Traducción de third en Español:


tercero, adj.

Pronunciación /θərd/ /θəːd/

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  • 1

    → see also fifth
    the third duke of Camberwick el tercer duque de Camberwick
    • was there a third person present? ¿había un tercero presente?
    • Harvey Brown III Harvey Brown III
    • the Third Age la tercera edad
    • I can't wait to see what he does with the inevitable third film in the sequence.
    • The third article in this sequence will get involved with more peripheral points regarding general opening strategy.
    • What kind of training and preparation did you do for the sequences in the third film?
    • Surely that thought is a good enough companion as we take our first faltering steps into the new century and the third millennium.
    • The largest, carved in the third century AD, is thought to be the world's tallest standing Buddha.
    • The first known European stringed instrument dates back to the third century.
    • The precisionists inform us that we have only now entered the 21st century and the third Millennium.
    • Found in the third century BC, the crocodile was respected by the Egyptians for its power and ferocity.
    • The legend contends that Valentine served as a priest during third century Rome.
    • The Ramayana is believed to have been written by Valmiki in Sanskrit in the third century BC.
    • The third century Egyptian St Apollonia is the patron saint of all things dental.
    • The day of love and romance dates back to the third century and a priest called Valentine.
    • For one grand old North Yorkshire woman, the new Millennium saw the start of a third century of life.
    • He was born in Turkey sometime in the third century and was a Tribune in the Roman Army.
    • It was built in the third century BC in the time of King Pyrrhus of Epiros, but was remodelled by the Romans.
    • In the twentieth century, a third strand of citizenship, social citizenship, emerged.
    • In the second and third centuries, the Church became institutionalised.
    • From the third century onwards, the climate deteriorated steadily, becoming colder and wetter.
    • Two of the vehicles were burnt by the mob and the third was driven away.
    • The company struggled to make a profit until the third quarter last year.


  • 1

    (in position, time, order)
    en tercer lugar
  • 2

    en tercer lugar
  • 3

    (with superl)
    → see also fifth
    the third highest mountain la montaña que ocupa el tercer lugar en altura


  • 1

    • 1.1Matemáticas

      tercio masculino

    • 1.2(part)

      tercera parte femenino
      tercio masculino
      two thirds of the senate dos tercios del Senado

    • 1.3Música

      tercera femenino

  • 2also third gear

    tercera femenino
  • 3Britanico

    cuarta nota de la escala de calificaciones de un título universitario