Traducción de tollway en Español:


carretera de peaje, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtoʊlˌweɪ/ /ˈtəʊlweɪ/


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    carretera de peaje femenino
    carretera de cuota femenino México
    • When you drive through a tollway, your identity card is charged - and your location can be pinpointed at any time.
    • Financial service providers could dictate some of the technology used for tollways as we move to a cashless society.
    • The highway should be fully completed in 2007 and will operate as a tollway with motorists paying between 25 and 30 leva to use it.
    • The march of the tollways continues around the nation and today it was Sydney drivers who were being corralled into paying yet another toll, with the opening of the city's newest pay-as-you-go tunnel.
    • He says that abolishing tolls on tollways will just make them more congested and that all major roads need to be tollways if congestion is to be avoided.
    • The San Clemente resident surfs several times a week between San Onofre State Beach and the San Diego County line, and said the coastline would lose its rustic charm if the tollway were built.
    • Another classic example is the contracts between the government and providers of tollways.
    • Having escaped the melee of its capital Guangzhou (formerly Canton) and the endless tollways that seem to appear overnight like spider's webs, we cycle mostly on Guangdong's rural by-ways.
    • Apparently, one of the arguments advanced for the increase was the need to keep up with the price rises on the tollways leading into and out of Bangkok.
    • The tollways are part of a massive effort to rebuild and extend China's land transportation system.
    • The operator of a Melbourne tollway is playing down claims that the credit card details of more than half a million customers have been compromised in an internet scam.
    • They have promised half tolls, effectively cutting the price to $2.98 per trip for cars and motorcycles using the tollway until 2014.
    • Imagine a community group arises to fight a proposed tollway, attracting mixed environmental and hip-pocket motivations.
    • After Burnley Sidings, the track crosses the tollway, and the Yarra river over the Heyington Rail Bridge.
    • On national highways, tollway operators are entitled to increase tolls every two years in line with inflation.
    • These operators refuse to take customers to their destination in Bangkok and add on tollway fees and additional charges.
    • The owner of the tollway is conducting a security review after admitting that 12,000 of its customers' credit card numbers were leaked from the company.
    • The workers rallied at the Tangerang District Court and marched to the major Serpong tollway when 150 police intervened to disperse the protest.