Translation of tiresome in Spanish:


pesado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtaɪ(ə)rsəm/ /ˈtʌɪəs(ə)m/

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    (person) pesado
    (task) tedioso
    how tiresome for you to have to rush off! ¡qué pena que te tengas que ir tan pronto!
    • But all in all, paying took about half an hour which was a tedious, tiresome end to what was otherwise a fun evening.
    • The poem of Fingal, he said, was a mere unconnected rhapsody, a tiresome repetition of the same images.
    • Why let the facts and the tiresome routine of engagement get in the way of ideology…?
    • They know the routine and it gets tiresome, but they know they have to get the job done.
    • How much of a challenge was it to keep the game's repetition from becoming tiresome?
    • How tiresome it must be, to reduce the essential story of the world to nothing by a case of unrequited longing.
    • Every tiresome pipsqueak with a website is mouthing off about some boring scandal in America.
    • I have a sudden insight into how deeply tiresome it must be to be famous.
    • It just won't fit and it becomes oh so tiresome when people try to do it.
    • And the pop culture reference is just tiresome, just another bout of nostalgia for childhood telly.
    • I suspect that mini-golf would become a little tiresome after, oh, the first round.
    • The last movement, so easily a tiresome adjunct, was played hell for leather.
    • Graffiti is something of a tiresome obsession with young Berliners.
    • There are all the tiresome tropes of sword-fighting, mistaken identities, chases and rescues.
    • It looks like he might just be fed up to the back teeth of certain tiresome middle-class women talking out of both sides of their mouth.
    • I know it's well-meant, but when you've received so much of it over the years it does become rather tiresome.
    • However, he admits that playing in a side who won only 15 times last term is proving increasingly tiresome.
    • A lot of it is still closed and what parts were open was tiresome to ride, with one section being downright bloody dangerous.
    • Despite fame's oh so tiresome downsides, there are nevertheless two major perks.
    • December has been a tiresome month, with hitches and glitches galore.