Translation of toilette in Spanish:


toilette, n.

Pronunciation /twɑˈlɛt/ /twɑːˈlɛt/

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    toilette feminine dated
    to do one's toilette hacerse la toilette
    • I should have been inspired by his example to go shave carefully and perform a thorough toilette; instead I dashed under the shower and left the stubble for tomorrow.
    • I performed a perfunctory toilette and went in search of him.
    • He drew Saskia in her bath, at her toilette, looking after her son Titus, getting out of bed, preparing food.
    • She still approaches her daily toilette with all the excitement of a seven-year-old let loose in her mum's make-up bag.
    • Caroline finished her toilette by herself, wearing a simple morning frock of blue.