Translation of today in Spanish:


hoy, adv.

Pronunciation /təˈdeɪ/

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    (this day)
    a week from today / (British also) today week dentro de una semana
    • I last saw her a year ago today hoy hace un año que la vi por última vez
    • what's the date today? ¿a qué / a cómo estamos hoy?
    • why did it have to happen today of all days? ¿por qué tenía que pasar justo / precisamente hoy?
    • He was remanded in custody and is due to appear before Doncaster Youth Court again today.
    • The two anti-war groups said the plan was to present a legal case to the high court in London today.
    • In court today, she described seeing a man and a dog stopped on the side of the highway.
    • This may be a climb down, given the fact that they have had no success in court today.
    • The coroner was due to open an inquest into his death today at Burnley Magistrates Court.
    • His case was listed at Bow Street magistrates court today but he was not expected to attend.
    • The trial is due to start today at Reading Crown Court and is expected to run for four to six weeks.
    • The influx of ordinary fans on to Centre Court today should solve the problem for him.
    • A hearing date was going to be set today and I was expecting a fax to arrive today in the court.
    • Three of the men appearing at Kinston Crown Court today were computer consultants.
    • The man and woman accused of his murder were due to appear before Bradford magistrates today.
    • Even the bright colours of the stained glass in the church windows appeared muted and dull today.
    • Of course I have forgotten to bring it with me today so you will have to wait.
    • It's not just the course our remaining contenders will be battling against today.
    • The bulk of the tumour was removed and he now faces a course of radiotherapy, starting today.
    • There are two inches of snow on the course and it was snowing and sleeting there today.
    • His case was due to be heard today in the Queen's Bench Division of the High Court in London.
    • He must surrender his passport by 7pm today and live at an address given to the court.
    • I don't know what it is but thirty years seem to have rewound off the spool today.
    • Her appearance today could also have big repercussions for her own political future.
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    hoy (en) día
    en la actualidad
    • Yet I am not sure that this distinction was as accepted in the early modern period as it is today.
    • Yep, the day you give thanks for the man who made you the fully rounded fabulous human being you are today.
    • The most basic of human rights is today under threat as the right to food is sacrificed to the right to trade.
    • Is this really a proportionate response to the biggest threat to human security today?
    • This was a problem at the time but today few contemporary reds exhibit these old style faults.
    • At the same time 15 million people today face the threat of famine in the Horn of Africa.
    • They have kept it alive in the past and continue to make it plausible for millions of people today.
    • Most of those we think of today as the great Zen masters came from this period.
    • The churches of the New Testament period had just the same problems as we do today.
    • The conventional view today is that the war was an unforgivable waste of human life.
    • All thinking today seems to be for the current minute rather than the future.
    • Many younger people today worry about being forced to work past the current retirement age.
    • It's a big task, given that only ten per cent of humans have access to the Net today.
    • Compare this not just with the world today, but with the whole of human history.
    • This lightning detection still goes on today but is now done by machines rather than humans.
    • It also threw up a new generation of rank and file leaders whose presence is still felt in the union today.
    • Yet memory is not as limited, fragile and boring a human talent as it is often thought to be today.
    • Even though they split more than thirty years ago, their influence is still felt today.
    • Of course, looking at the world today it is sometimes difficult to see much difference.
    • The thought that the course of Nature might change is not the focal concern today.


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    (this day)
    what's today's date? ¿a cómo / a qué estamos hoy?
    • today's papers los periódicos de hoy
    • (as) from today a partir de hoy / del día de hoy
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    (present age)
    hoy (en) día