Translation of time in Spanish:


tiempo, n.

Pronunciation /taɪm/ /tʌɪm/

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  • 1

    (past, present, future) tiempo masculine
    (travel) (before noun) en el tiempo
    time and space el tiempo y el espacio
    • the ravages of time los estragos del tiempo
    • as time goes by / passes a medida que pasa el tiempo
    • to go back/forward in time retroceder/avanzar en el tiempo
    • a place where time stands still un lugar donde el tiempo se ha detenido
    • time just flew by el tiempo pasó volando
    • time marches on el tiempo pasa
    • it's just a matter of time no es más que cuestión de tiempo
    • (from) time out of mind desde tiempos inmemoriales
    • time heals all wounds / is a great healer el tiempo todo lo cura
    • Not being allowed to stay there at peak times defeated the purpose of the exercise.
    • Dates and times were fixed for all competitions and clubs had to adhere to all these dates.
    • So, similarly, most things in the middle of the night or before you get up can be ruled out; they are not suitable times.
    • He blamed these changes for the varying departure times of 13 buses on two days in March from the station last year.
    • Departure and arrival times at Lerwick and Aberdeen will be unaffected.
    • A real-time system would allow users to see delays and would give new estimated departure times.
    • In notebooks, he meticulously recorded arrival and departure times of trains at stations.
    • The best way to avoid these problems is to follow nature's prescription of suitable times to eat.
    • Also, there are no other suitable times for input on prevention of relapse before patients are discharged.
    • Do set a limit for how loud the music can be, and a definite time for when it must stop.
    • And at our time of departure the man who was talking the woman into bed was just glad of our seat.
    • To take up the offer to meet with her please contact the home to arrange a suitable time.
    • It claims to have monthly meetings but does not publicly advertise the dates and times to its own community.
    • A tidal entrance to the harbour at Hayle restricts departure and return times.
    • Since departure times are often revised, my evidence suddenly looks less than conclusive.
    • We get out big numbers especially at the peak times in the mornings and evenings to catch the scab buses.
    • The dance and drama classes are enrolling on next Friday night at the usual times.
    • Retail is not strong enough in Swindon at the present time to cross over the lines.
    • What is important at the present time is to try to understand their position today.
    • Hartley has every right to be upbeat and optimistic about his life at the present time.
    • Some GUM clinics have drop in times, when you don't need to make an appointment.
  • 2

    (time available, necessary for sth)
    tiempo masculine
    to be pressed for time andar escaso de tiempo
    • we are running out of time se nos está acabando el tiempo
    • I can never find the time to read the paper nunca encuentro tiempo para leer el periódico
    • we have all the time in the world tenemos tiempo de sobra
    • we've so little time tenemos tan poco tiempo
    • could I have five minutes of your time? ¿podría concederme cinco minutos?
    • now her time's her own ahora es dueña de hacer lo que quiere con su tiempo
    • is there time to visit the museum? ¿hay tiempo de visitar el museo?
    • I haven't had (the) time to read it no he tenido tiempo de leerlo
    • give me time to think it over dame tiempo para pensarlo
    • to make time for sth hacer(se) / encontrar tiempo para algo
    • can you make time to have a look at this? ¿puedes hacer(te) / encontrar tiempo para echarle un vistazo a esto?
    • to make time darse prisa
    • I need some time to myself necesito tener tiempo para mí
    • he does it to pass the time lo hace para pasar el tiempo
    • he spends most of his time in Los Angeles pasa la mayor parte del tiempo en Los Ángeles
    • I spend all my time trying to keep discipline me paso todo el tiempo tratando de mantener la disciplina
    • these things take time estas cosas llevan / toman tiempo
    • it takes time to get used to the climate lleva / toma tiempo acostumbrarse al clima
    • it took me all my time to understand what he was saying me costó mucho entender lo que decía
    • it's worth taking a little extra time and trouble over the job vale la pena dedicarle un poco más de tiempo y esfuerzo al trabajo
    • thank you for taking time out to see me le agradezco que (se) haya hecho tiempo para atenderme
    • to waste time perder (el) tiempo
    • what a waste of time! ¡qué manera de perder el tiempo!
    • time hung heavy on his hands el tiempo se le hacía eterno
    • The questions that follow from that for us can obviously be discussed at the appropriate time.
    • At the appropriate time, a subsequent order is issued that states the actual day and times.
    • He said he would wait for a more appropriate time to put the questions to the Government.
    • This continues until it becomes time for that player to play a shot in which case the roles reverse.
    • Refrigerate for a good hour or so before serving, so that the whole thing has time to come together.
    • It is time to examine the whole operation to see where real added value can be achieved.
    • Clearly it is time for standards and guidelines on best practice for all professionals.
    • Is now the time to reflect on past mistakes and work together towards a better Swindon?
    • The night ended at midnight, which was about the right time for me, and I felt really happy.
    • After the funeral comes the wake, the time for contemplation as the past releases its grip.
    • Summer camp is normally a time for playing sports and enjoying the great outdoors.
    • Well, I use the Autumn equinox as a time to say goodbye to Summer and to welcome the fall.
    • My university years were a time to rediscover the joys of the darkened cinema.
    • Surely now is the time for the medical profession and the public to work together.
    • On average, governors volunteer around five hours of their spare time each month.
    • The twenty minute drive gave her time to think and process what had just happened.
    • I spent two hours in the pub, left an hour early, and booked the time as overtime.
    • My passion is Sikhism and that is where I enjoy devoting my spare time.
    • They prefer spending leisure time playing or watching television rather than reading.
    • They also spend leisure time exercising at the gym and attending classes and workshops.
    • Many of us spend leisure time sitting in front of television screens or computer monitors.
    • They usually have a full-time job but devote their spare time to patrolling their local area.
    • In fact, once the allotted time elapsed, I was actually able to get myself into my wheelchair alone.
    • At any given time interval, the exudate collected from individual plants never contributed to more than one replicate.
    • We assume that a male may participate in at most a single breeding aggregation in any given time interval.
    • She rarely spent time with the family, and he started to complain.
    • I spent time with my family down in LA this weekend and it was great.
    • Time available for the mission is one year or until the mission is complete.
    • The more speed and time available, the more likely someone will uncover your secret number.
    • The researchers already have collected the same data for the same time period this year.
    • I think a lot of players from bigger clubs have spent time on loan at smaller clubs and it has really helped.
    • That's a lot of time spent fiddling with the steering wheel in a traffic queue.
    • The last year has been particularly stressful for Joe and he has spent little time with Katie.
    • Most of his spare time is spent fishing, gardening or with his wife and four children.
  • 3

    • 3.1(as measured by clocks)

      hora feminine
      what's the time?, what time is it? ¿qué hora es?
      • do you have the time? ¿tienes hora?
      • do you have the right time? ¿tienes la hora exacta?
      • what time do you make it? ¿qué hora tienes?
      • the time is ten minutes to ten son las diez menos diez minutos
      • at ten o'clock local/Moscow time a las diez hora local/de Moscú
      • British Summer Time horario de verano
      • Eastern Standard Time hora de la costa atlántica
      • (at) what time did she arrive? ¿a qué hora llegó?
      • look at the time! ¡mira la hora que es!
      • is that the time?! ¿está bien ese reloj?
      • The time was nine-fifteen. Time to turn out the lights.
      • I saw the time was eight minutes to four from my watch as I braced myself.
      • We were lucky - that was the only time that week that the Sunset made it as far as LA.
      • The location of each individual animal was also recorded at these same times daily.
      • By this time the amount of noise I was making had woken the neighbours.
      • The obstetrician was to tell the anaesthetist of the target time for delivery.
      • The times of day that I can relax are very late at night or very early in the morning.
      • Sir Barry said that there was a good case for carrying out operations at more flexible times of the day.
      • The results were the same when we considered only those who responded at both times.
      • They normally have to be taken between one and three times a day and at specific times.
      • By the time that ward round was finished, I had learnt two more things that were important.
      • From day to day and from season to season, the times of sunset and sunrise change continuously.
      • To be representative, the study included weekends and all times of drug rounds on each ward.
      • Such a secure channel is usually available only at certain times and under certain circumstances.
      • The time was now 16.30 and a few late passengers were now aboard and the flight was ready.

    • 3.2(timing of an event)

      hora feminine
      time for sth/to + inf
      • we have to arrange a time for the next meeting
      • it's time for tea
      • is it time to go yet?
      • it's time you left / you were leaving
      • it's getting-up time!
      • time, gentlemen, please!
      • she usually calls around breakfast time
      departure time hora de salida
      • estimated time of arrival hora aproximada de llegada
      • do you know the times of the trains? ¿sabes el horario de los trenes?

  • 4

    • 4.1(period)

      (of days, months, years) tiempo masculine
      (of hours) rato masculine
      we waited a long time esperamos mucho tiempo/un rato largo
      • I've been watching him for some time hace (un) tiempo/rato que lo vengo observando
      • he won't be here for some time yet va a tardar en llegar
      • that was a long time ago eso fue hace mucho (tiempo)
      • they lived in Paris for a time/for a long time vivieron un tiempo/mucho tiempo / muchos años en París
      • I haven't seen her for a long time hace mucho (tiempo) que no la veo
      • he took a long time to do it tardó mucho (tiempo) en hacerlo
      • it will be a long time before I invite her again va a pasar mucho tiempo antes de que la invite otra vez
      • in the short time I've known him en el poco tiempo que hace que lo conozco
      • some time later I saw them leave al rato los vi salir
      • some time later they moved to Brussels (un) tiempo después se mudaron a Bruselas
      • for some considerable time or for quite some time now there have been rumors that … hace ya bastante tiempo que se rumorea que …
      • you slept for most of the time dormiste casi todo el rato
      • in an hour's/three months'/ten years' time dentro de una hora/tres meses/diez años
      • time's up! ¡es la hora!
      • your time's up se te (or les etc.) ha acabado el tiempo
      • to serve time cumplir una condena
      • to do time cumplir una condena
      • Several decades of time have passed by as quickly as the clouds have been blown away.
      • It would be revealing to return in five years' time to see whether Balgrean has stood the test of time.
      • The day will slip away from us as time passes, but not the clarity of the actions we took together in response.
      • I feel sure as time passes by more and more will join the growing numbers in this wonderful pastime.
      • Because so much time has passed, the case can only be conducted under war crimes legislation.
      • I guess Camden's time has passed and this new station is a part of that, but it'll be shame to see it go.
      • I guess now enough time has passed for you to hear all about my Roskilde romance.
      • But the point is, it is not so much what you do, but who you pass your time with and in what mood you are.
      • I am aware, as time passes, that adults talk about this, and that it makes them laugh.
      • She suffers near constant pain and the restrictions on her life increase as time passes.
      • At the moment he divides his time between there and London, but he'd prefer to be more settled.
      • It took time for the event to grab the limelight, but its potential was soon to be realised.
      • He didn't have a whole lot of time to write the rest of this, but he'd do his best.
      • Soon they were talking about subjects that related not to pillows and time continued to tick on.
      • Bob always had time to treat the whole person and was a first class diagnostician.
      • This could have happened over a short space of time or over a number of years.
      • Freya thought about having to entertain guests every night for an indefinite period of time.
      • We were going to have to get very busy and make a lot of contacts if we were to achieve our objectives in such a short space of time.
      • So many mishaps in so short a space of time is a sure sign that there is something seriously wrong with the complex.
      • Well, we didn't and we got the programme together in a very short space of time.
      • Chris decided to change careers because changing market conditions meant bleak times for many producers.
      • A lot of men and women left this country when times were hard and prospered in foreign lands.
      • Daniel said that the centre had given him support and stability through hard times.
      • It is not an environment which encourages dressing room unity when times are hard.
      • In different times and conditions, we might call upon experts to help us, and not just with the bowling.
      • She was a good parishioner and the best of mothers, who raised a family in hard times and was never heard to grumble.
      • The Benevolent Fund helps former players who have hit on hard times.
      • I know, it sounds silly to say that you go through hard times with someone you've never met, but we did.
      • I don't, for a moment, pretend that times are not tough and may well get tougher.
      • I don't deny that we all live in troubled times, whatever minority we come from.
      • He hadn't been dealt life's best hand it has to be said, and he knew more downs than ups in troubled times.
      • I think in these troubled times, it takes the world's artists to express what is on all our minds.
      • These are troubled times for Agassi on the court as well as off it.
      • He had said before how he thought that he would have been good ruling in troubled times.
      • In my book, McCoy was banned because the stewards did not want to be seen to be doing nothing in the midst of these troubled times.
      • I have another two months of steady work too, which is the sort of news one likes to hear in these troubled times.
      • This book is an amazing testimony to the power of the intellect and of steadfast faith in very troubled times.
      • We are not, as people would have you believe, living in historic times in this country.
      • Mata Gujri was an inspiring force during one of the most difficult times in Sikh history.
      • The story is a poignant narrative of the troubled times we live in when communal riots tear the couple apart.

    • 4.2airtimeRadio Television

      espacio masculine
      to buy/sell time comprar/vender espacio

    • 4.3(for a journey, race, task)

      tiempo masculine
      what's your fastest time over 400m? ¿cuál es tu mejor tiempo / marca en los 400 metros?
      • in record time en un tiempo récord
      • The lights were designed to improve bus journey times but according to residents they made traffic problems worse.
      • They include adding a minute per mile to the journey time and having enough petrol.
      • He added the lane had improved journey times for the 89 bus on that stretch of road by a minute.
      • Journey times were halved, so they were able to pick up more fares.
      • Journey times between Manchester Piccadilly and London St Pancras are just over three hours.
      • His time in the event was unimportant, and that applies to many of the races he competes in these days.
      • A year later, he did the second Bolton marathon and knocked an hour off the time.
      • The second record was broken by six seconds with a time of three minutes and 26 seconds.
      • He ran the third best time in history over 5,000 meters in the U.S. trials in 1972.
      • Time for the seven furlongs on a soft turf was 1: 41.
      • Time for the 1,500 meters was 1: 29.48.
      • Time for the 1,600 meters was 1: 42.50.
      • Time for the 2,400 meters was 2: 33.62.
      • Time for the six furlongs on at fast track was 1: 11.20.
      • We assessed the rate of patients undergoing endoscopy as well as the time to first relapse.
      • This left censoring tends to overestimates of the time from seroconversion to a given stage.
      • We introduced the first chest pain specialist nurse in the region in my centre and have some of the best door to needle times.
      • There is an agreed need for improved investment in the NHS and action to reduce waiting times.
      • Rates of advanced neoplasia use the time between the first and last surveillance.
      • Similarly, the emphasis on waiting times for day surgery leads to a grotesque distortion of priorities.

    • 4.4(regarding work)

      you shouldn't be doing that in work/on company time no deberías hacer eso en horas de trabajo
      • to work full/part time trabajar a tiempo completo/parcial
      • they are on short time están trabajando una jornada reducida
      • to take or (British also) have time off tomarse tiempo libre
      • we get time and a half nos pagan hora y media de sueldo por cada hora trabajada
      • on Sundays they pay double time los domingos pagan doble (sueldo)

  • 5

    to have a good/bad time pasarlo bien/mal
    • have a good time! ¡que te diviertas (or que se diviertan etc.)!
    • thank you for a lovely time gracias por todo, lo hemos pasado estupendamente
    • a good time was had by all todo el mundo se divirtió de lo lindo
    • he's having a difficult time at work/with his son tiene problemas en el trabajo/con su hijo
    • I had an awful time trying to persuade her me costó muchísimo / horriblemente convencerla
    • he had a hard time lo pasó muy mal
    • he had too comfortable a time (of it) todo le resultó demasiado fácil
    • looking for a good time? ¿quieres pasarlo bien?
  • 6

    (point in time)
    at this time of (the) year en esta época del año
    • at this time of night a estas horas de la noche
    • I never have much money left at that time of the month a esa altura del mes no me suele quedar mucho dinero
    • at the present/this particular time en este momento/este preciso momento
    • at no time was that my intention en ningún momento fue esa mi intención
    • at all times of the year todo el año
    • sometimes he's very talkative, but (at) other times he doesn't say a word a veces es muy conversador, pero otras (veces) no dice una palabra
    • who was Prime Minister at the time? ¿quién era Primer Ministro en aquel momento?
    • he said nothing about it at the time en aquel momento no dijo nada al respecto
    • they've tried at various times to change the rules han tratado de cambiar las reglas en varias oportunidades
    • this time yesterday ayer a esta hora
    • this time next year el año que viene para estas fechas
    • it'll be dark by the time we get there (para) cuando lleguemos ya estará oscuro
    • by that / this time we were really worried para entonces ya estábamos preocupadísimos
    • they should have been back by this time ya deberían estar de vuelta
    • this is a good/bad time for us este es un buen/mal momento para nosotros
    • have I called at an awkward time? ¿llamo en mal momento?
    • it'll soon be Wimbledon/strawberry time pronto será la temporada de Wimbledon/de las fresas
    • it's (about) time you learned some manners ya es hora / ya va siendo hora de que aprendas modales
    • it's high time somebody did something ya es hora / ya va siendo hora de que alguien haga algo
    • the time has come for us to make a decision ha llegado el momento de que tomemos una decisión
    • there comes a time when … llega el momento en que …
    • it came time llegó el momento
    • there's a time and a place for everything hay un momento y un lugar para todo
    • this is no / not the time to complain este no es momento para quejarse
    • no decision can be taken until such time as we've seen the report no se puede tomar una decisión hasta que (no) hayamos visto el informe
    • now's the time to buy a house este es el momento (indicado) para comprar una casa
    • this is not the best time to approach him este no es el momento más indicado para hablarle
    • my/her time has come me/le ha llegado el momento
  • 7

    (instance, occasion)
    vez feminine
    three/four times a day/week tres/cuatro veces por día/semana
    • how many times do I have to tell you? ¿cuántas veces te lo tengo que decir?
    • if I've said this once I've said it a hundred times ya lo debo de haber dicho mil veces
    • for the umpteenth time: be quiet! ¡por enésima vez: cállate!
    • do you remember the time (when) she said … ? ¿te acuerdas de aquella vez que dijo … ?
    • the first/third time he did it la primera/tercera vez que lo hizo
    • it'll be easier the second time around la segunda vez será más fácil
    • let's leave it for another / some other time dejémoslo para otro momento
    • sorry, not this evening — another time, perhaps? lo siento, pero esta noche no — ¿quizás en otro momento / en otra oportunidad?
    • this time esta vez
    • you paid (the) last time la última vez / la otra vez pagaste tú
    • that's the last time I lend you money es la última vez que te presto dinero
    • for the last time: no! por última vez ¡no!
    • (the) next time you see him la próxima vez que lo veas
    • we lost last time — and the time before and the time before that! la última vez perdimos nosotros — ¡y la anterior, y la anterior a esa!
    • four times running cuatro veces seguidas / consecutivas
    • this is the fourth time running esta es la cuarta vez consecutiva
    • let's try one more time probemos otra vez / una vez más
    • I make the same mistake every time! ¡siempre cometo el mismo error!
    • gin or whisky? — give me whisky every time! ¿ginebra / whisky? — para mí whisky, toda la vida
    • each time cada vez
    • every time cada vez
    • every time we plan a picnic it rains cada vez que organizamos un picnic, llueve
    • This time, the whole nation rises up as one, demanding a return to a life that has fun.
    • He politely checked the mobile with a quick glance each time, then continued without a pause.
    • I would try just several sheets of white paper on top next time rather than the whole platen.
    • Nationally some children are being moved up to 40 times before a suitable home can be found.
    • Think for a moment of those times when you do occasionally make burning eye contact with a cute stranger.
    • Just watch the color and the smell and stir a few times at the right moments.
    • If she could turn back time, she would love to live that moment a thousand times over.
    • She had imagined the moment countless times, both in her waking hours and her dreams.
    • Hauerwas practiced it with him a number of times over breakfast before sending him to school.
    • I listened back to the recorded version a few times last night, and I am sadly unimpressed.
    • The date was postponed several times due to the unsettled issue of taxation.
    • Emergency crews were called to Charfleets industrial estate, on Canvey, three times last night.
    • I lost count the number of times Sligo players lost possession of the ball in the tackle.
    • Colm Kelly played well coming close to scoring a few times in the closing minutes.
    • The first half proceeded at a rapid pace, as momentum switched hands numerous times.
    • Often, the lack of communication forces universities to renew the dates a number of times.
    • This was the first bloodless revolution in Tbilisi, a city which has been burned down forty times in its history.
    • The United States government and democracy has been in peril many times in its history.
    • I have mentioned my driving history a few times in the last year and a bit.
    • If you take two showers a day, should you use both shampoo and conditioner both times?
  • 8

    • 8.1(epoch, age)

      época feminine
      tiempo masculine
      in times of crisis en épocas / tiempos de crisis
      • in former times antiguamente
      • in Tudor times en la época de los Tudor
      • times are hard estos son malos tiempos / tiempos difíciles
      • then they fell on hard times entonces empezaron una mala racha / les tocó la época de las vacas flacas
      • the times are changing los tiempos cambian
      • in times to come en el futuro
      • to keep up with the times mantenerse al día
      • to keep abreast of the times mantenerse al día
      • This is a fight that's been going on not only in modern history but in Biblical times.
      • We truly are entering one of the most important times in world history.
      • We can also search for variations in at even earlier times in the history of the universe.
      • One of the fascinations of stamps is that they broadly reflect the history of their times.
      • At different times in its history, such a system might be structured as either anarchy or hierarchy.
      • There are times in the history of any company where change in senior leadership makes sense.
      • The town of Beckenham dates back to Saxon times, though Iron Age and Roman remains have also been found.
      • Both churches, parts of which are thought to date back to Saxon times, are now surrounded by scaffolding.
      • Surely the time is past when the Caucasian peoples had to think of Persia as an enemy.
      • It is a trip which is a must for any person who wants to get a sense of a past time.
      • That tells us about a time in the past when sheep were the mainstay of the economy.
      • This was the time when all middle class families felt uncomfortable about food.
      • Yeltsin's reign was a time for casting your net wide and seeing how much you could catch.
      • There was a time last year when I thought I needed to move into the centre and it happened.
      • This is a time of year when many Americans take to the roads for their summer holidays.
      • Let me take you back a few years, to a time when a young man happily ate, drank and was rather too merry!
      • Life in Lille became darker by the month and a time came when Bobby could stand no more.
      • In a time of heightened security one would think they would know where all the luggage was.
      • People have this vision of childhood as being a time of innocence and playing dolls.
      • In light of this discovery, all three women must come to terms with a time thought forgotten.

    • 8.2(in a person's life)

      it won't happen in our time no viviremos para verlo
      • I've seen some funny things in my time but … he visto cosas raras en mi vida pero …
      • she was a great athlete in her time fue una gran atleta en su época
      • if I could have my time over … si pudiera volver atrás …
      • during my time in college durante mi época universitaria
      • the life and times of Jane Austen vida y época de Jane Austen

  • 9

    compás masculine
    two-four time compás de dos por cuatro
    • to clap in time to the music batir palmas al compás de la música
    • they marched past in slow/quick/double time pasaron marchando a paso lento/rápido/redoblado
    • in double-quick time en un periquete
    • to mark time marcar el paso
  • 10times plural

    3 times 4 is / are 12 3 (multiplicado) por 4 son 12
    • three times as much as I wanted to spend tres veces más de lo que quería gastar
    • it's four times bigger es cuatro veces más grande
    • times table tabla de multiplicar
    • the 3 times table la tabla del 3

transitive verb

  • 1

    (runner/worker) tomarle el tiempo a
    Sport cronometrar
    I've timed how long it takes me to get to work he calculado cuánto tiempo me lleva llegar al trabajo
    • This process should be timed carefully: too short and there will be no base flavour, too long and it will overpower.
    • Two police constables armed with a stopwatch had timed her between two measured points in Stirton and found she was travelling at 21 mph.
    • This was to make sure any potential event could be timed to the nearest thousandth of a second.
    • His actual speed was measured using equipment which timed him between two points.
    • Each competitor rides the initial lap blind and is strictly timed during a special stage of each lap as well as during the entire lap itself.
    • Crews will be started on the Ouse at ten second intervals and be timed over the 3000 metre course.
    • The company handled the expense of having the event timed as an official record.
    • How events presumably known only by their results can be timed so exactly is a miracle in itself.
    • The event will be timed and, in the event of a tie, the most expensive mountain bike will be deemed the winner.
    • Sprinting in from the Wynberg end, his second over was timed as the fastest ever seen, climaxing with the first 100 mph-plus ball to be recorded.
    • To resolve the embarrassing issue, the two competitors were officially timed at 55.2 seconds.
    • The majority of missions will be timed, but this won't be a really tight limit by any means.
    • These are timed games against the clock - the faster you play, the higher you score.
    • The Guinness Book of Records states a number of players at amateur level have scored within about three seconds of the kick-off, though none have been officially timed.
    • Thirty to 50 mph is timed at an acceptable 8.2 seconds, and top speed is 89 mph.
    • I can remember hearing about the time when they went for their training and had to be timed running to a tap to fill the buckets, then running back again as fast as possible.
    • Chris even ventured out and tried his skipping skills while he was timed by 1983 world athletics champion, Eamon Coughlan.
    • The idea is that you raise the heart rate and time how fast it returns to normal.
    • While most prospects for the Breeders' Cup races had no timed workouts on Saturday, a trio of candidates tuned up at Churchill Downs.
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    (choose time of)
    kick-off is timed for 3.30 el comienzo del partido está fijado / previsto para las 3.30
    • the demonstration was timeed to coincide with his arrival la hora de la manifestación estaba calculada para coincidir con su llegada
    • we timed it beautifully: they left five minutes before we arrived llegamos perfecto: ellos se habían ido cinco minutos antes
    • you timed your entrance/that comment perfectly no podrías haber elegido un mejor momento para entrar/hacer esa observación
    • her arrival/the rainstorm couldn't have been better/worse timed su llegada/la tormenta no podría haber sido más oportuna/ inoportuna