Translation of tiny in Spanish:


minúsculo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtaɪni/ /ˈtʌɪni/

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adjective tinier, tiniest

  • 1

    are you out of your tiny mind? ¿te has vuelto loco?
    • The end result is that a tiny minority is allowed to lay claim to public opinion.
    • Is this absence of black some kind of sad rebellion being staged within my tiny mind?
    • They want to justify creaming off a tiny minority into the top first class institutions.
    • If they do then it will revolutionise ideas about how much tiny babies can learn.
    • The instinctive lure of this tiny jewel of land would unerringly bring them back.
    • In different times, we would have known nothing about the tragedy of these tiny lives.
    • This was to be exchanged after six weeks for the coveted, customising tiny diamond.
    • The couple are planning to deck the hallway ceiling with hundreds of tiny lights.
    • All along the river bed, women have dug down and spend hours scooping up water from tiny pools.
    • On one wall there are tiny marks where in the past someone pinned up a picture.
    • We can live crowded together in vast cities or as tiny groups in remote deserts.
    • Why do we spend so much on things that give us tiny increases in comfort at the expense of so many other people?
    • He's painstakingly twisting tiny hoops of iron wire together to form a shirt of mail.
    • The railways may be in turmoil, but business is booming for one tiny bus and coach company.
    • Saffron is made up of tiny filaments that are the dried pollen stigmas of the saffron flower.
    • They are only up to five millimetres long and burrow into the silt in tiny pods.
    • At the time we were doing this small tour of tiny venues around the UK for hardcore fans.
    • The few short frames of that tiny figure in an anorak being led by the hand to his death have become iconic.
    • Pollen is dust gathered by bees from stamens and collected from the hives as tiny pellets.
    • The soft tissues under the skin are full of tiny blood vessels called capillaries.