Translation of tidemark in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtaɪdˌmɑrk/ /ˈtʌɪdmɑːk/


  • 1

    marca que deja la marea
    the current figure is well below the tidemark of 1979 las cifras actuales están muy por debajo de las cotas alcanzadas en 1979
    • When a high tide occurs and the tidemark reaches beyond the normal beach line, this tends to create certain element of fear in the people.
    • In a review article, he concluded that physical factors were most important to determine the upper and lower limits of intertidal communities, but biological factors predominated in life between the tidemarks.
    • I have seen them feeding at the tidemark with snow buntings and pipits and they also find seeds in the marram hills.
    • It was, I felt, scenically enhanced by its proximity to the Dodder River, even though it was the cause of the water tidemarks on the internal walls, the area having flooded a few years back.
  • 2British informal

    (around bath, on neck)
    marca de mugre feminine
    cerco de mugre masculine
    • I wash my dishes weekly, bath tidemarks don't distract me.
    • It rises up to the narrow tidemark and with a swift flick of his wrists, it squeaks to a stop.
    • In any case, I am far too busy breaking up concrete in my backyard and repainting the growing tidemark on my ceiling where the air-conditioner leaked.
    • I still have the clay tidemarks on my shoes (having worn them not my walking boots, as my walking boots are in a box somewhere).
    • ‘There was no tidemark - just a few signs of damp because the dehumidifiers are still taking out two gallons a day,’ he added.
    • Check that the tea/coffee tidemark is being rubbed off.