Translation of tint in Spanish:


tinte, n.

Pronunciation /tɪnt/

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    (of color) tinte masculine
    (of color) matiz masculine
    (color) tono masculine
    pastel tints tonos pastel
    • Adding tints and shades introduces variety through value.
    • Certain tints and shades of colour can be chosen as well as a special pattern or a special blend of fibres to make it lighter or heavier.
    • Prodigal servings of pure saturated (often fluorescent) color are fattened further with a rich welter of tints, tones and shades.
    • Everything you ever wanted to know about colour is here: from complementary colours, colour combinations, shades, tints and contrasts - the list goes on.
    • Golden tints, honey and apricots are better on medium skin tones.
    • Males tend to wear armor suits in shiny silver colors that covered their chests and private spots, while females dressed up with silk-like materials covering them from head to toe that were part translucent with a wide variety of tints.
    • You could even include questions about tints and shades like pink and maroon, and a question about low intensity, such as blue-gray.
    • Finally, the artists must fill in the shapes outside the circle with a variety of tints and lowered intensities.
    • A light tint of red shaded his cheeks, as he looked away.
    • We are never going to recapture earlier times, of course, and there is a rosy tint to most parents' spectacles.
    • Include tints and shades of each analogous color.
    • Four-colour process gives you the flexibility and life-like realism of millions of colours, hues and tints.
    • His eyes were so piercing, a beautiful hazel color, with tints and shades of brown, and green flecks scattered.
    • Chekhov, wrote Nabokov, ‘keeps all his words in the same dim light and of the same exact tint of grey, a tint between the colour of an old fence and that of a low cloud’.
    • Students could only use warm or cool colors depending on the color paper chosen, and they were encouraged to mix tertiary colors, tints and shades.
    • The structure is surprisingly complex, viewing the same events from different perspectives, which Zhang helpfully colour-codes in ravishing washes of primary tints.
    • In southern climates, the harsher, brighter sunlight will cause pale tints to appear washed out.
    • The sun was lowering, bathing the whole atmosphere with a pink tint, coloring the scenery with life, adding substance to the air itself.
    • Purchase broccoli with a deep green or deep green with a purple tint.
    • Unbeknownst to them, a pair of brown eyes with a purple tint was watching them intently.
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    (for hair)
    tintura feminine
    tinte masculine
    • The orange tint coloured her hair and made her skin look ill, but I recognised her.
    • Some other things that can cause a very bad hair day include over processing your hair with color, tints, bleach or perms.
    • It is a way of life, whether it be a change in colour, tints, hairpieces or whatever.
    • For more information about tints and dyes, circle the corresponding number on the reader service card.
    • At a very simplified level, hair coloring is all about finding the right amount of color to add or subtract from your current hair tint.

transitive verb

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