Translation of titillate in Spanish:


excitar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈtɪdlˌeɪt/ /ˈtɪtɪleɪt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (excite sexually)
    • We viewers are titillated by images we have ostensibly come to decry.
    • They enter into a Faustian pact with the general public: in order to sustain our interest they have to continually titillate us with revelations.
    • I was really more than interested - I was deeply titillated by it.
    • Christina was interested in Malcolm, the bad boy who titillated her darker side, rather than Michael, the ordinary man under the mask.
    • Some people are titillated by such things, Byron supposed.
    • Though there is not an outright ban on cinematic kissing, censors have tended to get out their scissors whenever lip-to-lip contact occurs, and directors have had to become inventive in titillating their audiences.
    • The Lido, the Moulin Rouge, the Crazy Horse - all long established Parisian traditions titillating tourists with naked or semi - naked acts.
    • It all became something of a national computer game with life-like graphics, frightening and titillating Americans, reinforcing paranoid conceptions.
    • I don't object to titillating your readers, but what about balance?
    • It shocked and titillated audiences around the world when it first hit the theatre in 1969 and has not been seen in Calgary for over a decade.
    • The homonymic pun on the mail is made obvious by what is on the back side of the piece: a collage of images clipped from stag magazines resembling the interior of a young man's gym locker and meant to titillate the observer.
    • The idea just seems to titillate you beyond all reason.
    • She's got a personal, er, stake, in killing Dracula, but the character really exists to titillate teenage boys.
    • Typical of a tabloid, they took a sex-tinged story, layered it with outrage, but ultimately used it to titillate their audience.
    • ‘Everyone knows, Master,’ she breathed, pleasure titillating her every pore as she looked lustily at him through lowered eyes.
    • This is character-driven film noir, where the violence serves a higher purpose than shocking or titillating an audience.
    • This ritualistic preparation is not shown to titillate the viewer.
    • They also like to pretend they're lesbian lovers, but that's not meant to titillate consumers.
    • The range is available at affordable prices and has been prepared by Patissier Gallery's chefs, who backed by their rich five-star experiences, have given each product in the range a special touch to further titillate the taste buds.
    • If one is looking for music to wash over, to entertain, to titillate, ‘tickle and seduce’ (to use the parlance of one radio presenter) in whatever manner, I'd say forget it.
  • 2 literary

    the book titillated my interest/curiosity el libro despertó mi interés/curiosidad
    • to titillate the appetite estimular / despertar el apetito