of ways in which reciprocity might sustain medical altruism.
      • We have to come together as a team and try and think of the best possible way to find Jack.

    • 3.2to think of(remember)

      acordarse de
      I can't think of his name no me puedo acordar de su nombre

  • 4

    (have opinion)
    don't think badly of me no pienses mal de mí
    • he's very well thought of lo tienen en muy buen concepto
    • I don't think much of her boyfriend no tengo muy buena impresión de su novio

verbo transitivo thought, thought

  • 1

    • 1.1(reflect, ponder)

      what are you thinking? ¿qué estás pensando?
      • (just) think what that would cost/how lucky we were piensa (en) lo que costaría/la suerte que tuvimos
      • think business! ¡piensa como un hombre de negocios!
      • With this in mind, let us think for a moment about the surface of a sphere.
      • Natural selection did not design our minds to think directly about how best to pass on our genes.
      • I just sat in my chair for a few moments, my mouth silent, my mind thinking.
      • I took a moment to read what his mind is thinking, but he quickly guarded his thoughts.
      • He sat back for a moment, thinking, prodding with his mind towards any intention the man might have.
      • My mind thinks like a person who's born in 65 and lived in the 70s and 80s.
      • At a time when scripts are written with ‘stars’ in mind, Bhadran thinks differently.
      • In my mind I was thinking ahead all the time whereas I should have been taking advantage of the situation that I was in at the time.
      • There are two people in this known universe who know what my conspiracy-laden mind is thinking.
      • The adrenaline kept you going, made sure your mind was thinking quickly.
      • He hadn't cast it a second thought for years but rediscovering the old treasure set his mind thinking.
      • Here we find him as a mind thinking deeply on problems Pakistanis are faced with.
      • Creative minds think at the speed of lightning but the fingers move as any average digits would!
      • If you have too much time on your hands to think, eventually your mind will create problems.
      • The more you understand why something has turned out the way it has, the more you can empathise and think with an open mind.
      • Such is the methodology of the mind… it thinks not of perils when enticed by joy.
      • Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes and dreams.
      • They need to learn mental disciplines - to think, to count and to ask questions.
      • Frequently, the best solutions are arrived at by thinking outside the standard approach.
      • I thought always of death, and therefore I had only one sorrow: the certainty of having to die.

    • 1.2(remember)

      I didn't think to look there/to ask him no se me ocurrió mirar allí/preguntárselo
      • I can't think where it was no me puedo acordar de dónde estaba
      • try to think who you gave it to intenta acordarte de a quién se lo diste

  • 2

    • 2.1(suppose, imagine)

      I thought you knew pensé que lo sabías
      • that's what youthink eso es lo que tú crees / piensas
      • what do you think you're doing? ¿pero tú qué te crees?
      • I thought I told you not to do that! ¿no te dije que no hicieras eso?
      • you'd have thought he'd have known better! ¡uno hubiera pensado que no iba a ser tan tonto!
      • who would have thought it? ¿quién lo hubiera dicho / imaginado?
      • anyone would think I was torturing her! ¡cualquiera diría que la estoy torturando!
      • who do you think you are? ¿quién te crees que eres?
      • do you think you could help me? ¿le importaría ayudarme?
      • I can't think why he refused no me explico / no entiendo por qué se negó
      • Of course not and just think of the massive amount of money we would gain and how much red tape we would lose.
      • I have no idea why she would think that associating with those people is a good thing.
      • But nobody thinks that idea worth fighting a war over.
      • But at their recent meeting, members said they thought the situation was getting better.
      • She should leave Bolton and move somewhere else if she thinks the situation is that bad.
      • Not everyone thinks the situation will be that dire, though.
      • He thinks the situation will get worse when Swindon Council takes over illegal parking enforcement from the police.
      • I think every individual situation is just a little different though they have generalities.
      • The danger is that people in the city will think the current situation is just another to add to the list.
      • I think some situations can and should be treated with a bit more of a diplomatic approach!
      • We have a good idea what facts the judge would have summed up had he thought the situation required it.
      • He thinks television situation comedy is garbage and only agrees when the network promises him his own special, a promise which the network reneges upon.
      • Secondly did it mislead the prosecution into thinking the case against him was stronger than it was.
      • He somehow thinks his case is enhanced by insulting the Ohio law enforcement system.
      • He's an end-of-the-century phenom and I can imagine some people thinking he was the best of the last hundred years.
      • Although the cause is still being investigated it is not thought to be suspicious.
      • The spokeswoman said that the settlement was thought to have happened above a drain.
      • Forty tonnes of marine diesel are still thought to be on board the sunken vessel.
      • The only area where technology is thought to play its part is in the realm of communications.
      • The arrest is not thought to be a significant development in the hunt for the double killer.
      • Inquiries are continuing into the cause of the blaze but it is not thought to be suspicious.

    • 2.2(expect)

      I thought you'd be there pensé / creí que estarías allí
      • we didn't think it would take so long no pensamos que se iba a tardar tanto
      • I'll help as well — I should think so (too)! yo también ayudo — ¡me imagino que sí! / ¡pues faltaría más!
      • she wouldn't accept the money — I should think not! no quiso aceptar el dinero — ¡pues bueno fuera! / ¡no faltaba más!

    • 2.3(indicating intention)

      we thought we'd eat out tonight esta noche tenemos pensado salir a cenar
      • I think I'll go to bed bueno, me voy a acostar

  • 3

    I think/I don't think it can be done creo que se puede/no creo que se pueda hacer
    • who do you think did it? ¿quién crees que lo hizo?
    • he's thought to be 95 se cree que tiene 95 años
    • I think it unlikely a mí me parece / yo lo veo poco probable
    • I don't think a strike would achieve anything yo no creo / a mí no me parece que con una huelga se vaya a lograr nada
    • I think you'll find it's the only way ya verá usted que es la única manera
    • I thought him rude/pleasant me pareció / lo encontré grosero/agradable
    • will you be able to do it? — I think so/I don't think so ¿vas a poder hacerlo? — creo que sí / me parece que sí/ creo que no / me parece que no
    • will they give me the loan? — I rather think not ¿me darán el préstamo? — me parece que no


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