Translation of throw in Spanish:


tirar, v.

Pronunciation /θroʊ/ /θrəʊ/

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transitive verb threw, thrown

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (ball/stone) tirar
      (ball/stone) aventar Colombia, Mexico, Peru
      (grenade/javelin) lanzar
      (bomb) arrojar
      (bomb) tirar
      to throw sth at sth/sb tirarle algo a algo/algn

      • they threw stones at the police
      to throw sth to sb tirarle algo a algn
      aventarle algo a algn
      to throw sb sth tirarle algo a algn
      aventarle algo a algn
      she threw her beer in his face le tiró la cerveza a la cara
      • she threw the ball back devolvió la pelota
      • throw me the keys! ¡tírame las llaves!
      • he threw her a rope le echó una cuerda
      • He said the boys threw lumps of concrete and bricks at his client's window and doors.
      • In once lightening movement she threw a dagger from her boot towards the soldier.
      • He palmed another stone and threw it again, with more force.
      • ‘They were picking up stones and throwing them at the swans,’ he added.
      • We were throwing dirt and stones on their faces.
      • After repeatedly warning the boys to stop throwing food and keep quiet, the manager finally told them to leave.
      • Often, there'd be the added distraction of other gangs of local layabouts throwing sticks and stones at you an your way through.
      • He said the family's troubles began when local youths started throwing eggs and stones at their windows.
      • Just than a passing youth snatched the woman's handbag and sprinted off, throwing it to another boy on a bike.
      • The two sides threw bottles and stones at one another until they were separated by police.
      • Seeing the movement, he threw his knife hitting the man squarely in the chest.
      • Some demonstrators then threw stones at the officers.
      • Windows are frequently broken and stones have even been thrown through windows during services.
      • A minute later, the door opened and John threw a five dollar bill at her.
      • Running towards the house alone, through a hail of bullets, he threw bombs at the position and silenced the gun.
      • Bo heard a gasp, and then something being thrown in his general direction.
      • Whirling around, he swung hard with the Golden Axe, deflecting a flurry of knives that had been thrown in his direction.
      • Madeleine burst out laughing at my grumpy expression and threw one of her pillows at me.
      • On the walls abstract paintings have had fused to their surface small ceramic plates which appear to have been thrown at them with some force.
      • Mila rolled her eyes and threw one of her pillows at him.

    • 1.2

      (dice) echar
      (dice) tirar
      to throw a six sacar un seis
      • It was an interruption of his concentration upon the interminable playing of dominoes, or cards, or throwing dice.
      • The sample plot in Figure 1 is the outcome of a pair of dice thrown a large number of times.
      • People are chattering and laughing; dice are being thrown; there is the constant clattering of mah-jong tiles.
      • These scholars did not obtain these dates by throwing dice!
      • Players land ships at anchorages and venture inland in search of buried treasure by putting counters on numbered squares after throwing dice.
      • The dice have already been thrown and we cannot reverse the roll.
      • Only one condition I beg you to accept: she and I will both play with only one dice each and the dice will be thrown only thrice.
      • Second, the dice must be thrown down the center of the table and they must hit the pyramid contoured foam rubber padding against the back wall of the table.
      • This was the first pair of dice thrown out in Atlantic City.
      • This guess is like the prediction that a six-sided dice thrown 6,000 times lands exactly 1,000 times on the prime side.
      • It's like something designed by throwing dice, and the phone itself feels like it's made out of dried spittle and chewed-up paper.
      • Physical methods such as tossing coins or throwing dice or picking numbered balls from a rotating drum as in Lottery games are always unpredictable.
      • A pair of starved-looking women huddled against a fountain, throwing dice in absolute silence.
      • With that he called for Sylvanius, who was throwing dice with the shipwrights by the boat yard.
      • At the core of the game is throwing dice on the table for positioning.
      • They asked God to decide for them, and they cast lots kind of like throwing dice, actually.
      • One designated player is required to play cards from his hand matching the colours shown on the thrown dice.

  • 2

    (send, propel)
    the blast threw him across the room la explosión lo hizo salir despedido al otro lado de la habitación
    • he threw himself forward se tiró / echó hacia adelante
    • she threw herself out of the window se tiró por la ventana
    • the storm threw the yacht onto the rocks la tormenta lanzó el yate contra las rocas
    • she threw herself at her opponent se le echó encima a su adversario
    • to throw sb into jail meter a algn preso / en la cárcel
    • to throw sb out of work echar a algn del trabajo
    • his resignation threw them into confusion su dimisión los dejó desorientados
    • the slightest thing throws him into a panic por la menor cosa se pone nerviosísimo
    • I was thrown into a difficult situation me metieron en un aprieto
    • this threw the country into civil war esto sumió al país en una guerra civil
    • to throw oneself into a task meterse de lleno en una tarea
    • to throw oneself on / upon sb echársele encima a algn
    • we were thrown entirely onto our own resources quedamos totalmente abandonados a nuestros recursos
    • the experience had thrown her onto the defensive la experiencia la había hecho ponerse a la defensiva
    • This is about the fifth time in three years that the place has been thrown into utter confusion.
    • The airport, which had to be shut down for two hours, was thrown into confusion as news of the incident reached passengers.
    • The next morning, Alexis woke early and was instantly thrown into confusion at the presence of the blanket.
    • The bourgeois order had been based on a clear distinction of male and female roles and identities, which were now thrown into confusion.
    • Alyx's whole being was thrown into confusion at what his father just told him.
    • But he also argued it would throw Myanmar into confusion similar to that in Indonesia now if democracy movements were pushed for too hastily.
    • But a report warns any re-development could be thrown into jeopardy by Government proposals to give the market hall listed building status.
    • The three are thrown into wild confusion as suspicion and jealousy upset the domestic bliss.
    • Sources said the disappearance of the weapon threw the police into confusion, with some openly accusing others of misdeeds.
    • When Kevin returns home unexpectedly the calm of rural life is thrown into disarray.
    • But the plan was thrown into disarray even before the troops began landing.
    • Several branches have threatened to leave the movement, which could throw its future into doubt.
    • A spirit seizes him and he suddenly screams; it throws him into convulsions so that he foams at the mouth.
    • Ken's mind was racing, he had been thrown into an insane situation so quickly and unexpectedly, he wasn't sure what to do.
    • Like a practiced ballet, Octavia and Derek performed simultaneous moves which threw her off balance.
    • They faced each other, the flickering light casting eerie shadows and throwing their faces into sharp relief.
    • She was standing underground in a grey-brown tunnel, and all around bright lights threw everything into sharp relief.
    • The result was to throw China into almost total economic dependence on the Socialist bloc.
    • When China was thrown into chaos by the 1931 Japanese invasion, he came to see the peasant villages as the strength of a new future.
  • 3

    • 3.1(direct, aim)

      she threw him a warning look le lanzó una mirada de advertencia
      • a remark thrown into the conversation un comentario que se deja caer en la conversación
      • I'll throw the question over to the other team le pasaré la pregunta al otro equipo

    • 3.2(project)

      (shadow/image) proyectar
      to throw one's voice proyectar la voz
      • this throws suspicion on(to) the brother esto hace recaer las sospechas sobre el hermano
      • He points it at them and uses it as a ventriloquist's dummy, throwing his voice into it and waggling it about to make it look as though they're talking.
      • The men cross the dunes; afternoon light throws long shadows onto the scrub.
      • The light threw shadows around the cluttered room as I rubbed my eyes, and sighed at the lines on the drawing board.
      • She watched the shadow that was thrown on the wall.
      • The light bulb from the ceiling caused the shadows to be thrown at an odd angle to the left.
      • Light from the right throws the shadow of a French door or tall window onto the walls and drapes.
      • Her reflection was eerie and the skylight threw a shocking bright light down on top of her.
      • Individual fixtures are fitted onto a surface-mounted or suspended track and may be adjusted to throw light in any direction.
      • The painting is subtly lit from the right of the frame (as you look at it), and a shadow thrown on the wall to the left.
      • The mirror throws a bright light into a moderately lit room with walls of blackest brown.
      • As Tracy replied, the sun soared out from behind a cloud and threw brilliant rays of light through the window.
      • She could see his shadow, thrown onto the wall over her head, and watched him out of the corner of her eye.
      • The circle of light thrown by the flashlight was still hitting a granite wall, but a feet or two lower, it was not.
      • The blinds in the living room cast off an eerie glow of white light, slants thrown across the room.
      • The cracking campfire threw warm, dancing light over everything, shadows flickering at the edges.
      • The two backed into a small shaft of light thrown by a small window above.
      • If your car is equipped with fog lights, you may find it helpful to turn these on, as they throw a little extra light on the road while making your car easier to see.
      • She poked at the fire causing it to flare up and throw more shadows across their faces.
      • The small flame threw odd angled shadows across the dark ceilings and walls.
      • The furnaces along the far wall were roaring, opened doors throwing skittering shadows across the huge foundry floor.
      • Then two of the lamps that move round to throw the prettiest patterns on the walls and ceiling turned out to be faulty.

  • 4

    • 4.1(put, cast)

      she threw a blanket over him le puso / le echó una manta encima
      • to throw emphasis on(to) sth poner énfasis en algo
      • to throw blame on(to) sth/sb echarle la culpa a algo/algn
      • the responsibility was thrown onto me me hicieron responsable

    • 4.2(set up, erect)

      to throw a cordon around sth acordonar algo
      • to throw a bridge across / over a river tender un puente sobre un río

  • 5

    • 5.1(unseat)

      (horse) desmontar
      (horse) tirar
      • Just before arriving in the village, her majesty's horse threw a shoe and she walked her animal the rest of the way to the stable to have it looked at.
      • Horses throw shoes, eat food and destroy tack at an alarming rate.
      • He added it was dangerous to have an eagle with a mounted hunt, as it could lead to a horse throwing a rider.
      • The accident happened at 10.30 am last Saturday when a horse threw its rider, who wore a helmet.
      • This horse likes to throw his riders; I knew he had something in store for me.
      • Do you know what it's like to be thrown by a horse?
      • Problems compounded for the track in October when a horse threw its jockey during a race.
      • He instead learned that she had been thrown by a horse, hit her head and died.
      • There are numerous examples of horses at the races throwing their jockeys and running wild.
      • Five of the horses bolted, throwing four of the riders.
      • A vivid blue streak ripped the air between them, tearing the smoldering man from his horse and causing the last mount to rear, throwing its rider.
      • With a chorus of screams, the horses all plunged into crazed fear, throwing riders to and fro.
      • The horse reared upwards in sheer fright, throwing its rider sideways and underneath it.
      • The horse of one of the lead knights threw its rider and bolted backward.
      • Always honest to a fault about his animals, he said he'd thrown his best bronc rider.
      • I took my hands off the mane for just a second and the horse threw me.
      • The horse shied, reared up, fell and threw its rider.
      • Peering from behind my hands, I watch as the horses fall, or throw their rider, or watch as loose, riderless horses veer across the track.
      • The horse threw the king, and, he died days later from the complications of a broken collarbone.
      • Irritated, he grabs the bridle on one of the mules spooking it and causing it to throw its rider.
      • They say that when a horse throws you, you should get right back on and go for a ride again, and I know a few people who take the same approach with liquor.
      • I intend to get back on the horse where it threw me.

    • 5.2(in wrestling)

      (opponent) derribar
      • He had a small body but he did marvelous judo, and could throw larger opponents without using any power.
      • The art also emphasizes throwing the opponent - much like in judo - as well as various arm locks.
      • He had a disastrous opening performance on Monday in the wrestling, being thrown by Romeo, who took an early lead in the competition.
      • Next to them, 14 judo athletes took turns throwing one another.
      • She would allow him to attack with a karate chop, and he would throw her with Judo.
      • Judo is a martial art combining the use of quick movement and leverage to throw an opponent.

  • 6

    I was thrown by her question no supe qué contestar a su pregunta
    • But I wasn't, so I just carried on with the show, a little shaken and thrown.
    • That's why I was so thrown off when the door suddenly opened and I ended up falling hard against something very warm.
    • He is momentarily thrown by the comparison, but quickly warms to the topic.
    • I guess me not moving after being thrown by the song had got her thinking the worst.
    • He is thrown by the direct logic of the question.
    • Christina was so thrown by the abrupt change of subject that she couldn't think of a proper reply.
    • We are less likely to be thrown by losing our jobs than our parents might have been.
  • 7

    (party) hacer
    (party) dar
    • The throng enjoyed a huge party thrown by the host committee at the city's aquarium following Media Day.
    • My brother's also throwing a huge party tonight and half the island's population will be there.
    • His best friend Andy was throwing a huge Christmas party, and since he was home on break he decided to go.
    • There would only be a few stars at the huge party which will be thrown at the 1,000 acre, 17th century estate.
    • It was here that the Scottish steel baron, who made his fortune in America before turning philanthropist to the poor, threw his famed house parties for the great and the good.
    • They then insisted on throwing a house warming party, practically smothering us with the locals, who were all very nice.
    • I hope you are all hard at work shopping for something nice to give me at the huge party I am throwing…
    • Every couple of nights someone throws a Fireman Appreciation Party.
    • First, I throw a big welcome party for myself and everybody else to earn the adoration of the people.
    • They throw an annual Christmas party for dozens of pensioners who live in sheltered housing schemes.
    • But to top it all off, I understand you threw a little welcome party for some of the first families?
    • Yesterday my company threw a little lunch party for me.
    • Even when we threw our regular sizeable parties, not one of our visitors had asked why there were fist-sized holes in every door in the house.
    • We broke up for good when one of my friends threw a Christmas party and she wasn't invited.
    • The only thing people were talking about was some huge party Justina had thrown to celebrate her 17th birthday.
    • Rachel throws a last-minute bon voyage party for Emily just so she can invite Joshua.
    • The college where the festival is held throws a party the night before the event.
    • With not much to do till Friday, you can't help but start thinking about all those parties that will be thrown Saturday night.
    • He drove about 20 miles over the speed limit and didn't do to good of a job parking when he got back to the house the party was being thrown at.
    • It seemed like such a long time ago, yet he'd just thrown another party the last weekend.
  • 8

    (switch/lever) darle a
    • Danby reached for it, but Nikola stretched his hand out toward the device and threw a switch.
    • At the trolley portal the operator had to manually throw the switch using a switch iron.
    • When the parents arrive it's as if a switch has been thrown and behaviour patterns set back twenty or more years.
    • We held our breath as this switches were thrown and the power came up.
    • If only there were a switch we could throw to put it right.
    • Change is not like a switch that gets thrown and you're forever different.
    • Are there particular enzymes that could be targeted to reduce genomic instability, active-site switches to throw on or block?
    • It's really too bad that far too much time is spent running around them either looking for the next ledge to jump to, or trying to find which switch to throw so you can get on with the killing.
    • There is no other institution in the world that teaches its people to throw that many switches that fast.
    • Just before the lever gets thrown, Rocky erupts into a watery, gelatinous mass of pleading regret.
    • Seeing A's switch thrown to the right, she now moves her switch to the right as well.
    • He's throwing switches, pushing buttons, and changing things around a bit.
  • 9

    (pot) tornear
    (pot) modelar en un torno
    • The pots are turned on a wheel, much as ceramic pots are thrown.
    • Similarly, simple examination of a pottery vessel should reveal whether it was hand-coiled or thrown on a wheel.
    • I used to throw on the wheel, but have let it go in favor of handbuilding.
    • Lord's forms are hand-built rather than thrown on the wheel, but that doesn't mean they can't be erect and symmetrical.
    • He hand-built many works from slabs, and also had forms thrown to his specifications on the potter's wheel.
    • Dorothy made me keep a couple of the finished pots, but I never threw another one.
  • 10

    (give birth to)
    (calf/foal) parir
  • 11 informal

    (deliberately lose)
    (fight/race) (deliberadamente) perder
    • I've been wondering for a while whether he was persuaded to take a bribe in return for throwing the match.
    • The case is based on tapes of a conversation in which police say he discussed payments for himself and others in return for throwing a match.
    • We are in no way imputing that he tried to bribe him to throw a match.
    • For years, he had alleged that a player had offered him a bribe to help throw the match.
    • He accuses his opponent of offering him a bribe to throw a match.
    • My reasoning is that if he had wished to throw that race, he would have ridden it in every other way than in the manner that was witnessed.
    • They are not averse to accepting bribes and throwing matches.

intransitive verb threw, thrown

  • 1

    (with ball, stone)
  • 2

    (with dice)


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (of ball) tiro masculine
      (of javelin, discus) lanzamiento masculine
      • A steal from last June, the southpaw started the inning with a 93 mph fastball, the only velocity the pitch hit in four throws.
      • By the way, whenever umpires are hit by throws, the ball remains alive and hopefully so does the umpire.
      • They are happily engrossed in their game, though there is no audience to see and applaud a great throw or a neat catch or a lovely shot.
      • He must become more consistent on his throws to second base.
      • A lot of his throws to first base don't go to the first baseman.
      • Andrews did admit, however, that he had developed a mental block that affected his throws to first base.
      • My thinking is: be aggressive and don't be afraid to make those throws to bases.
      • Missing a baseball is easier than hitting it, and a misdirected throw from outfield can easily let two or three runners score who would not otherwise have made it back to home late.
      • The different arm angles that he had to use while making throws from third were too much for his shoulder.
      • But too many throws from third early in the spring hurt his shoulder.
      • He knocked it off with a nicely-timed throw of a small hammer.
      • He lunges at the open window, hurling his strawberry milkshake in a cramped overarm throw.
      • Some of his shorter throws are delivered in a shot-put motion, as if the ball is filled with a heavy liquid.
      • The underarm lob is better suited to operations in woodland, where an overarm throw may result in the grenade hitting a tree or branch, and bouncing back towards the thrower!
      • Instead, with her final throw she produced her season's best and held her arms aloft.
      • Unfortunately my throw was perfectly vertical, and the stone actually came down on my head.
      • With one mighty throw, he hurtled the mirror piece into the rift, which glowed for a couple of seconds and then cleared.
      • It hadn't been a fast or hard throw, and she hoped (kind of) that he wasn't too badly hurt.
      • Of course I nearly took out his eye with a beautifully arced throw.
      • She helped him eliminate wasted motion in his throws, and a quicker release improved his accuracy.

    • 1.2(of dice)

      tirada feminine
      lance masculine
      it's your throw te toca tirar
      • I had a throw of 7 saqué 7
      • But it was made clear to him that his recommendation would be the final throw.
      • It is a work like no other and, with the first performance taking place in 1761, is pretty much the final throw of the Baroque.
      • Similarly, Calvary was the final throw in Satan's power-bid for world dominion.
      • When that didn't work, the final throw was to hurl personal abuse at him for being a ‘liar’ over the Iraq War.
      • His final throw on the subject of alterations to the bill before publication came on the 14 February.

    • 1.3(in wrestling)

      derribo masculine
      • After a couple of years, adults become strong and have enough endurance to be ready to practice the more vigorous judo throws and pins.
      • Though he was said to have a high judo rank, his throws didn't resemble judo techniques.
      • Many of the throws in Judo will simply not work if you don't time them correctly.
      • Even that time she used the judo throw on him, he got up embarrassed, but he didn't turn this cute shade of pink.
      • He was especially proud of his judo skills, emphasizing throws and holds.
      • The final was a much tougher match, with Stevie nudging ahead on points before he finally caught his opponent with a superb throw to take gold.
      • He is a master of numerous holds and throws and is a throwback to a time when stories were told in the ring and not on the microphone.
      • At a stroke, Carlile put the doubts back in Harrington's mind when he swept him over backwards with a salto, a throw borrowed from the freestyle wrestling.
      • It's similar to kick-boxing except that it incorporates grappling, throws and take downs.
      • His head turned from the blow, but he countered by grabbing the arm and tossing his dad with a shoulder throw.
      • A few years ago we had numerous complaints about pupils using wrestling throws on each other after watching World Wide Wrestling on TV.
      • Instead the insurgent used the power and the clumsiness of the government against itself rather as a judo throw by which a smaller wrestler can topple a stronger and heavier opponent.
      • The new boys were going for their first ever judo throw.
      • Elite judo players exhibit an even distribution of right and left-side throws.
      • These throws take advantage of the inertia of the opponent's travel.
      • Their unanimous answer was that the throws in Okinawan karate are not meant to throw the opponent anywhere but the ground.
      • In both groups the victory was achieved mainly by throws and the ability to force the opponent into penalty situations.
      • In judo this might end up in a throw; in aikido, into a painful arm or body manipulation.
      • Grasping the assailant's wrist and armpit he threw him over his shoulder but, hampered by his backpack, the throw was not clean.
      • Judo players are trained for using throws, arm bars and chokes.

  • 2US

    • 2.1(bedspread)

      cubrecama masculine
      • The home collection consists of soft furnishing products ranging from bed throws to duvet covers to cushions curtain panels and table linen.
      • Stretching wide and stifling a yawn he threw back the several throws and duvets that covered him.
      • I sit down on the low sofa, covered by an afghan throw.
      • Brighten it up with a new duvet cover or a smart throw, picking up the colour in light shades and curtains.
      • So you fold the sheet so it covers the full length of the bed, under the pillows, and trap it under a woolen throw, covered again by another sheet.
      • You would have thought it relatively easy to buy curtains, cushions, throws, rugs, lighting.
      • The couch was dark green suede and definitely cozier than the plaid throw covering the couch that would be acting as a bed in his new place.
      • The bed is covered in throws and cushions of every texture all colour coordinated with the rest of the room and you would hardly notice that it's a bed specially designed for people like me.
      • She offers a full laundry service for duvets, throws, blankets, curtains, bed linen, team kits, etc. and her rates are very competitive.
      • Fur throws cover the leather couches in their spacious sitting room.
      • All her furniture was painted bright pink and her King size bed had black and purple throws covering it.
      • Cover dated or worn sofas and chairs with large throws in a neutral colour so that they aren't the main focus of the room.
      • It's a large, traditional room with a fireplace, heavy furniture and a three-piece suite draped in throws.
      • Meantime, my posterior was resting on the foot of the bed, and the foot of the bed was covered with a beautiful mink throw.
      • Find some warm woolly throws for your sofa and cover cold tiles and hardwood with area rugs.
      • With pillows, throws, slipcovers or area rugs, try spring colors like baby green, citrus and robin's egg blue.
      • There were quilted table-settings, quilted cushions, quilted throws.
      • If not, cover some boxes with sacking, or a throw or a neutral colored cloth and build up from there.
      • If you sew, create a new apron, fleece throw or keepsake pillow.
      • He layers the bed with lots of, sort of deep, comfy fabrics, a faux chinchilla throw, kind of crazy stuff like that.

    • 2.2(shawl)

      chal masculine
      echarpe masculine

  • 3 slang

    a throw cada uno
    • they cost / are $17 a throw cuestan 17 dólares cada uno