Traducción de title deed en Español:

title deed

título de propiedad, n.


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    título de propiedad masculino
    • Every title deed should be documented as per this index only.
    • That is what surveyors understand by ‘mean high-water mark’ shown on a title deed.
    • The search will verify that there are no changes, other than those outlined in the title deed, such as conveyance, mortgage, lease or foreclosure.
    • In the near future all clubs will have to produce a title deed or a lease for up to five years on a ground, or they face being turfed out.
    • The case is still being decided to rescind the title deed under Article 61 of the Land Law.
    • The way is open to draft a title deed claiming possession and to submit it for recording with the Register of Sasines in Edinburgh.
    • Having been in existence for such a long time, the residents say the best the Government should do is to provide the area with the title deed instead of the council thinking of evicting them.
    • This agreement binds both parties to purchase/sell the property under the terms and conditions agreed, subject to clear title deed determined by the notary public.
    • The settlement package will see the restoration of a community title deed to the originally dispossessed community.
    • The law mandates that civil actions, for example, the transfer of a title deed, be carried out on our behalf by attorneys at law.
    • The purchaser gets a title deed, a framed Moon picture and a Moon Constitution to inform him of his rights and obligations,’ he explained.
    • Four years ago I had given my house title deed to a hotelier as a collateral in order that he acquires a loan which he needed.
    • She explained that, after her husband had died, despite marriage to a woman with sons and the title deed, the struggle had been constant.
    • New cars depreciate 15% the moment you sign the title deed; older cars depreciate more slowly, but they are definitely a net-negative investment proposition.
    • The title deed to the whole mountain is held in trust to the bank in Turkey.
    • A condition of such a title deed should stipulate that, should a situation arise where a bank has to foreclose, the traditional authority should have the first option to buy the enterprise and pay the debt.
    • Merely making such a confession presupposes that a title deed has been duly authenticated, so that one can adamantly continue to invoke it in defending one's property.
    • Later on you find the title deed to a brothel, and are forced to agonise over whether to take over running the place, or to convert it into a women's refuge.
    • Records of the time show that the Nayaks and the British signed the title deed on July 22, 1639.
    • In 1984, by accident, he found a title deed in the archive of a trade association.