Translation of tomorrow in Spanish:


mañana, adv.

Pronunciation /təˈmɔroʊ/ /təˈmɒrəʊ/

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  • 1

    (on the day after today)
    tomorrow morning/afternoon mañana por la mañana/tarde
    • tomorrow lunchtime mañana al mediodía / a la hora del almuerzo
    • we'll see you a week from tomorrow / (British also) tomorrow week / a week tomorrow te vemos de mañana en ocho días
    • we got married a year ago tomorrow mañana hará un año que nos casamos
    • it'll be a month tomorrow since the accident mañana hará un mes del accidente
    • see you tomorrow hasta mañana
    • The coroner will be opening an inquest either today or tomorrow.
    • One of the biggest sales of the year takes place today and tomorrow with 8,500 sheep going under the hammer.
    • The Met Office is predicting ice and snow today and tomorrow, and motorists are being warned to take extra care.
    • Prospects of racing resuming tomorrow looked more promising.
    • It didn't happen today, but tomorrow we should be exchanging contracts for our new house.
    • My off duty was changed this week and I had to work today instead of tomorrow.
    • The winners should all receive letters confirming their prize today or tomorrow.
    • Thousands of travellers are still expected to hit the roads today and tomorrow.
    • Entry is free today and tomorrow and the house re-opens to the paying public on Tuesday.
    • Royal Mail have assured me that papers received today will be delivered tomorrow.
    • One of his horses runs today, another tomorrow, and his final nag will run on Saturday.
    • It may be necessary for the Court to sit late or commence early today or tomorrow.
    • A planning meeting is to be held tomorrow to consider the future of the club.
    • MEPs will vote on the amendments and the future of the directive tomorrow.
    • The three-year-old will need to acquit himself well tomorrow if he is to justify his lofty future options.
    • The new companies are expected to make a formal announcement about the future at a press conference tomorrow.
    • Residents will have a second chance to air their views on the future of the former town hall tomorrow.
    • Many of them are meeting tomorrow in London to debate the future of the United Nations.
    • Frankly it hurt so much that if it isn't black and blue tomorrow I shall be positively disappointed.
    • I shall have to call to postpone my dental appointment tomorrow and that is a great disappointment.
  • 2

    (in the future)
    el día de mañana
    • It is easier to worry about bird flu today than global warming tomorrow.
    • Papers in the roadside tell of suffering and greed, feared today and forgotten tomorrow.
    • Like all ideas that involve huge spending today to save money tomorrow, it has been spent to nil effect.
    • The driver, crew chief or sponsor who is here today could very well be gone tomorrow.
    • You gotta love yourself because he might be gone tomorrow.
    • The good that you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.
    • Artists who are in headlines today will be forgotten tomorrow.
    • If I am lost tomorrow I will be happy with what I've done and who I am.


  • 1

    (day after today)
    tomorrow is Monday/my birthday mañana es lunes/mi cumpleaños
    • tomorrow's papers los periódicos de mañana
    • I wonder what tomorrow will bring me pregunto qué nos depara el futuro
    • tomorrow may never come Dios proveerá
    • never put off till tomorrow what you can do today no dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy
  • 2

    mañana masculine
    they are the doctors of tomorrow son los médicos del mañana / del futuro