Translation of toffee in Spanish:


toffee, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɔfi/ /ˈtɑfi/ /ˈtɒfi/


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    (golosina hecha con azúcar y mantequilla) toffee masculine
    caluga feminine Chile
    • Generations of Scots have been weaned on the snack, which is actually a stack of wafers sandwiched together with toffee and coated in chocolate.
    • My one true passion at the time was to devour anything with abnormally large amounts of sugar, chocolate or toffee.
    • Refrigerate until the toffee is firm, about one hour.
    • To begin with, it was all puddings and cakes and sweets, and I would make fudge, toffee, nougat.
    • They are chocolate sweets with chewy toffee in the middle.
    • As confectionery, they differ depending on the temperature at which they are cooked: fudge is the softest, toffee firmer and caramel almost brittle.
    • The banoffee pie featured dry, stick-to-your-teeth pastry without any flavour of butter and runny toffee which tasted like barely-caramelised condensed milk.
    • Traditional bonfire treats including black peas, baked potatoes, parkin, toffee apples and treacle toffee were also on offer.
    • By the age of 10 I was boiling up fudge, toffee and Turkish delight with, it seemed to me, only the merest hint of adult supervision.
    • They are served with arequipe, milk cooked with sugar until it resembles toffee.
    • The ramekin dish was topped with slices of banana and strawberry, but underneath the fruit someone had been a little heavy-handed with the blowtorch, and what should have been crispy toffee was actually burnt sugar.
    • But it's heavenly with chocolate pudding, adding flavours of dates, raisins and burnt toffee.
    • If you are going to make your own sugar syrup, do any hot sugar work or make toffee, just remember that it gets fearsomely hot.
    • It was a combination of biscuit, toffee and chocolate with an icing decoration.
    • You'll be rewarded with deep flavor and candy that sets up perfectly every time, as in the case of our classic buttery almond toffee and our pretty cashew brittle.
    • A caramel apple double-dipped in white chocolate and crunchy toffee is the stuff of dreams.
    • You can't buy chocolates, or toffee; flowers cost so much that I have to pick leaves instead.
    • Then, at age eighteen, I thought I had at long last found the final frontier in a now-crunchy, now-melty mouthful of coffee-walnut toffee.
    • She put caramel, toffee, and rich chocolate frosting into one brownie!
    • Apart from sharing Ann's selection, I settled for a piece of toffee and coffee cake.