Translation of tight in Spanish:


ajustado, adj.

Pronunciation /taɪt/ /tʌɪt/

Definition of ajustado in Spanish

adjective tighter, tightest

  • 1

    • 1.1(fitting closely)

      (dress/skirt) ajustado
      (dress/skirt) ceñido
      (dress/skirt) (if uncomfortable, unsightly) apretado
      a short, tight skirt una falda corta y ajustada / ceñida
      • this skirt's too tight round the waist esta falda me queda muy apretada de cintura
      • these shoes are a bit tight estos zapatos me aprietan un poco / me quedan un poco apretados
      • Never ride in cold weather with tight boots or shoes, nor close-fitting gloves.
      • Also tighten your shoes well and wear tight socks so that they will not come out of the shoes.
      • Don't wear tight clothing or shoes that can cause pressure and blistering.
      • She wore tight clothes, mostly tight shirts, and always had her hand on her hip.
      • Do not wear uncomfortable or tight shoes that rub or cut into your feet.
      • Avoid wearing super tight clothes and underwire bras, if necessary.
      • She dressed in tight clothes and always let her hair down.
      • My cousin was slightly overweight, but the fact that she wore such tight clothes anyway made her intimidating.
      • It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight.
      • It should be noted that society was only willing to let these girls be heroines if they wore tight clothes and were beautiful.
      • Like all tight clothes, they can cause indigestion and abdominal pain.
      • I refused to wear tight skirts, waistbands, or uncomfortable shoes.
      • ‘I didn't feel right wearing tight clothes and teaching men at the same time,’ she says.
      • I like to wear tight clothes because they make me feel good.
      • He was a rebel child, with the long hair and the tight clothes.
      • How could she do her work if she was wearing such tight clothes anyway?
      • Evans has a pretty face and a body made for tight T-shirts, but he has negligible acting ability.
      • Forget, if you can for a moment, her tight little body in that tight little uniform.
      • It was a tight, body fitting, top with a pretty two layered laced skirt.
      • They were tight and painful and designed only for one thing, only halfway comfortable when she was lying down.

    • 1.2(stiff, hard to move)

      (screw/bolt) apretado
      (screw/bolt) duro
      • Every muscle in his body was tight, and Rion had wondered if he'd frozen like that.
      • Early on after my coma the muscles in my body were incredibly tight.
      • She was shaking, her body was tight and her eyes were practically bleeding.
      • The muscles in her legs, arms, and her whole body were tight and tense with the exertion of running and her sopping hair flew wildly out behind her.
      • Today I've got the shivers all over my body and a tight band round my forehead.
      • When the foreskin becomes trapped behind the corona for a prolonged time, it may form a tight, constricting band of tissue.
      • There was a tight feeling in her body that she couldn't describe.
      • A tight, constricting pain was setting on her heart, and it unnerved her more than anything, because she knew what it was.
      • She felt her face, the skin was tight and painful under her questing fingers.
      • Ian can barely breathe, his lungs are so heavy and his stomach painfully tight.
      • The very thought of this makes my throat tight and my eyes water.
      • I felt very uneasy, as if my stomach was tight and tense, yet it was sloshing about and very empty.
      • The appearance of a tight band around the head or of squeezing pain was significantly associated with muscle tension-type headaches.
      • Giving it to Lior, Shumba watched as the guard drew closer to Amenra, her graying blond curls fastened in a tight knot along her gold enclosed neck.
      • Just then, there was a short knock and the door swung open to reveal his mother, undoing her tight, business-like bun.
      • She can't open cans or bottles if the lid is tight, and she's had to give up needlepoint.
      • If this is too tight and it's hard to judge all the thermal conditions that could occur, the next step will be to use these forcep tools.
      • They should be tied firmly but not be so tight as to cut off circulation.
      • He undid all the tight strings of her corset and took out her half-bun, staring lovingly at the rose before putting it on her bed stand.
      • It was tight and hard to pull, but I had gotten used to it; having to practice for so long.
      • After changing and doing her hair into two tight braids, she opened her closet door.
      • For increased efficiency, you may have a tendency to fasten your laces very tight.
      • I fasten my seatbelt as tight as I can get it and close my eyes as we start.
      • He made sure it wasn't too tight to constrict or break the tender shoot.
      • The reason for the sounds was because a piece of tape was over her mouth so she couldn't cry out for help, and her ankles were tied together in a tight knot.

    • 1.3(with nothing to spare)

      (margin) estrecho
      (schedule) apretado
      there's room for four, but it's a tight squeeze caben cuatro, pero bastante apretados
      • we're on a tight budget tenemos un presupuesto muy limitado
      • his schedule is very tight tiene una agenda muy apretada
      • we're operating to a very tight timetable trabajamos con márgenes de tiempo muy estrechos / ajustados
      • money's tight están (or estamos etc.) apretados / escasos de dinero
      • If money is tight and restricting you from having the flowers you dream of then why not consider making your own bouquet.
      • ‘We know money is tight, but a contribution would let the veterans know they were remembered,’ said Bob.
      • Money was tight; he couldn't afford the trips on his salary as a counselor at St. Petersburg College.
      • Local authorities say it's because they've been advised by the federal agencies that foot the bill that money is tight.
      • Sure, money is tight, but I've already accepted that will always be the case.
      • Money is tight all the time and we don't have enough reporters.
      • He knew that her expenses were tight; that she barely had enough money to take care of herself.
      • As a result money is tight, but everyone's been changing their investment goals this year.
      • The main criterion for picking a place to go is money, and money is tight at the moment.
      • Everything was falling into place but money was tight.
      • Adam was getting the feeling that money was tight for her.
      • Money is tight and the government needs to know where to target its funding.
      • The lack of any guarantee of a useful result makes R and D an expense which is often cut when funds are tight.
      • Money was so tight that even my mother was working part-time.
      • It was hard at times, like when money was tight, but all in all, he was great.
      • Even on a tight budget, we spent a day falling over on the nursery slopes on Coronet Peak, and another braving the icy rapids of the Shotover River on a raft, both of which were great experiences.
      • But it will take some time, particularly with tech spending so tight.
      • Many new systems involve longer lead times for delivery that are unacceptable in tight building construction schedules.
      • Time was tight, and a ship and some free labor were needed.
      • The captain of the survey ship was on a tight schedule, so he made note of the readings in his log and then the ship came about and returned to the Empire.

    • 1.4(close)

      (game/finish) reñido
      • And last season excepted, veteran Robert Horry knows how to produce in tight games and the postseason.
      • His willingness to handle the scoring burden in tight games was another sign of his maturity.
      • There isn't a quarterback in the league you'd rather have going for you in the fourth quarter of a tight game.
      • OK, lets say you're in a tight game and the referee has just made, in your immediate opinion, the worst judgment call you have ever seen.
      • The team is set offensively in the outfield, so Lewis most often is used as a defensive replacement late in tight games.
      • He wants to give his key players more rest, but in tight games his best players need to be on the court as much as possible.
      • The Bucs still have one of the league's least-productive offenses, particularly in tight games.
      • Somewhere between the first and last inning of a tight game, a baserunning play is going to decide it.
      • In what was expected to be a very tight game, the USA and Russia did not disappoint the fans.
      • He'll also be a voice of calm in the face of adversity that's sure to come in tight games.
      • Each of those plays could have made a difference in what at the time was a tight game.
      • He also pitches to the score, working carefully in tight games and challenging hitters with a big lead.
      • Vick doesn't have a lot of experience in tight games in difficult surroundings.
      • Given injury worries in the Scotland camp this should be a tight game.
      • The White Sox were in a tight race and did not want to play a makeup game in Texas and lose their home field advantage.
      • Berard could be the piece the Bruins were missing last season and the offensive boost they need to make the difference during a tight playoff series.
      • I thought it was a tight game, quite competitive, but we maybe just shaded it.
      • But I'm sure this Saturday will be a tight contest and the first goal could be crucial.
      • San Diego likely didn't make up 30 games on this team, but if Schmidt can't start 30 games than it will be a tight race.
      • After a tight, tense struggle, the Limerick side came from behind to capture the trophy for the second time in three years, and their fourth ever title.

  • 2

    • 2.1(firm)

      (embrace) estrecho
      (embrace) apretado
      (embrace) fuerte
      • Flynn wants to keep a tight grip on the purse strings.
      • Not only do they survive childbirth and carrying heavy loads, they know how to keep a tight grip on luck, love and happiness.
      • He reached up and patted her horse with his bandaged hand, careful to keep a tight grip on the reigns with the other as they walked down the broad main street.
      • He made sure to keep a tight grip on it so he wouldn't leave it behind.
      • His grip was tight and firm but it felt loving and soft.
      • Kathy quickly grabbed a hold of my arm and held a firm, tight grip, leading me into the limousine that awaited us.
      • Jordan's heart pounded fast as she was caught in the man's tight grip.
      • He didn't say a word, just led me up the rest of the steps with a tight grip.
      • Whilst he's not waving ‘the big black stick’ in anger he certainly has a tight grip on it.
      • This event suggests that they do not have a tight grip on this vital matter.
      • There is usually no need to strike, just make sure you have a tight grip on your rod.
      • Tye caught Freyen's arm in a tight grip and smirked.
      • He returned the tight grip causing my gaze to turn up to him.
      • He clutched the flute in his tanned hand, which was slowly turning white at the knuckles because of his tight grip.
      • His grip was tight and ironlike, and he jerked her forward with a cruel air.
      • The guard tried to free himself from the tight grip as his face turned a deep shade of red and then went to purple.
      • Her grip was too tight and I saw her face turn to worry as she examined first my left arm and then my right.
      • His hands had a tight grip on the steering wheel and his posture was anything but relaxed.
      • He maintained a tight grip on the sword as the force of the blow sent him skidding across the ice.
      • She tried to turn, but the man's grasp on her body was too tight.

    • 2.2(strict)

      (security) estricto
      (control) estricto
      (control) riguroso
      he keeps a tight hold on expenditure mantiene estricto control sobre los gastos
      • tight credit controls política de crédito restringido
      • Security chiefs have decided to impose tight controls to prevent terrorists from slipping into the country.
      • The peasantry in 1300 were living in a world where land was scarce and opportunities for economic advancement were limited by the tight controls of the landowners.
      • The US has since pursued a systematic policy aimed at keeping the UN under tight control.
      • The tight rules were introduced last week in a bid to prevent the foot and mouth hot spot centred around Thirsk spreading across the county and affecting the pig industry of East Yorkshire.
      • However, others have reservations about tight rules being put down about redevelopment in Middleton, and Bradford Council has not granted the status.
      • There are tight rules on the type of properties that qualify for the relief.
      • But operating and production costs were kept under tight control, increasing by only 32%.
      • There's a tight control over what is and is not going out.
      • But tight controls on handguns mean that England's murder rate is only one-sixth of America's.
      • They have a place but there should be tight controls to ensure maximum benefit for students and if there is difficulty deciding, consult the students.
      • These solutions may not be appropriate for some countries, especially those with tight rules on frequency usage.
      • Despite the fact that wages and salaries are by far the biggest element of the NHS budget, there have been tight controls on the pay bill.
      • Barclays said it was lending prudently and had tight controls in place.
      • And the president has directed that spending be kept under tight controls as well.
      • Our security at Los Alamos and all our nuclear facilities is very tight now.
      • Security around the hotel was extremely tight with no-one but those with security clearance getting within the environs of Jessop Street.
      • Security at Irish airports is tight enough to deal with any attempts to smuggle a handgun on board a plane, Aer Rianta said yesterday.
      • Access to the quarter is controlled by police barricades, and security at the fenced-off US embassy is very tight.
      • The tight House of Lords security did not realise the trick that had been played on them.
      • Security at the church was tight, with scores of young people mobilized to scrutinize arrivals and check their bags and identities.

  • 3

    • 3.1(sharp)

      (bend) cerrado
      • These bends were so tight that only short, relatively ineffective nets could be used.
      • They will also be racing on the wider expanses of a course that offers a much fairer test of ability than the tight turns and short straight at the Valley.
      • A useful escape tactic to a prey is to initiate a turn before predator closure and rely on a tight turn radius for escape.
      • Marist doubled their advantage on seven minutes with an excellent score from a tight angle courtesy of the lively corner-forward Brendan Kelly.
      • His shot, from a tight angle, was parried by Glavey for a corner.
      • Remember, short, tight turns are essential to controlling your speed on the steeps.
      • Everyone is happy, especially Wilkinson, because he kicked well and finished with six out of seven from a tight angle by a corner post.
      • ‘I had just started the ascent of Angliru and was taking one of the tight bends when my wheel just skidded out from under me,’ he recalled.
      • Two of these were from tight angles on the right.
      • And when Dargo received the ball from Boyd's pass across the face of goal, the tight angle saw him hit the side-netting rather than the back of the net.
      • But he didn't panic and his third effort, from a very tight angle for a left-footed kicker, flew between the posts.
      • Time and again I drive around a tight bend to be confronted by a high-speed bike haring towards me on my side of the road, having taken the bend way too wide.
      • ‘It was a great goal, a tight angle and he struck through the ball really well,’ said Levein.
      • Not even big humps can unsettle the Hydractive suspension which also stops the car rolling severely in tight bends.
      • I warmed up a bit as I climbed the slopes of Stake Hill where the path joins a wider track and then, shortly after, makes a very tight bend to the left.
      • McSherry scored an inspirational point from a tight angle when he was forced to shoot from the right corner.
      • It will go at a fairly leisurely speed of 22.4mph but Mike says there are some fairly tight bends.
      • The angle was tight and his attempt at a difficult chip landed well wide.
      • When it's not being screamed around tight bends at full chat, the car is still a rounded prospect.
      • Gardener has the build to make the most of tight bends and camber of indoor tracks.

    • 3.2(closely formed)

      (knot/knitting) apretado
      small, tight handwriting letra pequeña y apretada
      • I simply held the fabric tight front and back of the presser foot and let the machine do its work.
      • It was lying loose and not stretched tight when the drawings were made.
      • She also threw on a pair of black slacks that stretched tight over her thin legs.
      • Her wrists were unmovable because the rope was so tight.
      • She tentatively pulled her hands; the ropes were tight.
      • Quickly, he laced the rope between her legs, one over another, until he was certain the rope was tight enough.
      • Tayler walked over to Andy and used the knife to cut the ropes, Andy flinched because the ropes were so tight.
      • He enclosed gunpowder in a tight fabric wrapping to create the first safety fuse.
      • The ropes were too tight, the gag too entangled in his hair, and the music too loud.
      • Nitrus lifted up the wrappings around his neck and tugged down the tight fabric of a Lycra suit to reveal the bare, very pale skin beneath.
      • My arms were almost turning purple, the rope was so tight.
      • She tried moving her wrists but the ropes were too tight, even though she was wearing her jean jacket the ropes seemed to cut into her skin.
      • The ropes are stretched tight around the corner posts, to allow for acrobatics from the actual ropes.
      • This she tucked into the folds of her sleeves, securing it at a point where the fabric was tight enough against her body.
      • They have a pulley attached to their harness which snaps the rope tight and means they are only actually holding about 10 kg, not your whole body weight.
      • A man sat behind a large frame on which a net-like backing had been stretched tight.
      • He clambers confidently ahead of me, keeping the rope between us tight, stopping at each awkward step to see me safely over.
      • Then, he grasped the rope and pulled as tight as he could.
      • He was certain to make it tight; stretching the material as he did so, and it took a little while longer just to wrap the small item with half of the ace.
      • I struggled against it, but the ropes were bound too tight.
      • They held together and went down the street in tight formation, flanked by cops on all sides.
      • Gophers clump their mounds together in tight groups, and these are flatter and fan-shaped with off-center holes.
      • We stayed together in a tight group as we approached the house.
      • Ten minutes ago two attack helicopters peeled off overhead, circling London in tight formation and I could see police launches on the Thames.
      • Botrytis bunch rot is especially severe in grape cultivars with tight, closely packed clusters of fruit.
      • She ran on to one of the paths, the only way that the trees weren't so packed tight together.
      • Several green creatures were marching by in tight formation.
      • She fell in beside Walter, behind Bill, and smirked gently as she realized they were in a tight formation themselves.
      • The air was real smooth and was ideal for tight formation flying.
      • Derek was soon in formation and gently brought the rare Curtiss into a tight formation for our cover and centerspread.
      • Tirk pushed the accelerator to the floor, and as he did so, the four motorcycles fell into a tight formation round him.
      • In the daytime you fly a bit loose so you can help watch for enemy planes instead of concentrating on holding a tight formation.
      • If the air was turbulent, maintaining a tight formation was a real chore.
      • Behind him, the capital ships were starting to shift, trying in vain to get out of their tight formation.
      • The fighters of Alpha Squadron and Daemon Squadron roared through the void in a tight formation.
      • They carefully engaged themselves into it, floating in a tight formation.
      • Three Tiger Moths from Luskintyre flew over the parade in tight formation.
      • Meanwhile, the race among the leaders continued to ‘come together in a tight pack,’ Brooks says.
      • It spun, out of control, into three of the others which were in tight formation.
      • Our team is really tight so it's hard, but at the same time everybody is always looking out for the new kids.

  • 4

    • 4.1(taut)

      (cord/thread) tirante
      (cord/thread) tenso
      a tight feeling in the chest una opresión en el pecho

    • 4.2(not leaky)

      (seal) hermético
      • Pigs have died after a ventilation failure in a tight building.
      • If the house is fairly tight, the simplest route for makeup air to enter the structure is often the unused fireplace chimney.
      • A tight home can literally use up enough air that the fireplace flue is the only route for a fresh supply of outside air available.
      • I have been told that the house is too tight, so that there is not enough fresh air getting into it.
      • The bilge pumps may have to run for hours and hours, just dealing with rain driven into a supposedly tight boat.
      • Composed of foam insulation sandwiched between two sheets of oriented strand board, SIPs create a tight home and save lumber.
      • This feature is especially helpful in tight homes, where appliances compete for less combustion air.
      • Place the larger pastry rectangle over the top, pressing the edges together to seal and form a tight package.

  • 5

    (hard to obtain)
    (supplies) escaso
    jobs are/credit is very tight at the moment está muy difícil conseguir trabajo/préstamos
  • 6

    (difficult, problematic)
    (situation) difícil
  • 7informal

    • 7.1(mean)

    • 7.2(drunk)

      como una cuba informal
      to get tight emborracharse


  • 1

    hold (on) tight! ¡agárrate bien / fuerte!
    • hold me tight abrázame fuerte
    • screw the lid on tight aprieta bien el tapón