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tolerable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtɑl(ə)rəb(ə)l/ /ˈtɒl(ə)rəb(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (pain/temperature/noise) tolerable
    (pain/temperature/noise) soportable
    • I've spoken to the planning department, but they have said the difference is within a tolerable level, so they are not prepared to do anything about it.
    • Numbers have leapt to 30 times the level considered tolerable in some of the worst affected areas of the city.
    • This isn't a real solution, though, as it's not enough to get the infantry overstretch down to tolerable levels.
    • The dive is prolonged because the carbon dioxide level remains tolerable for longer, but towards the end the oxygen has diminished significantly.
    • Using local anesthesia reduces the patient's trauma to a tolerable level.
    • After a few whistles and catcalls, the hubbub quiets to a tolerable level.
    • The muffs have excellent noise attenuation in that they will bring the decibels down to a tolerable level.
    • This is generally agreed to be a tolerable noise level above which continuous noise could well cause annoyance.
    • An individual pet is usually more manageable and tolerable for most households.
    • This is tolerable as long as the level of that tax is comparatively low.
    • Yet, in spite of the odds, many people are able to make marriage at least tolerable for many decades.
    • Compared to this bounty, all material gains appear so small and all suffering appears to be easily tolerable.
    • He or she can also explain options for managing side effects to make treatment more tolerable.
    • His world had tilted off its axis, but her presence made it more tolerable.
    • The company encourages a little levity to make crammed flights slightly more tolerable.
    • The pain keeps hitting me in waves, ranging from barely tolerable to excruciating.
    • Fortunately, the picture itself is sharp enough that these imperfections are at least tolerable.
    • Find activities that get your heart rate up but are enjoyable - or at least tolerable.
    • And I can be almost tolerable, if you take me in small doses.
    • To be fair, she's been quite tolerable since things calmed down.
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    • But then Nicole arrives looking simply delicious, and her voice is tolerable enough.
    • The voice acting is actually tolerable for the most part, unlike most other games.
    • She has an indefinable screen presence that makes even her poorest scenes tolerable.
    • Up to this point, she has carried the movie on a relatively tolerable level of interest, having gained some sympathy from the viewer.
    • Generally this is a tolerable CD, not something that I would personally buy or encourage my friends to go out and buy.