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aunque, conj.

Pronunciación /ðoʊ/ /ðəʊ/

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    • 1.1(despite the fact that)

      though the house is small, it is very comfortable aunque / a pesar de que la casa es pequeña, es muy cómoda
      • the house, though small, is very comfortable la casa, aunque / si bien (es) pequeña, es muy cómoda
      • though you may find this hard to believe aunque te cueste creerlo
      • good though the book is, it could have been better aunque el libro es bueno podría haber sido mejor
      • Haylage is becoming more popular and though it is more expensive than hay, has a higher feed value.
      • In fact, though the alarm has some basis in fact, it should be treated with scepticism.
      • The fact on which he now relies is that though he stole, he did not in fact threaten violence.
      • The house itself, though imposing from the outside, is in fact a very comfortable size.
      • He is always open to all points of view, though he is also absolutely sure of what he wants.
      • A well used before the tsunami is still in use though it too was swamped by the waves.
      • The onion bhaji, though hardly a revelation, was polished off fairly smartly by Tim.
      • Weak and ill though he was, he still held all the reins of power, and refused to let them go.
      • Mine experts said that drilling, though slow, was still the best way to reach the men.
      • Declan did a good job running the event, though he should have been tougher on the slow players in my opinion.
      • In the winter I tend to cover longer distances in the pool, though I swim at a slower speed.
      • Continental drift also has an effect on the weather, though the process is much slower.
      • In truth, though clever and apparently effective, that blow had failed to hurt her.
      • The trade, though lucrative, was quite separate from the rest of his thinking.
      • This practice, though sacred in the eyes of our ancestors, appears ridiculous to us.
      • The best of the heckling, though born out of animosity, was seasoned by spontaneous wit.
      • This player, though inconsistent, knows his way around a grass court and could be tricky.
      • My face, though frosted with new snow, has a warmth in the cheeks that defends the bone.
      • In form, though comparable in concept to the Sutton Hoo stand, it is unique for England.
      • He did not call an expert in Planned Maintenance, though given leave to do so.

    • 1.2(but)

      I wouldn't have thought it likely, though you may be right no lo hubiera creído posible, aunque puede (ser) que tengas razón
      • The Japanese still have a chance of qualifying, though they need at least another goal.
      • He tried it in a local chalk pit where he usually rode and was pleased with it, though he found brake problems.
      • Two bombs hit the ship, neither of which exploded, though one man died in the raid.
      • Adjusting its controls takes no time at all, though small icons can be difficult to make out.
      • The train may be flooded out tomorrow, though I expect it will just be late and slow.
      • Possibly these were folded in or had been removed, though I might have missed them.
      • If it is possible to get a ticket then get one, though I fear they will be difficult to obtain.
      • New lighting will also be installed, though the final details have yet to be decided.
      • Both are near the university, though the former is a bit more posh and expensive.
      • The order was obeyed despite there being no authority - though by then it was too late.
      • Installing the software is a trifle, though using it isn't immediately a piece of cake.
      • His car has not yet been traced, though police believe it is still in the UK.
      • These stories could have come from any of the tabloids from the last few weeks, though actually they belong to the distant past.
      • Mrs Evans was not present at the inquest, though other members of Mr Evans' family were.
      • The route is a combination of moorland tracks and field paths though no great climbs are involved.
      • At the Black Bull the liquid refreshment was welcome though the food was unexciting.
      • This is an enjoyable, though average, transposition of comic book heroes to the big screen.
      • The bore was cylindrical and held a double reed, though single reeds are sometimes shown.
      • It had occupied a favourable, though unenviable, position at the crux of two world wars.

  • 2 literario

    (even if)
    (+ subjunctive) aunque
    though we die in the attempt aunque muramos en el intento
    • We also have many ways of saying that, though something may, in fact, not be the case, it could be.
    • Trivial though facts may be, he wanted to know what he was up against.


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    (nevertheless, however)
    it is easy, though, to understand their feelings sin embargo, es fácil comprender sus sentimientos
    • the course is difficult; it's interesting, though el curso es difícil, pero es interesante
  • 2 coloquial

    (just, indeed)
    he's very talented — isn't he though! tiene mucho talento — ¡si tendrá …!
    • I wish them all the best though, and fully appreciate the time and effort they put in.
    • The service is not slow though, we get a jug of iced water right away and a young waiter soon arrives to take our order.
    • In these opening weeks of the season, though, he will remain a figure of possibility.
    • Harry decided that I should suffer for it, though, and suffer for as long as possible.
    • At the moment it's not really possible to say what this will look like though.
    • In the end though the mechanics weren't right for it to progress beyond the competition.
    • We're not there yet though, despite what some people in the media seem to think.
    • It's a fact, though, that ageism is rampant right the way through our institutions.
    • Despite that though, this is one of the strongest batches of episodes produced to date.
    • They should, though, be given all the facts and helped in the decision, so that it can be the right one.
    • The fact that she is a woman, though, will surely influence the way she does the job.
    • All this though doesn't change the fact that my rent will always be dead money.
    • His performance was remarkable, though, given that he was playing through the pain barrier.
    • Now, though, most of the company's food and clothing stock is delivered on a daily basis.
    • I thought there must be more to the job than this, though, so I asked Sylvia her opinion.
    • Much of it, though, is thought to be the work of a small number of individuals.
    • Apart from that, though, the only permanent legacy of her illness is the operation scar.
    • Miraculously though, Shirley escaped with only cuts and bruises and a broken arm.
    • Sadly though, it needs more than trees and seasonal Christmas lights to redeem this area.
    • Later though, in the gathering gloom, the city's bars and restaurants come to life.