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mil, n.

Pronunciación /ˈθaʊz(ə)nd/

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    mil masculino
    → see also hundred
    a thousand and one mil uno
    • a thousand thanks mil gracias
    • They were able to destroy a thousand acres of orange trees belonging to a settlement in a single night.
    • At least five thousand people died and thousands more were disabled permanently.
    • It will hold ten thousand people and host concerts, ice skating and sports facilities.
    • He was one of ten thousand soldiers to take part in the battle and only two thousand returned home.
    • One thousand of the shirts were made in November and all sold within three weeks of going on sale.
    • Human nature is about the only thing that hasn't changed all that much in five thousand years.
    • We have been eating this in this part of England for at least four thousand years, but it was a first time for me.
    • Ten thousand calendars will be printed but the couple hope there will be enough demand for a lot more.
    • My husband was chairman of a group of companies and his job was to keep several thousand men and women in work.
    • My daughter now goes to nursery, which over the course of a year costs several thousand pounds.
    • It is thought that up to five mines and several thousand jobs could have been lost without the subsidy.
    • He took the cash when he was in debt to the tune of several thousand pounds.
    • Several thousand varieties were at one time grown within our shores, he believes.
    • One thousand cards were sold and the new postal service quickly served to make the cards popular.
    • Three and a half thousand people die on the roads each year - the casualty list of a sizeable war.
    • Two thousand questionnaires were sent out to homes at the end of last month.
    • He owed several thousand pounds and when he was told by friends that he could get a living in Spain he decided to give it a try.
    • Today our discussion boards receive over two thousand individual posts per day.
    • They were given up to seven or eight thousand pounds a week and three-year contracts.
    • It tells the tale of a long march from the Nile to the Alps over three thousand hard-fought miles.
    • It was beautiful and could have sold by the thousand if she had continued to make them.
    • On the internet we find thousands of sites dealing with just about every aspect of astrology.
    • It sounded as though a thousand suicides were howling in anguish in their eternal punishment.
    • And even if the new shoes and their owner last for a thousand years, this is their finest hour.
    • The best travel writing shoots off in a thousand directions while never letting a hair get out of place.
    • There is too little justice, far too much hate, and a thousand more warnings every day of the year.
    • Winehouse sounds as if she has performed a thousand times in smoky jazz clubs.
    • The veteran of a thousand battles charged out with the ball and fired it at the square.
    • What would be the right decisions in any one of a thousand possible scenarios?
    • I was a lot more messed up than I am now and it seems like a thousand years ago.
    • I'm about to go and drop a thousand tissue paper snowflakes from the roof to surprise the kids.
    • For every book that appears about him, a thousand pour forth about his evil predecessor.
    • I am sure if a thousand other officers did the same thing we would have changes.
    • There are a thousand sites on the net which duplicate the popular links of the moment.
    • The name that launched a thousand quips now belongs to a man addled by cancer and excess.
    • I would never in a thousand years advise anyone to write a novel about a real person.
    • As has been uttered a thousand times, it is not your common or garden Scottish golf course.
    • Much of my blogroll consists of sites that already have a thousand other links out there.
    • As the sun rose it caught the shadows of a thousand bare footprints in the dust.
    • You can be stuck in a hotel, a thousand miles away in a different time zone, and it is never glamorous.