Traducción de thirsty en Español:


que tiene sed, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈθərsti/ /ˈθəːsti/

adjetivo thirstier, thirstiest

  • 1

    (person/animal) que tiene sed
    (person/animal) sediento literario
    the thirsty fields los campos sedientos literario
    • to be thirsty tener sed
    • these plants are really thirsty estas plantas están pidiendo agua a gritos
    • the heat makes you thirsty el calor te da sed
    • to be thirsty for revenge tener sed / ansias de venganza
    • I heard once, from a bloke in an extremely loud bar, that the reason these places turn up the music is because it gets your adrenalin going, and that makes you thirsty and so you drink more.
    • It was a recent Friday in July and I was on my way to the store to get something to drink because I was thirsty.
    • I wasn't thirsty, but I drank a couple of mugfuls which went straight through me.
    • Such patients will often benefit from being given ‘permission’ by their physician to just drink when they are thirsty.
    • Since carbohydrates require water to make new muscle glycogen, many people assume that they have to drink like a thirsty camel to make glycogen.
    • Even though my lunch had been a drink I was still thirsty.
    • For instance, drinking when thirsty gives a kinetic pleasure; the pleasure is in the process of quenching thirst.
    • I was very thirsty, a sign I'm about to faint.
    • I had not realized how thirsty I was until he gave me that.
    • Allie accepted the gift gratefully, realizing now how thirsty she really was.
    • She drew greedily on the straw, only then realizing just how thirsty she was.
    • I found it made me incredibly thirsty and ended up drinking buckets of water.
    • By sunset I am so thirsty that I could actually drink sea water.
    • He was not really tired, just a little thirsty.
    • However, remembering to eat when you are hungry, and drink when thirsty is essential.
    • Becoming extremely thirsty, he left halfway through the period to search out a soda machine.
    • She was as good as could be except she was a little achy and extremely thirsty.
    • I wander back to my room, still bored and now a bit thirsty.
    • Do not wait till you feel thirsty to drink water because by then you'd already be low in fluids.
    • Lately I've been really thirsty and I can't seem to quench it.
  • 2

    (causing thirst)
    (work) que da sed
    • What they don't mention is that studying the Talmud is thirsty work.
    • Charcoal making was probably thirsty work: little streams run down the woods from springs and seepages.
    • And after all the thirsty work of trawling the streets for entertainment or acquisitions you can always drop into one of the town's many pubs which really come into their own at this time of year.
    • The choir went straight to the bar as soon as we arrived (well singing is very thirsty work) while the other guests sipped coffee.
    • It's thirsty work being outside in the cold, dry Antarctic environment, so in the evenings the Davis Station bar is packed.
    • All of this singing, playing and dancing is thirsty work and, at midnight, proceedings cease for the traditional cup of tea.
    • All this was hot and thirsty work and I remember a farmer in our parish who said he always gave his workers stout to drink as he believed it to be most refreshing.
    • The walk along the beach from Newport to Balboa was thirsty work.
    • Watching the action, even if it is on a giant screen, makes for thirsty work.
    • Well, generating all that hot air is thirsty work, and the weekend's here!
    • It was hard, long and thirsty work but we eventually came up with a short but, we feel, worthy list.
    • All this was hot and thirsty work which meant the haytimers needed plenty to eat and drink.
    • Boarding houses and bars were constructed for their accommodation and refreshment, for quarrying is thirsty work.
    • A hot day over a soldering copper is thirsty work, which the tinsmiths were able to remedy.
    • The business of building an second media empire from scratch is thirsty work.
    • It was thirsty work, and the queues for the bar were a dozen deep at half-time.
    • Running about is thirsty work, so always take a bottle of water with you when you go out.