There are 2 main translations of thought in Spanish

: thought1thought2


Pronunciation /θɔt/ /θɔːt/

See Spanish definition of pensamiento

past tense

past participle

There are 2 main translations of thought in Spanish

: thought1thought2


pensamiento, n.


  • 1

    • 1.1(intellectual activity)

      pensamiento masculine
      modern/Christian thought el pensamiento moderno/cristiano
      • thought process proceso mental
      • Doctor Conrad strolled over, deep in thought, and sat down on the bed at Danny's feet.
      • She stopped then, dabbed at her eyes, and seemed to be deep in thought for a long moment.
      • Jake watched her slow, steady breathing, and sat deep in thought, elbows resting on his knees.
      • She no longer seemed aware of her surroundings as she chewed absently on a nail as she sat deep in thought.
      • He was deep in thought when the doctor walked out of the emergency room and towards them.
      • Sliding down the trunk of the tree, he set Delilah on his lap and sat deep in thought.
      • There is also a small statue of a child sitting with her arms around her knees deep in thought.
      • They remained silent for a moment, munching on their lunches and each deep in thought.
      • He pretended to consider that for a moment, tapping his fingers together as if deep in thought.
      • You are either in your room deep in thought, or you're sitting in the staircase daydreaming.
      • She glanced over at Logan who was sitting on the bed staring out the window deep in thought.
      • As pipes and drums played a melancholy lament the Queen was deep in thought.
      • She was so deep in thought that she didn't notice the boy standing on the path before her.
      • He was so deep in thought that he didn't notice that she'd gotten up and gone to the door.
      • She was so deep in thought that at first she did not notice that she was sinking.
      • He stood quietly in thought for a moment, then he handed me a little tube with a USB connector on one end.
      • After retreating away from her, Keiran was silent for a moment, lost in thought.
      • The bigger problem is that Miles gives little credit to thought and imagination as makers of the nation.
      • This line of thought takes us rapidly to the idea that I can be happy doing any old thing.
      • Rather it is a place which reminds us that art is not just about the next big show but about contemplation and thought.

    • 1.2(deliberation)

      after much thought, I've decided that … tras mucho pensarlo / tras reflexionar mucho sobre el asunto, he decidido que …
      • a lot of thought went into this decision se pensó / se reflexionó mucho antes de tomar esta decisión
      • she put a lot of thought into the design pensó mucho el diseño
      • he never gives any thought to his appearance no se preocupa para nada de su aspecto
      • I'll give it some thought lo pensaré
      • I've never given it much thought no me he detenido a pensarlo
      • more thought needs to be given to … hay que considerar más detenidamente …
      • to be deep in thought estar absorto en sus (or mis etc.) pensamientos
      • to be lost in thought estar ido

  • 2

    • 2.1(reflection)

      pensamiento masculine
      impure thoughts malos pensamientos
      • what are your thoughts on the matter? ¿tú qué opinas al respecto?
      • his thoughts were elsewhere estaba pensando en otra cosa
      • on second thought(s) pensándolo bien

    • 2.2(idea)

      idea feminine
      thought of sth
      • the mere thought of food made her feel sick
      • he couldn't bear the thought of leaving them
      • you must give up any thought of seeing him again
      the thought that la idea de que

      • the thought that it might have been me
      I've just had a thought se me acaba de ocurrir una idea
      • she hasn't got a thought in her head es incapaz de pensar
      • it was a kind thought to send her flowers fue todo un detalle mandarle flores
      • it's only a thought, but … no sé, pero se me ocurre que …
      • the thought crossed my mind that … pensé que …
      • the thought never even entered my head ni se me pasó por la cabeza
      • that thought had occurred to me as well eso mismo se me había ocurrido a mí
      • She turned back to go back to the living room when a sudden thought entered her mind.
      • It's hard for you to express ideas and thoughts, making conversations short.
      • That probably wasn't the thought going through his mind back in June, though.
      • It gives me plenty of time to think, collect my thoughts and opinions, strike inspiration to write.
      • I have all these stupid thoughts and ideas in my head and it's not worth having them.
      • His first thought was that the president was bigger than he had imagined him to be.
      • I have no doubt that this thought occurs to every undergrad at some time in their academic career.
      • That thought brought her attention to the navy school bag she still had on her back.
      • On taking charge, he convened a series of team meetings at which he spelled out his thoughts and plans.
      • It's a secret place to write down your thoughts and inner musings or just somewhere to record what you did each day.
      • He's got some interesting thoughts on algorithms, but seems stymied by issues of context.
      • For some reason, all my thoughts of late have been of a political nature.
      • Claire smiled at the thought, remembering how they had a fight just the other day.
      • I began to consider crazy thoughts, such as whether we were in some strange power game.
      • He smiled at the thought and turned his attention back to the screens below his face.
      • There is no evidence of apes having thoughts that they intentionally convey to others.
      • Ever since he had signed the letter of intent, thoughts of the merger had obsessed him.
      • He considered boiling an egg, and the thought made him check how much time he had to get to the airport.
      • I was an average mess as a young man and I didn't really have a thought in my head worth reporting.
      • James shook his head to clear it of distracting thoughts and concentrated on his job.

    • 2.3(concern, consideration)

      thought (for sb/sth)
      • my first thought was for the baby
      • with no thought or without a thought for her own safety
      • without a thought for anyone else
      • It is a very complicated system, has a lot of merit, but needs a lot of careful thought.
      • Good paths are vital to a garden and deserve a lot of thought and attention.
      • We in the west need to give careful thought as to how we can reduce environmental pollution.
      • There may be a case for this with some of the higher dose procedures, but even here we would need to give it careful thought.
      • There were some other areas where careful thought and rule-reading were required.
      • As you would expect, a lot of thought and care has gone into the construction of the glove.
      • Mostly, after careful thought and analysis, I come to the conclusion they get what they deserve.
      • The teaching is second to none and the attention to detail and thought that goes into everything is just fantastic.
      • The bridge will not be an eyesore as suggested because careful thought has been given to its design and position.
      • You need to give some thought and consideration to the type of make-up you use.
      • Please don't think for a moment that we cover these events without the most careful thought.
      • This does not mean pampering to their needs without thought and due consideration.
      • It's the sort of thing that needs much careful thought and contingency planning.
      • A lot of thought and effort has gone into preparing my equipment too.
      • After a lot of thought I have finally decided to hang up the pen so to speak.
      • Five-star hotels are so called because a lot of thought and work goes into whatever they do.
      • I can see John puts a lot of thought into all his actions, in his preparations for matches or on the training ground.
      • He said that just a bit of thought could help avoid temptation for the criminals.
      • We wanted to find the root cause and got a clear picture that little thought had gone into packaging.
      • That part of the exchange kinda makes me think that he's given the idea some thought.
      • I read them with great pleasure but with little or no thought for the agony the poet has gone through.
      • Mr Hay said the hackers had spared no thought for his clients trying to trace old friends and colleagues.
      • For a short time there was no thought for the testing path ahead of them as they laughed and joked like any household.
      • Bilbao and Madrid were bombed with no thought for civilians or buildings.
      • Has the minister no thought for his personal dignity or the reputation of the parliament he leads?
      • Victor is partying it up all over Europe, with little or no thought for Lauren.
      • This country appears to be pushing ahead with its own proposals with no thought for the rest of the world.
      • You feel hurt and rejected by his ultimatum, which he has given without much thought for your feelings.

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    a thought un poquito