Translation of three-line whip in Spanish:

three-line whip



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    convocatoria de asistencia obligatoria a una sesión parlamentaria (in UK)
    • Failure by MPs to attend a vote with a three-line whip is usually seen as a rebellion against the party and may eventually result in disciplinary action, such as suspension from the parliamentary party.
    • Local councillors are almost powerless, and even the best constituency MP is unlikely to rock the boat against a three-line whip in Parliament.
    • A member who defies a three-line whip runs the risk of having the party whip withdrawn; this is tantamount to expulsion from the party.
    • Had all Conservative MPs obeyed the party three-line whip against the government, victory may have been narrow enough to call into question the premiership of Tony Blair.
    • This legislation is top of the Government's list of priorities, and three-line whips will be used to try to get it through unamended before the election.
    • Obviously there will be times when a three-line whip will called and MPs will be expected to toe the party line.