Translation of third-hand in Spanish:


de tercera mano, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌθərdˈhænd/


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    de tercera mano


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    (buy) de tercera mano
    (hear/learn) por terceros
    (hear/learn) a través de terceros
    • This comes to me third-hand, and its veracity is possibly a bit suspect.
    • Two days were set aside to hear from journalists who had not been present on the day but had reported the story third-hand.
    • Most got their ‘evidence’ about Africans and non-Europeans second and third-hand from the actual conquerors and enslavers.
    • Issac is certainly talking, although what he is actually saying is uncertain as it is being passed on third-hand and via translation.
    • The litigants don't have to worry if their information comes third-hand.
    • I keep hearing the medical information third-hand, through a bunch of non-medical people, so this is probably altogether wrong.