Translation of tolerance in Spanish:


tolerancia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɑl(ə)rəns/ /ˈtɒl(ə)r(ə)ns/

Definition of tolerancia in Spanish


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    tolerancia feminine
    to show/display tolerance toward sb mostrarse tolerante con algn
    • Both were advocates of religious tolerance and antagonists of untouchability.
    • But there is a third position, beyond religious fundamentalism and liberal tolerance.
    • London's character, its liberality, religious tolerance and diversity, is the very thing that makes it vulnerable.
    • I want a world where the cardinal virtue is tolerance of all behaviour, and where those who sin against this are demonised and expelled from polite society.
    • What they may or may not understand is that there is probably a limit to public opinion's tolerance of what's going on.
    • A unique and redeeming feature of Hinduism through the ages has been tolerance, a certain willingness to live and let live.
    • What are Europe's limits of tolerance and willingness to accommodate diversity?
    • The Christian Right are critical of secular humanism and liberal tolerance in religious matters.
    • One of the central tenets of a liberal agenda is to enshrine the principle of religious tolerance, and religious non-discrimination.
    • Surveys of public opinion suggest widespread tolerance of legal abortion.
    • He wants a modernist, liberal Pakistan in which there is religious tolerance and respect for the law.
    • Racial and religious tolerance is critical for a peacefully existence.
    • The basic premise of liberality is tolerance, open-mindedness, and diversity.
    • Good things automatically meet with approval; bad things test our ability to show tolerance.
    • He is likely to have little tolerance for those who disagree with his plans and desires.
    • Both loved freedom, both were deeply moral beings, and both were passionately committed to social and religious tolerance.
    • This would be the blueprint for all schooling: I'd promote anti-racism and religious tolerance so pupils knew what it was.
    • Little did I understand that by trying to educate my colleagues about the need for religious tolerance, I was encouraging them to suspect me.
    • Seemingly there is a long path ahead to ensure peace when sport is used as a weapon by those who care not a whit for political harmony or religious tolerance.
    • We are fortunate to experience good religious tolerance in our town, but sadly, your report is more likely to hinder than assist our efforts.
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    tolerancia feminine
    • The study of modern ecology and environmental tolerances of plant communities and plant species enables ecologists and biogeographers to determine how far climate can influence geographical distribution.
    • The difference among species may be caused by different tolerances for harsh conditions.
    • For him, understanding the individualistic environmental tolerances and characteristics of species in nature was a fundamental part of any botanical inquiry.
    • This grain is grown in arid and semiarid regions of the world due to its unusual tolerance to adverse environments.
    • Winter rye is usually used as a winter cover crop because of its tolerance to adverse growing environments.
    • Because the plants were at the base of the major terrestrial radiation, they evolved increasing tolerances to demanding physical conditions and expanded the extent of the vegetated land surface.
    • In general, it is thought that tiger beetle larvae have narrower tolerances for physical environmental factors than adults do.
    • Asparagus has a high tolerance for conditions such as salt and sandy soil, thus making it a vegetable that is grown all over the world.
    • Plants for the lowest zone are selected for their tolerance to wet conditions.
    • The glasshouse experiment aimed to rank the cultivars according to their dehydration tolerance.
    • The article also emphasizes how little is still known about the species make-up of such intricate ecosystems and the relative tolerances of these plants to the seasonally varied environment in which they thrive.
    • Experiments have shown that several species of coccolithophores have different light tolerances, in terms of the level at which photosynthesis, growth rate and calcification are saturated.
    • A possible explanation of this difference is that the habitats of these species have different salinities and so the organisms may show markedly different salt tolerances.
    • Different individuals seem to have wildly different tolerances of low temperatures.
    • Great attention has been paid to the salt tolerance of halophytes at different seedling stages.
    • The dehydration tolerances of desert tortoises are also exceptional.
    • Most patients develop a tolerance for opioid side effects with the exception of constipation.
    • Drying rates also affect the desiccation tolerance of somatic embryos and immature zygotic embryos or seeds.
    • Many native species however, exhibit a characteristically wide range of ecological tolerances and their distributions reflect this.
    • Prior exposure to heat-shock temperatures has been shown to increase the tolerance of sensitive tissue to subsequent chilling.
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    tolerancia feminine
    • The fact that our body can develop a tolerance to alcohol complicates how we judge alcohol's affect on our bodies.
    • Take a five-day break from capsules or liquid every one to two weeks to prevent your body from developing a tolerance to the herb.
    • You can't build up a tolerance to any asthma or allergy medications.
    • The coroner concluded that his tolerance to the drug had probably fluctuated which meant his body could not cope with it.
    • You may have a problem if you have developed a tolerance to drugs or alcohol.
    • Some patients who respond well initially develop tolerance to the injections.
    • Regular use over a long time results in an increased tolerance to the drug so that larger doses are needed to achieve the same effect.
    • After a while, the smoker develops a tolerance to the drug, which leads to an increase in smoking.
    • Users build up a tremendous tolerance to the drug and it is very expensive, so it can lead to crime if someone gets a serious habit.
    • Users who have recently left prison are most at risk, as their tolerance to drugs has been lost while inside.
    • But many studies report that regular consumers of caffeine develop a tolerance to it.
    • New users may include women genetically or otherwise predisposed to venous thrombosis, whereas long term users have shown tolerance to the drug.
    • This may be due to increasing tolerance to the drug over time.
    • The decrease in lean body mass associated with aging results in decreased tolerance to alcohol.
    • The only set-back is that Mrs Lee is developing a tolerance to the medication and she has to keep increasing her doses.
    • Doctors put me on meds but as soon as they start to work I have to switch again because I've built up a tolerance to them.
    • He found also that the applicant had a good tolerance to alcohol.
    • Initially, a drug abuser is prescribed slowly increasing amounts of methadone to increase tolerance to the drug.
    • People are warned not to use a particular drug as a continued remedy for ill health because a tolerance and allergy can develop.
    • Subjects tend to develop a higher tolerance to drugs that are self-administered.
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    tolerancia feminine
    • I would inspect each individual unit to ensure it was within the allowable dimensional tolerances, using a tape measure, and the surface finish by visual inspection.
    • Designed for earthmoving with tight tolerances, it can provide accuracy within 6 mm.
    • Harder than wrought iron, but with less carbon than true steel, mild steel was made in industrial-sized batches, and although it was easier to machine with close tolerances, it was harder for blacksmiths to forge and weld.
    • In modern engines, which are produced to much finer tolerances, the amount of metal worn off is minimal.
    • To maximize performance without excessively tight tolerances on dimensions, design a carefully optimized number of mechanical adjustments into the instrument.
    • Engineers sometimes must face the challenges of designing plastic parts that require machining because of their low quantities, close tolerances, or unusual shapes.
    • The intermediate arm is finished to a tolerance of 0.008 mm, and the cams controlling the eccentric shaft are machined to tolerances of a few hundredths of a millimeter.
    • All manufacturing tools and processes must constantly be improved and reinvented to address shrinking dimensions and tighter tolerances.
    • Parts can be machined to extremely close tolerances.
    • Machining this tough hardened steel is more time-consuming and difficult, but it allows parts to be machined to very tight tolerances.
    • Being the perfectionist that he is, everything is machined to the tightest tolerances and his finishing work is impeccable.
    • However, provided these fittings are machined to fine tolerances and shaped appropriately, a high-pressure seal can be maintained.
    • Machining tolerances are held to a minimum throughout each step of production.
    • This is what worries me about reels that are machined with fine tolerances.
    • Those selecting the material should note that stock sizes and tolerances vary among the different plastics.
    • Manufacturing tolerances (being subject to the whim of the manufacturer, the machinist, wear and tear on the revolver and maybe even the tide) have a tendency to vary quite a bit.
    • Different manufacturers also used different tolerances, meaning parts often did not fit together when assembled in the field.
    • Extremely tight tolerances and uniform distribution means using less material than with other fillers.
    • The machines can operate with tight tolerances at speeds of 500 parts per minute.
    • I understand that you are endeavouring to construct your moulds to achieve tighter tolerances.