Translation of tokenism in Spanish:


formulismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtoʊkəˌnɪzəm/ /ˈtəʊk(ə)nɪz(ə)m/

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    formulismo masculine
    • Simply electing a few women to assume key political positions is mere tokenism, and should fool no one.
    • I am inclined to think that such moves are mere tokenism.
    • This inevitably leads to some accusing the advertiser of tokenism or stereotyping, which in turn reinforces the difficulty of acting inclusively.
    • But it is difficult to regard these attempts as more than mere tokenism.
    • Though considered by some to be mere tokenism, this openness to Asians has worked to the benefit of many dancers.
    • While it may be tokenism, it is at least an effort to expand the foundation of our knowledge.
    • Some felt that welcome performances were merely tokenism as no indigenous people were attending the conference, others that the Aboriginal voices in the region must be acknowledged.
    • One suspects that aesthetic considerations were cynically sacrificed to muddle-headed political expediency and tokenism.
    • The attempt to rebalance parliament so the ‘other half’ of the electorate could be represented may have been motivated by political correctness, but it has been anything but tokenism.
    • However, a growing number of artistic directors are going beyond tokenism to a point where racial diversity is absolutely essential to their mission.
    • The major networks can't even be accused of tokenism because they have too few token efforts to show.
    • We are allowing our countryside to be destroyed for the sake of environmental tokenism.
    • It's merely an example of green tokenism which does nothing to meet any environmental objectives.
    • We are catching up with history, and I for one would rather there be an organic process, rather than tokenism.
    • With Scotland viewed by most as a distinctive media market, in terms of TV, publishing, radio, and advertising, such regulation could play a vital role in battling broadcasting tokenism.
    • The industry scheme is all well and good but until every shop has a bin for collecting scrap mobile phone equipment, the scheme is nothing more than tokenism.
    • Our report shows that children as young as eight can tell the difference between tokenism and meaningful consultation.