Translation of thread in Spanish:


hilo, n.

Pronunciation /θrɛd/

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    (filament) hilo masculine
    (length) hebra feminine
    (length) hilo masculine
    a spool of thread un carrete de hilo
    • I need a longer thread necesito una hebra más larga / un hilo más largo
    • with double thread con hilo doble
    • you have a thread hanging te cuelga un hilo / una hilacha
    • Woven gauzes are manufactured from cotton yam or threads and woven like fabric.
    • She sighed and let her hands rest on her lap, her fingers absently playing with a loose thread of cotton.
    • Asbestos is the name of a group of minerals that occur naturally as masses of strong, flexible fibers that can be separated into thin threads and woven.
    • He worries a loose thread on my shirt between his fingertips.
    • My own coat was still draped over the chair by the door, but even from where I stood I could see loose threads dangling from the seams.
    • You can also use textured-nylon or polyester threads on a conventional sewing machine.
    • Simeon was silent for a moment, picking a loose thread on the plain white cotton sheets.
    • Up close, her process of dyeing and then weaving the newly colored threads on a loom became more evident.
    • Many framers use a cotton thread with just enough tensile strength to effectively hold the item, but not too much to cause damage.
    • These threads are woven into textile yarns to produce sacks, carpet base, mats, rope and twine and many other materials.
    • To finish off the thread ends, tie the threads and weave them back into the hem.
    • Most carpets are woven on a vertical loom, so that the threads which emerge from the knots hang downwards towards the end where the weaving started, and these loops are cut to form the pile.
    • Each time you return to the puzzle, you pick up the same threads and weave a different cloth.
    • Sometimes the threads are woven inaccurately, need to be pulled, and the section started again.
    • The superfine finish is so supple, lustrous and perfect that the mats look like they have been woven from silk threads.
    • I smiled and picked at a loose thread on the comforter.
    • With the other hand he picked at a loose thread in the old quilt.
    • A seven-year-old girl in the village, for example, already knows how to operate the loom and how to weave the threads.
    • Weave the threads of all customer interactions into a unified portrait of your customer.
    • Iraq is also famous for its carpets, woven from fine threads in brilliant colors.
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    (strand, sequence)
    hilo masculine
    to follow the thread of a plot/conversation seguir el hilo de una trama/conversación
    • I know there are other threads on this subject, but they are more specific in nature.
    • One of the unexpected benefits of posting the article to a newsgroup was that a thread developed on the subject of competition on the London to Manchester route.
    • If you have any problems that aren't resolved here, then you can post on the forum thread by clicking here
    • No, he didn't say any of that, he just sent us a link to the discussion thread.
    • Since discussion threads are linked to individual news items or essays, discussions are quite limited temporally.
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    (linked messages)
    hilo masculine
    • Multiple streams of data are characteristic of applications which execute multiple threads and processes in parallel.
    • It solves the performance problem by executing all requests as threads in one process, or in a load-balanced system, in one process per server in the cluster.
    • All processes are considered threads by the operating system.
    • A processor equipped with thread-level parallelism can execute completely separate threads of code.
    • The dual-core processors that can process several computational threads at the same time very often push us towards this working algorithm.
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    (of screw)
    rosca feminine
    filete masculine
    • This can be done either by putting a screw thread of the correct pitch on the barrel's axle or, more often, by shifting a lever.
    • She took a standard coffee pot and put a perforated cylinder - similar to a sieve - in the middle, into which she put a plunger on a screw thread.
    • A gouge auger is similar, but instead of a screw thread there is a sharp-ended tube with a slot cut in the side.
    • Standards for threads and bolt sizes were only a part of the problem, however.
    • Cadmium plating or the use of anti-galling paints are effective in preventing seizure of bolt threads.
  • 5US informal threads plural

    trapos masculine informal
    pilchas feminine Southern Cone informal
    • Besides, what's the point of wearing the coolest threads of the season if your jacket doesn't say it all?
    • I'd love to dress up in the latest threads from designer brands, but I'm a student and just cannot afford it.
    • The new womenswear and menswear designer emporiums showcase threads from cutting edge houses, but you can still buy tartan shortbread in the food hall.
    • I know you're looking forward to showing off your newest spring threads at the office and on weekends, but the right jacket can take your look to a whole new level.
    • We'd love to stay outdoors all the time, run off on adventurous weekend trips, and shop for new threads and sandals.
    • Whether you pile your clothes on your chair or hang up any shirt on any hanger, these tips will help your favorite threads last.
    • Whether you're at the office or the coolest club in town, you'll need the threads to make you the man of the winter hour.
    • When it comes to shopping for vintage threads, the place to do it is online.
    • They'll usually purchase several trendy pieces every season and then match them with more classic threads.
    • Wear it with jeans and your other trendy threads.
    • If you're the guy with the most stylish threads, the ladies will be falling head over heels.
    • Anybody have a place to get cool threads on the net?
    • The thing is, you can purchase all the brand-name items you like, but if you roll in and out of bed at the start and end of the day, then no one will really notice your stylish threads.
    • Now it's your job to find high-quality threads in classic styles.
    • Next, I suggest you make an effort to drag him along when you go shopping, and occasionally treat him to some fashionable threads.
    • Going out may seem like a drag when you don't know what to wear, but we have the threads to help you look like you own the place.
    • Remember; you are never forced to buy anything you try on, so don't feel guilty about trying on different threads.
    • Shopping for threads is more like a chore - most guys do it out of necessity.
    • Instead, they look for classic threads that are comfortable and of superior quality.
    • So maybe you don't have the perfect body, perfect hair or perfect threads but who does?

transitive verb

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    (needle/sewing machine) enhebrar
    (bead) ensartar
    to thread sth onto sth ensartar algo en algo
    to thread sth through sth pasar algo por algo
    • I threaded up a needle with linen thread, and took one of the new-cut pieces of fabric and folded back a hem, and began my work.
    • I demonstrated how to thread the blunt tapestry needle, where to place the knot and how to hold and move the needle when stitching.
    • I stand and look down at the needle as I thread it with ease and neatly begin stitching.
    • Men are nimble enough with the chopsticks, but threading the needle takes patience.
    • Use this needle if you have difficulty threading needles.
    • Mama pretended to busy herself with threading a needle, but I could tell that it was only show.
    • With shaking hands, I threaded the needle under his piercing gaze.
    • He begins to accept the new lifestyle, helping his grandmother to thread a needle, hang up clothes on the clothesline, and shop with her at the market.
    • When the right pair was found, the woman was able to thread a needle again.
    • She tests him by making him thread a needle, catch something in between his legs, and throw a bar of lead.
    • She finishes threading the needle, and examines it for a moment.
    • It is frustration like not being able to thread a needle, no matter how hard you try.
    • I have to thread the needles for her but she suggested we keep several threaded at one time so she could work for longer periods.
    • To thread texturized nylon, use a needle threader or put a dab of seam sealant on the thread end and let it dry before threading the needle.
    • Then he picks up a needle and threads it with thick black thread as he speaks to her.
    • She couldn't see the hole to thread the needle, and upon sticking it into the fabric she poked herself again.
    • For example, even simple acts like threading a needle or pouring a drink into a cup can become a challenge.
    • She sat down, smoothed out her dress, threaded the needle, and began.
    • You may find yourself having trouble eating with a spoon or fork, drinking from a cup, threading a needle, or writing.
    • Six needles, already threaded with colored yarn, are laid out next to each other so that the colors of the threads simulate a rainbow of sorts.
    • A weight followed by another smaller bead were threaded on the wire.
    • It's just a case of threading them together like beads on a string, whether they make sense or not.
    • During the fourth year the child learns to cut with scissors and to thread beads, develops a mature pencil grasp, and learns to draw.
    • Then thread a small bell with some ribbon, and pull the ribbon up through the hole in the pot.
    • At school, my children recently made fruit kebabs, just threading grapes, hulled strawberries and bits of melon and orange on to skewers.
    • Using 4 fine, long, wooden kebab skewers, thread a mixture of ingredients onto each one.
    • Long strips of what appeared to be dark meat were threaded onto the last two skewers.
    • Alternately thread the vegetables on wooden or metal skewers.
    • The longlines are threaded with many thousands of hooks and stretch for up to 50 miles.
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    (screw/pipe) roscar
    • The cameraman would show me how to thread the film and how to repair it.
    • APS cameras all auto-load these cartridges, so there is no messing about with threading film through a series of rollers.
    • I pulled on my pants, threading a black leather belt through the belt loops.
    • This procedure doesn't require threading a catheter into your arteries, as does traditional angiography.
    • A line would be threaded through this piece of wood and again through the gun to prevent recoil when the gun was fired.
    • They use backstrap looms which are attached to a tree and consist of several smooth pieces of wood threaded with the bright cotton used for weaving.
    • Using an awl or heavy needle, poke two holes through the spine of the book to thread the waxed linen through.
    • A doctor painstakingly threads a thin tube deep into his sedated patient's heart.
    • Both types of devices allow the caver to control their descent by applying friction to the rope that is threaded through them.
    • Lantern clocks originally ran on woven ropes, which were threaded over spikes on ratchet wheels.
    • It was a process a bit like tying a granny knot: twisting one edge of the sausage rope into a loop, then threading the other end through, looping it, and twisting again.
    • Then he threaded his leftover rope through the hole and secured the shoe with a simple knot.
    • Since you don't have nerve endings in the brain, the patient can be completely awake as you thread the lead down in the brain.
    • Generally in an angioplasty, doctors thread a catheter through the femoral artery.
    • The idea: thread a catheter up the femoral artery from the groin or through another blood vessel.
    • Threading the catheter shouldn't cause pain, and you won't feel it moving through your body.
    • Thread a short ribbon through slits cut in two sides to make a handle.
    • The leads were threaded through a small hole at the bottom of the artificial nest.
    • A disc had been cut from the middle and a leather cord was threaded through this hole.
    • That way you'll have a little wiggle room to finesse each screw into its respective hole and get it threaded.
    • What they do is to drill a pilot hole in the bolt, and place a bit into the hole that is reverse threaded so that while you are tightening up the bit, it is backing out the bolt.
    • For hardwoods, such as flooring, siding and rafters, use spiral threaded nails that turn as they are driven into the wood.
    • The second thread quickly joins the first so that the major portion of the screw remains single threaded.
    • The fan has dimensions of 70x70x15, and is held in place with four screws, threaded in the proper manner.
    • The tools can perform internal turning, grooving and threading in holes as small as 1-mm diameter.
    • On the back part of the upper table are two threaded screws.
    • He squats beside the machine, threading a screw the size of a flea, his eyes watering, face crimson and swollen.
    • Jonah rigged up a narrow plywood sheet with screws threaded in at various points; it's now our camera mount and steadicam in one.
    • Heron of Alexandria described the screw in Mechanica in the first century A.D., and archeologists have unearthed threaded bolts at early Roman sites.
    • At fault was a cadmium-plated, carbon-steel jackscrew threaded through an aluminum pivot block.
    • The forward ring of the receiver is slit and then threaded for a fairly large Allen screw which effectively clamps the barrel.
    • Each of the screw holes used to mount the front fan is threaded, and long screws are provided.
    • To secure the screws, thread the nylon thumbnuts until it reaches the nylon washer, securing it thumb tight.
    • Sheet metal screws are threaded completely from the point to the head, and the threads are sharper than those of wood screws.
    • For example, in an old truss section, bolts unexpectedly threaded into concrete made the old bridge sections harder to lift.
    • The case is threaded at the base and screws right onto the gauge.
    • Another brass screw was threaded into the side of the wooden body to clamp the position of the depth guide.
    • Where the strainer is threaded underneath, a washer slips on and then a lock nut is tightened down until the putty oozes out.
    • These include implants that are noncoated, tapered, and threaded in design, and which are immediate-load in nature to allow for delivery in a single procedure.
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    (pluck hairs from)
    depilar con hilo
    I had my eyebrows threaded today hoy me depilé las cejas con hilo