Translation of thriller in Spanish:


película de misterio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈθrɪlər/ /ˈθrɪlə/


  • 1

    (film) película de misterio feminine
    (film) película de suspenso feminine
    (film) película de suspense feminine Spain
  • 2

    (novel) novela de misterio feminine
    (novel) novela de suspenso feminine
    (novel) novela de suspense feminine Spain
    • Spy stories, thrillers and crime novels can often be far more realistic about how politics works.
    • I read village mysteries and hard-boiled American private eye novels, spy thrillers and police procedurals.
    • Clever thrillers that flirt with film noir are always welcome, but this is too smart for its own good.
    • Caper films and crime thrillers just don't try and keep the audience on a piece of string this long.
    • It is a whodunnit and a thriller with thrills and fun for audience and actors alike.
    • I like more mystery thrillers and psychological thrillers.
    • Many spy thrillers make the espionage business look like a blast, but nothing here comes across as fun.
    • Essentially they used the noir style of 1940s Hollywood thrillers to tell a story set in 1960s swinging London.
    • Next up for Lewis is a starring role alongside Robert Redford and Jennifer Lopez in a thriller due to be filmed later this year.
    • In adherence with the film's title Mamet has filled his thriller not with characters but with faces.
    • Novels, even spy thrillers, don't have to take up questions like this.
    • A blacklisted American, Losey was making low budget thrillers and crime stories in the UK.
    • Into The Blue's story line is not much different from most action thrillers with a plot centred around the drug trade.
    • If your taste in genre is the ‘coming of age’ story rather than Westerns, thrillers or campus novels, you will quite possibly love this book.
    • It is not a thriller or a mystery or an action film or a crime film, nor any kind of ordinary drama or melodrama.
    • Not surprisingly, Cinepix began to wind down its sexploitation films in favour of thrillers and horror as early as 1972.
    • This thriller of thrillers is a study of human conflict, jealousy and manipulation, which promises to baffle the most proficient sleuth.
    • In many ways it would have fitted perfectly into the '90s craze for post-modern crime thrillers.
    • And like us, it has decided to theme the season on whodunits and psycho thrillers.
    • As a thriller, the film has an inevitability that cannot be rerouted.
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    (exciting event)
    the game was a real thriller el partido estuvo muy emocionante